The Wiggles of Crystal Cave….. The Fairy Tale that Could

by Sheri Lee

The newlings were restless.  The sadness above ground was seeping down, down into our world and the newlings could feel it more than the rest of us.  Newlings always feel more. The children of Earth above us have memories and powers from heaven and lose them with age, not so here. We keep our memories because there is no such thing as belittling someone for his or her beliefs here.  The earth children are told that they are imagining things.  Here all are encouraged in everything.  The downside is that since we keep our memories, we know how it could be, how it should be.

The sadness was bigger today than any day the Wiggles could remember.  The whole earth seemed as if it was in chaos.  So much violence.  Sisbo was the newest newling and by far the most agitated.  The Wiggles were concerned because Sisbo was usually the giggleiest wiggle around.  Not today.  Today Sisbo looked like he might cry and everyone knew that would be a disaster.

Tears in the crystal caves?  No, that would never do.  Why, all Wiggles knew that tears would form more crystals and that there wasn’t any room left.  For thousands of years the caves had slowly gotten smaller, filled in with crystal tears and there simply wasn’t room for more.  If they couldn’t control it, the Wiggles would vanish from inside the face of the earth.  That would be devastating for the humans and they didn’t even know.

Sereh flew over, scooped up Sisbo and took him to the crystal eye.  She thought that maybe if she showed him the dolphins it would take his mind off of the terrible things going on up on earthground.  Watching the dolphins was Sisbo’s favorite activity.

Dimi, Quittle and Tursi, the oldest of the oldlings, were hovered together trying to come up with a solution.  They had dealt with this problem for thousands of years, but never had the sadness been this strong.  The human earthlings were nearing the end of their earthschool lessons, but they hadn’t learned fast enough.  They should’ve been happy and at peace by now.  They were not.

They still didn’t understand that they were one family, one people.  Black, brown, red or purple, all are one.  Would their slowness in learning mean the end of the Wiggles?  Would their meanness to each other and to the earth be the end?  Would their prayers be enough to stop the tears this time?

Dimi looked around his beautiful home.  Crystals in every color of the rainbow shimmered in the light.  Indeed, rainbows were everywhere one looked.  The silky walls of the caverns looked like ice, but were warm to the touch.  In the distance Dimi could see the green room, the healing room.  He wondered if they could one by one bring the humans to the green room, but he knew that was a silly idea.  Silly ideas were good, but there wasn’t enough time.  Time was running out for the Wiggles and Dimi didn’t want to lose his beautiful caves.

Most of the Wiggles were in the colored rooms, praying for and healing as many problems as they could, as fast as they could.  There were hundreds of these rooms, each a different color, therefore each a different frequency.  This was the Wiggles destiny, their job.  They were here to help the humans and Mother Earth to get along.

The Wiggles watched the earth through crystal eyes that showed the scenes as well as the thoughts and feelings that went with the scenes.  In other words, they could read minds.  They were telepathic.  They were children.  The oldest oldling, Tursi was a mere 7 years old in earth terms.

If a human were to come to the crystal caves, he would think he’d arrived in Babyland.  What the human wouldn’t know however, is that the majority of these “children” had lived for thousands of years.  He might walk over and tickle Sisbo under the chin, not knowing that Sisbo, the newest newling, was older than he, the human would ever be.  Time was slowed deep inside the earth, deep inside the crystal caverns.

Dimi walked over to the crystal eye in the main cave to see what was happening. Sereh and Sisbo were happily watching their favorite dolphin, Bobo.  Bobo lived with his family, his pod, in the warm waters of Hawaii. The dolphins had voluntarily come to earth to show the humans another way.  The pod way.  They have no leader and every single move is done for the good of all.  Each dolphin adds his or her special gift to the pod, and their little societies blossomed with love.  The children were nursed, coddled and taught by many dolphins, not just the mothers.  They take care of each other and they had hoped that with enough contact with the humans, their pod way of life would catch on.

Bobo knew they were watching because dolphins are telepathic too.  Bobo loved making Sisbo happy, so was leaping and spinning out of the turquoise water, dancing with the waves.  Sisbo was giggling up a storm, flying into the air and spinning, trying to be like Bobo.  Bobo was just a young dolphin, but he and Sisbo had known each other for thousands of years.  They were friends.

