I want so badly to get to believe. Believe is a hard place to reach on purpose. We all arrive at the different Believe hotspots unwittingly. Someone was selling and we were in the mood to buy. Those are the cheapies. The penny beliefs. We don’t put much heart into those….they’re more like a collection. Look, see? I once believed in this