The laughter in the room was bringing Wiggles from every direction.  Wiggles love to laugh.  Within seconds, there were about 50 wiggles in the main cave, all dancing and spinning in the air laughing.  Suddenly a long terrible wail came from Sisbo.  No Wiggle had ever heard a sound like that.  They rushed over to the crystal eye only to see a human standing triumphantly in his boat, bloody spear held high, as if in a salute to himself.  Bobo was dead.  Poor beautiful, spinning Bobo.

There was a huge gasp as if the Wiggles had been punched in the stomachs. Their eyes were huge and round as they looked at each other, at Bobo and back at each other.  They had seen the sea people killed before but certainly not while they were celebrating with a feast of joy at the antics of a sea person.  For most of the Wiggles, this was just too awful to swallow down.  How could they get through this without a tear being formed?

Sisbo flew over to his warm diamond cradle and pulled the feathers over himself.  In an instant all Wiggles were surrounding Sisbo quietly singing the song of the angels.  “Hush a bye, don’t you cry.  Go to sleep my pretty little newling” was heard echoing through all the halls of the crystal caverns.  Although Sisbo was quivering as he fell into forgetful sleep, he did not shed a tear.

When he was at last fast asleep, the Wiggles went back to the main cave and huddled.  Hurried thoughts were flying around the room like lightning.  “What can we do?”  “How do we stop this?”  “What if Sisbo cries?”  “What if” “What if”…bam two thoughts met in midair!  Yes, the Wiggles cried, yes we will write a letter to the humans.  Surely that would work.

The Wiggles knew this would not be an easy thing to do but they could see no other solutions.  So, while Sisbo slept, they worked together on the letter to earth.

Chapter 2

Dear Humans,

We have been watching and helping you for thousands of years.  You need not fear us because we are here for you.  That is why we exist.  We are your helpers.  For all time on earth we have been here silently helping, silently praying but we can be silent no longer.  We break our silence because; your sadness, your meanness, and your ignorance sadden us.  Do not be offended when we speak of ignorance for we are simply trying to open your eyes.

The earth is your home.  What you call your ‘homes’ are merely ‘rooms’ within your home.  You are obsessed with cleaning your rooms, while your home itself, you have turned into a trash dump.  You have destroyed so much.  You have polluted the waters, the air, and the dirt below you.  So much of your home is now smothered by concrete.  It cannot breathe.

The waters of your home are polluted by oil.  The oceans are the largest creators of oxygen.  What will you do when the oxygen is gone?  You do not need oil to have energy.  There are other ways to get energy.  Find them.  Stop stealing the oil from your mother, leaving huge empty pockets in the ground.  Your father, the sun is freely giving you energy if you would but use it.  Your governments have the technology, but they are greedy.  Greed kills.

The religions of your people are separating you.  There is only ONE GOD.  He made all.  He made all colors and all colors of people.  All colors are equal, as are all colors of people, equal.  A king is no better than a pauper.   Share your holy places, they belong to all.  Let there be no more borders.  Let all share and be as one.

Some of your creatures are actually peoples.  Dolphins and whales are sea people.  They came here to help you.  Do not kill the people. You killed Bobo today.  Let Bobo be the last dolphin person to die at your hands.

Your trees are alive, they hear your thoughts, speak to them.  Spirit, which is like a person, is everywhere in all things.  Fly with the birds, don’t shoot them.  Swim with the fish, don’t catch them.  Soak up the sun with the flowers, don’t cut them.

We send this letter as a warning, hoping you will listen.  It’s not too late.  Stop destroying the earth and each other.  Love is the answer.  Love for all things, all peoples.  When will you see that you are the controllers?  You are the caretakers of earth.  You create the storms, the floods, the devastation’s by your thoughts and actions.  You have the power.  Thoughts are the power.  Why not create beautiful weather instead?  Why not create peace instead of war?  Why not love instead of hate?

It is time.

With much love,

The Wiggles of Crystal Cave

The Wiggles looked around the room and all were wearing satisfied smiles.  Now came the hard part.  Getting the letter up to earthground.  With a unanimous nod, it was decided that Quittle would go.  They knew the humans would suspect a walking talking infant, so Quittle was a logical choice.  He was about 6 years in human terms, and was the tallest Wiggle of all.

Getting to the top would be a difficult journey but that wasn’t their biggest concern.  The question was, who would they give the letter to?  Which human was loving enough to get the information to the rest of the world?

They thought and they thought.  Tiny flashing glitters of light were zipping through the air. There were so many thoughts flying that they began to worry about thoughtplosions.  All Wiggles know that thoughtplosions can be disastrous inside the crystal caverns.  Luckily, three exact same thoughts hit…bam!  Jesse, Jesse Lee…the human boy in Texas!

The Wiggles gave a huge sigh of relief.  Yes, he would be perfect.  If he couldn’t get the word out, no one could.  Since Jesse and Quittle were about the same size and age range, well, as humans go, that is, Quittle should be able to get the letter to Jesse and get back safely.  They put the letter inside a diamond tube and sealed it with emeralddust.

So, while Sisbo slept soundly tucked in his feathers, Quittle grabbed a crystal eye and a few pouches of wiggledust and took off down the long hall.  Soon the sound of his friends wishing him a safe trip was nothing but a tiny hum.  As he neared the tunnel slide, which was the only way into the crystal caves, he pulled out a pinch of wiggledust.

Returning would be easy, but in order to go up, he would need a little help.  He threw the pinch of wiggledust into the air, made his thoughts form a tornado-like vehicle, and with a prayer, he was off.  Up, up, up he went, spiraling.  Just when he thought he would spiral forever, he smelled it.  He smelled earth.  Ahhh, what a wonderful thing.  Amazing that the humans didn’t notice the wonderful gifts they had.

Quittle jumped off the whirlwind and into a tunnel.  He followed the tunnel, constantly watching the eye to know where he needed to go.  He was in luck.  No one was around to see him appear and climb out of the waterfall in Jesse’s backyard.  He silently called for Jesse, who immediately heard and came running to see who was talking to him through his head.

When Quittle and Jesse came face to face, it was as if they had known each other forever.  Jesse had dug himself a little fort in the ground for when he needed to hide from the bully’s, so they went there to talk, knowing they would be safe.  Quittle explained that the earth was dying and if it did the humans would die as well as the Wiggles, if they were caused to shed even one more tear.

He let Jesse look into the crystal eye to see the crystal caves.   Quittle didn’t have to tell the Wiggles who the boy was, for they had all laughed at his antics for years.  Jesse however, had never seen adult babies before.  He couldn’t help but giggle.  And he certainly had never seen one fly, but flying they were… dozens of them…from the bittyest baby to the 3 ft tall elders.

Jesse wanted to know more about Crystal Cave, so Quittle gave him a short history of the Wiggles.  As Quittle talked, he pushed a few buttons on the crystal eye.  Instantly Jesse’s eyes flew open wide and his mouth dropped open.  He was looking at the most beautiful place he’d ever seen.  A shimmering castle surrounded by rainbows.  Everywhere he looked, the light was hitting the colored crystal and creating rainbow like effects.  Rainbows on top of rainbows… rainbows inside of rainbows.  He’d never seen so much color in his short life.

Aside from the color, there was much to catch his eye.  To the right of the castle was a lavender river that wound in the distance as far as he could see.  Every here and there were huge boulders of amethysts and emerald creating multi-color waterfalls.  Fireflies in every color twinkled in the air.  And the flowers!  Flowers in every color and size you could think of.  Jesse had a hard time grasping the idea that all this beauty was inside the earth.  And here he’d thought there was only dirt.

Quittle pushed a button and the vision changed.  What had seconds before been extreme beauty was now extreme chaos.  The beautiful river was now only a trickle and the flowers were gone.  Only a few fireflies remained.  The worst thing was the castle.  It was unrecognizable.  So many crystals had grown that what had been there before was destroyed.  Everything was rock.  Beautiful rock, but rock nonetheless.

Quittle tried to explain what had caused the excessive crystal growth.  “Jesse, remember when I first got here I told you the reason I needed your help was because the crystal caves were getting smaller?  Well, it started thousands of years ago.  With each earth sadness that caused a Wiggle tear, the crystals grew.  Sometimes the growth was little and sometimes it was big.  Nothing prepared us for the Holocaust.  Oh Jesse, we were so caught off guard.  Who would believe that humans could be so cruel?  We didn’t, so we were unprepared.”

Jesse asked, “What’s a hollowcost?”    Quittle said, “Well you won’t learn about it in your school for several more years, but you need to know now.  It was a time when one man, one very confused man decided that certain people shouldn’t be alive, that they weren’t equal.  The Jewish people.  So, he had them killed.”  Jesse said, “All of them?”  “Well, no, not all of them, but so many thousands.  Oh, so many thousands.  Even millions.  No Jew was safe, not even the children.

Nothing on earth before or after has equaled the sadness of that time.  The tears in the crystal caves seemed endless.  So many tears, so many crystals.  We nearly lost our home then, which really would have been the human’s loss.  We Wiggles could’ve always sent a request for rescue to the Star People, but that’s not why we’re here.  We’re not here to give up…we’re Wiggles!

So, to make a long story short, instead of the big open areas and our beautiful castles, now we live in the tunnels of space where the crystals haven’t taken over.  Quittle pushed some more buttons and once again, they were looking at the crystal caves of now.  Jesse asked if he could visit the crystal caves and the Wiggles answered him in his head that if he succeeded in his mission to save the earth, the Wiggles would gift him with a visit to the crystal caverns.  Jesse was extremely happy with their answer.  They introduced themselves and showed him around a bit.  After a few minutes, Jesse said goodbye to the Wiggles and Quittle put the eye away.

Jesse turned to Quittle and asked, “Why me, I don’t understand, I’m just a kid, why did you pick me?”  Quittle smiled.  “Well, first of all, it was a unanimous decision.”  “Unanimous?  Wow!”  “Yes, everyone agreed it should be you.  There were several things that made you stand out as the obvious choice.  Your pure heart and loving nature was a big part of it.  As well as the fact that you’re smart, intelligent and really funny sometimes!  All these things played a part, but probably the biggest reason was your mother.”  “My mother!?  What does my mom have to do with this?”

“Jesse, your mother is a lightworker!”  “What’s a lightworker?”  “A lightworker is much like a Wiggle.  They are humans that have a Wiggle type job to do on earth and they are waking up to remember who they are and therefore, remembering their job.  A lot of lightworkers were very sad because they knew they were supposed to be doing something but they didn’t know what.  Some had a lot of problems because of their huge sadness.  Slowly, one by one, they are remembering, bit by bit.  Your mother doesn’t remember everything yet, but she’s come a long way.  She can help us.  She can help you to get the word out for us.  Trust her.  Even if what she says sounds really strange, trust her.”

“Strange?  Why would she say strange things?”  “Well, lightworkers understand more of what is going on in the universe and why, and these things are very different from what most humans believe.  Most humans believe only in what they can see with their own eyes.  If they can’t see it, they don’t believe it.  Frankly, I’m surprised they can even believe in God.  It’s not really their fault…they believe what they are told.  I guess they feel safer that way.  You might not understand this, but it’s like, they won’t go outside of the box, whatever box they may have created for themselves.”

“So, what’s the plan Quittle?  What do you want me and my mom to do?”  “Plan?  You are our plan!  We wrote a letter and we found you to deliver it.  I’m afraid the rest is up to you.  “What if mom doesn’t believe me?  What if she thinks I’m crazy when I tell her that an ancient child came out of my waterfall and talked to me in my head?”  “Jesse, I promise you…your mother will believe you…in fact, she’ll know.”  “Ok, said Jesse, but where will you be, how will I contact you?”  “I will leave the eye with you, but you have to promise that you will only show it to your mother.  This is urgent Jesse, noone can see the eye.  It would be disastrous for Wiggles and humans alike.  Promise me, only your mother.  Promise me!”  “Yes, yes, I promise.  I promise to God.”  Quittle handed Jesse the letter, the crystal eye and instructions on how to use it.  “Good, I will go now.”  He pulled out a pinch of wiggledust, threw it in the air, and with a flash of light, Quittle was gone.

Chapter 3

Jesse was excited, confused and even a little bit scared.  How was he going to do this?  He didn’t even live with his mother.  In fact, she lived in California.  He didn’t know exactly how far that was from Texas, but he knew he didn’t get to see his mother because they were so far apart.  Should he tell Mimi and Pappap, whom he lived with?  Hmmm, no, they probably wouldn’t understand any of this.  At that moment he was really glad that he’d memorized his moms phone number.

He went inside and asked permission to call his mom.  Mimi was a bit surprised but said it was ok.  He went into his room and made the call.  “Mom, it’s Jesse.  I have to tell you something, but I’m not lying.  Honest!  You have to believe me!”  “Well Jesse, of course I will baby, what is it?”  He told his mom about Quittle and the story of the Wiggles; about the letter; and about what Quittle had said about her being a lightworker.

His mother, Sheri, was stunned.  She sat on her bed with her mouth hanging open, unable to speak.  She knew Jesse was telling her the truth.  She just didn’t know which was more incredible; that Jesse had been chosen or that her belief that she was a lightworker had just been confirmed.  She said, “I believe you baby, I believe you” and then she started laughing.  It was contagious and Jesse began to laugh too.  They laughed until their belly’s hurt.

Finally, Sheri said they should get serious.  They discussed the problem and things they could do to help.  The biggest question of all was how to get the story to the people.  They decided to think and pray on it for the night and made arrangements to talk the next day.

That night, the answer came to them both in a dream.  A game.  Get the children interested and you get the parents.  They would create both a boardgame and a nintendo game.  They had many brainstorming sessions trying to work out the details.  From time to time, they checked the crystal eye to make sure the Wiggles were ok with their ideas.  The Wiggles, of course, had a few ideas of their own and soon it was coming into shape.  Once it was completed on paper, the Wiggles created the games, and with the blink of an eye, there were millions of games filling Jesse’s house.  He decided this might mean it was time to tell his grandparents what was going on.

His mom hopped on a plane and arrived at the house to see her parents wandering around the house with wide eyes and a confused look on their faces.  Sheri helped explain the strange happenings and immediately started working with Jesse to find the best way to get the games out.  They decided that all the money they got for the games would be put in a pot to help clean up the earth.

Sheri created an internet website called;, to explain the game and created a foundation to use the money wisely.  The plan was to start with Jesse’s school.  They loaded hundreds of the games into their cars and took them to the school, where they held a meeting in the gymnasium to explain and handed out all the games.

They knew that as soon as the first person reached level one there would be a clamor for more games and the word would spread like wildfire.  And that’s exactly what happened.  A fifth grader named Amy reached level one first and was granted a wish.  A game that grants wishes?  Yes, the word was getting out fast.  Calls from schools all over the country were coming in requesting games.

As the money came in and games were sent out, they put up billboards that said simply;, and soon they were everywhere.  As reports of granted wishes began to spread, the Wiggles decided it was time to take it a little further; to the rest of the world.  One night, as people around the world were watching television the Wiggles interrupted the airspace and appeared on every tv.

They explained the problem and the game.  They invited all to play.  They told them about the website and the wishes and then they told about the grand prize.  This wasn’t an ordinary game where there’s only one winner.  No, with this game there could be millions of winners…all they had to do was finish the game.  And the grand prize was no ordinary grand prize.  It was a trip around the universe.  They said that for anyone that didn’t believe they could produce the grand prize, just talk to some of the ones whose wishes had been granted, and in a flash, they were gone and the televisions went back to their normal shows.

Orders for the game flooded the website and with the money coming in, the earth was getting help.  Groups were started to protect any and all creatures and humans that needed protection.  The rain forests were bought and deemed a protected place.  The dolphins, seahorses, and whales were protected because the people who normally killed them for money, were now paid to protect them.  Slaves were bought and freed and the slavetraders were paid to do a new job, see that no slaves were taken.

The game itself involved good deeds to reach higher levels, so many other good things were happening around the world.  The rich were giving to the poor, the strong were helping the weak, and the mean people were losing their anger and were being nice.  Communities were built around the world for all who needed a home, with the only requirement being that they contribute their skills to the community.  The elderly were treated with respect for their experience and knowledge, the sick were being helped by doctors for free when needed, and the courts were practically empty because nobody was suing anyone.

Chapter 4

Meanwhile, back at the crystal caverns, the Wiggles were rejoicing!  Even little Sisbo was giggling with glee.  Things were working out better than they had hoped.  Now it was time to reward Jesse for his help.  They had promised him a visit to the crystal caverns, so a visit he would get.

Quittle fiddled with the crystal eye and soon he was talking with Jesse.  He told Jesse it was time and asked permission from the grandparents for Jesse to visit.  Jesse was jumping up and down saying, “Please Mimi, please PapPap, pleeeeeeeeease???  They laughed and said yes, as long as the Wiggles brought him back.  The Wiggles assured them that they had no intentions of keeping him.  Quittle said, “Jesse, are you ready?  I’ll be here to meet you.”  With a nod from Jesse, poof, Jesse was gone.

Jesse found himself sliding down the biggest waterslide he’d ever seen.  He was having a blast when all of a sudden, he was dumped into a pond.  All the water from the slide created a waterfall and it was pouring all over him.  He was amazed to realize that the water was warm.  He looked up and saw Quittle reaching a hand out to help him out of the pond.  As Jesse stepped out, he realized that he was totally dry!  “Quittle, I’m dry!  Look, I’m dry!”  Quittle laughed, and said, “Yes, you will find lots of those kind of things here.  Now, are you ready to fly?”  “Fly?  You mean I get to fly too?  Awesome!”

Quittle and Jesse joined hands and up they went.  They flew through tunnels of assorted colors and Jesse was constantly turning his head to try and see everything.  Soon they came to a large open area.  As they descended to the ground, Jesse saw Wiggles everywhere.  They had all come to meet the human boy.  To some of them, Jesse looked huge!  He understood this and tried to make himself smaller.  Poof…he was smaller!

“Quittle, Quittle, what’s happening, I’m smaller!”  “Well Jesse, crystals strengthen the power of thought and as you can see, we are surrounded by crystals.  It is obvious to us that you wanted to be smaller, to fit in more with us, and what you thought is what you got.  Don’t worry, when you go back home, you will return to normal, or if you don’t like it, you can always have another thought, one to make you bigger now.  It’s up to you, this is your wish vacation.”

Jesse was introduced to everyone, but he gave up trying to remember all the names.  Sisbo flew over and gave Jesse a kiss on the cheek.  Typical boy that he was, Jesse wiped it off.  Sisbo frowned and everyone held their breath.  It was like this huge gasp that echoed through the caves.  Sisbo let the silence stretch and then burst out laughing.  Sisbo’s thoughts reached all in the room.  “No, I’m not gonna cry, you silly Wiggles”

Laughter then echoed and ricocheted in and through them all.  Tursi gathered everyone’s attention and suggested they form a circle.  It was the funniest circle Jesse had ever seen.  It was more like a spiral, because the Wiggles were all at different levels in the air.  They were all sitting cross-legged, and it reminded Jesse of movies he’d seen of the American Indians sitting around a fire, except there was no fire in the center here.  Instead, there was a large purple pointed crystal.

They all began chanting and within a few minutes, Jesse was asked to come into the center of the circle.  He flew over to the purple crystal and waited to see what was gonna happen.  Tursi appeared next to Jesse and said, ”Jesse, we would like to give you a gift.”  Jesse said, “Another one?” and everyone laughed.  Tursi smiled and said, “Yes, if you want to put it that way, another one.  This gift is very special.  You get to choose a memory.  Is there anything in your past that you would like to re-experience?”

Jesse thought for a moment, then said, “ Yes, I want to remember when I was with my mom.”  “Ok, good choice.  Now, look into the purple crystal.  Deeper…deeper…deeper.  Colors were swirling within the crystal then it cleared and Jesse saw his mom laying on a hospital bed.  She was very pregnant and was in a lot of pain.  The doctors were whispering that something was wrong, the baby’s heartbeat was slowing down.  His mom was so weak that it was hard for her to even breathe.  Someone was whispering to his mom that she had to breathe for the baby.  She said she couldn’t, but for the baby, she tried.  The doctors whisked her out of that room and into another room and a few seconds later, the baby was born.  Jesse saw his mom’s face.  He’d never seen her so happy.  Then a man came in and said, “We can do it Sheri, we can do it!”  Sheri said, “Bobby, he’s here…look, over there.”  The man looked and then he too smiled really big.  Jesse shouted…”That’s my dad!  That’s my dad!  I never met my dad!”

Then the vision changed and he was watching his mother nurse him, then she was bathing him, rocking him…all the things that he’d tried so hard to remember, he was now watching and remembering.  “Do I get to keep these memories?”, Jesse asked.  “Yes, yes you do.”  Jesse watched with tears pouring down, remembering the love of his mother.  When the show was over, Jesse tried to say thank you for the gift, but the Wiggles wouldn’t let him.  “No, they chorused, we thank you.”

“Ok, everybody back to work.”  In a flash, the room was nearly empty.  “Where’d they all go, asked Jesse.”  “You’ll see, Quittle said, as he took Jesse’s hand and they were off.  Sereh hovered a bit behind them, anxious to see the human’s reactions.  Quittle took Jesse on a tour of the crystal caverns.  To the color healing rooms, to the history room, the future room, the wish room…oh, so many rooms.

He learned some of what the Wiggles do, but not all.  Noone was allowed to know all.  Finally, they came to the last room.  The universe room.  When they walked through the room opening, it was like stepping into the galaxy.  Jesse found himself standing with the stars surrounding him.  He could reach out and touch the planets.  Whatever he saw, with a thought, he was there.

“Quittle, why are there so many planets?  There’s only supposed to be nine.”  “No, no there are not only nine.  The planets are uncountable.  Think of the farthest one you can see.”  Jesse did, and with that thought, he was there, right in front of the planet.  “Now, think of the farthest one you can see.”  Jesse did, and with that thought, he was there, right in front of that planet.  “Now, think of the farthest one you can see.”  “Jesse said, ok ok, I get it.  There are too many to count!”  Jesse felt like an astronaut, only without the space suit.

“Now, would you like to meet your father?”  “Would I?  Oh yes, please.”  “Think of him.”  “Jesse heard a voice behind him.  He turned and saw someone coming out of a swirl of light.  “Hey little buddy, whatcha doin?”  “Are you my dad?”  “Yes, I sure am and I’m really happy to see you again.  I’ve been watching you grow up and I’m very proud of you.”  Jesse flew over and threw himself into his daddy’s arms.  “I missed you too”, said Jesse.

They talked of fishing, of girls, and just plain life in general.  His dad tried to give him some of what he’d missed by not having a daddy to learn from.  They talked about the hockey games that Jesse thought he’d missed and what to do about bully’s…cure ‘em with kindness.

As soon as it was discovered that Sereh had tagged along, the four of them took off on a tour of the universes.  Jesse was amazed to see many different forms of life as well as beings that looked human.  Jesse said, “Wow, aliens are real!”  Quittle laughed and said, “What do you think we are?”  Soon they were all laughing as they flew through the stars.

They visited until Quittle said it was time.  Before he disappeared, his dad said, “I love you, little buddy…and do me a favor, tell your mother, I’m sorry.”  The word sorry echoed through the universe as his dad swirled away in the light.

Quittle asked Jesse if he was ok and Jesse replied that he’d never been better.  All his dreams had come true.  “Hmmm, what do I do now that my dreams are done?”  “That’s an easy one Jesse, you get some new dreams.”  “Easy?  How do I top these?”  “Quittle laughed, and said, “Don’t worry, you will.”  With a thought from Quittle, they were on the other side of the universe room, back inside the crystal caverns.

Sereh was very proud of Jesse. She said, “Jesse, I’m so impressed.  You’ve grown so wise, so quickly.  I was watching you with your dad.  He must be very proud too.  If you had reacted differently to meeting him, if it had made you sad, we could’ve been in big trouble.  You did something that most humans don’t know how to do.  Enjoy the moment.  Experience the moment.  Live the moment.  Do me a favor, and remember this when you go back up, ok?”  “Ok Sereh, I promise, I’ll remember.  Thanks!”

Sisbo flew over when he saw them and jumped into Jesse’s arms.  “I think Sereh wants to marry you,” he said.  Jesse’s eyes flew wide open and Quittle laughed.  “Now Sisbo, quit teasing Jesse.”  Sisbo popped out of Jesse’s arms and grabbed his hand and pulled him through the air until they reached what looked like a play area.  Wiggles were in a circle throwing something to each other, back & forth.  Jesse looked closer.  It wasn’t a ball!  It was a Wiggle all rolled up in a ball!  “Cool, can you make me into a ball like that?”  With that thought, Jesse felt himself curling up and become a bouncing ball.

Now there were two balls being tossed around, only one was giggling ecstatically and vibrating with laughter.  The Wiggles grabbed the two balls and carried them over to a place where colored water was spraying up, like an unpside down waterfall.  They threw the balls in the water and they tumbled and rolled, tumbled and rolled.  Jesse’s laughter could still be heard throughout the caves.  Jesse jumped out of the water and thought himself back to normal, well, normal for inside the caves.  Jesse was having a blast.

Sereh whisked by, grabbed Jesse’s hand, and flew him into the joy room.  She pulled a crystal lollipop from the air and said, “Here, taste.”  Jesse did and she asked him what it tasted like.  Jesse told her he didn’t taste anything.  “What’s it supposed to taste like?”  “Ah Jesse, you don’t need anyone to tell you what something is like.  Each experience is different for each person.  It’s your lollipop, what do you want it to taste like?”

Jesse thought to himself that Sereh and his mom were a lot alike.  Each always trying to teach him new ways of looking at things.  “Sereh, you’re trying to tell me something, aren’t you?”  Sereh smiled.  “Are you telling me that life is like this lollipop?  That everything I experience in life is affected by what I think of it?”  “No, I’m telling you that you experience, because you think.  I know that’s too hard for you to understand now, but remember my words and when you’re older they’ll make sense.  In the meantime, you were right.  Yes, everything is affected by what you think.  So, what does your lollipop taste like now?

Jesse thought for a minute.  Hmmm, what did he want to taste?  Cotton candy!  He took a lick.  Yup, it tasted like cotton candy!  Sereh was curious, so asked him to make her a cotton candy pop too.  Jesse did, then asked, “Can I make real cotton candy like that too, just by thinking it?”  “Yes, but remember, when you go back home, thoughts move much slower.  The best way around that is, always think of what you want, rather than what you don’t want.”

They went back to the play room, then Tursi came to say it was time for Jesse to say his goodbye’s.  Jesse hugged as many as he could and promised to keep on working on the game.  He thanked them for the visit, then went off with Quittle.

When they got to the slide waterfall, Quittle said goodbye, gave Jesse a hug then threw a pinch of wiggledust in the air.  Poof, Jesse was gone.  Back home, his grandparents were sitting in the back yard by the pool, when all of a sudden, Jesse comes walking out of the waterfall.  Jesse excitedly told them about his adventures.  He just couldn’t get his words out fast enough.  Mimi and PapPap were laughing, telling him to slow down.  After he told them all about his trip, they told Jesse what he’d missed.

The game had reached every country, every town on the whole planet earth.  Even deep within the jungles, people were playing the game.  The news stations were having a hayday reporting all the good things happening around the globe.  It seemed as if the whole planet was balanced and love was everywhere.  They said the love was so strong, you could feel it.  Some said they could even see it, as a pink mist.

They told Jesse how proud they were of him for helping the earth the way he did.  Jesse beamed with pride.  “I did do good, didn’t I?  Well, the Wiggles should be ok now.  I don’t think there will be tears in the Crystal Caverns for quite awhile!”  Jesse walked into the house and went to check the website.  He grabbed up order forms and busied himself in the ways of the world, once again.  All was back to normal.  The new normal.  And the game goes on.

The end.

Sheri Lee


Copyright ã 2001 Sheri Lee   All rights reserved


16 thoughts on “The Wiggles of Crystal Cave….. The Fairy Tale that Could

  1. Oh Mea, thank you from the bottom, and the top of my heart. You are seriously the first person to read this on the internet and let me know,…. 1, that you read it and Even 2, that you liked it!!! Bless your Iowa heart! Seriously, it;’s on my facebook as a Note, its been here for close to 2 months and I’ve been posting it at 2012 meditate for the world type groups. It was you. Bless you Mea. Take the A off and you’ve got……me and you. 🙂 ahhhh, thank you!!!!!

  2. the wiggles and the strawberry bunnies unite

    are the wiggles “the little people” after they lost their visible form, or are they 2 different kinds of beings?

  3. Wow, that’s a really cool story! I love how you managed to tell it in an entertaining way. I’m hoping we can manage to save the Earth before violence and greed destroys it. Have you had your story published yet? It would be nice for more people to read it.

  4. I am just about speechless…wow..awesome..trying to process it all..need to reread it…it must be published and shared…everywhere..your gift is one to be shared Sheri…<3 love love love iT!

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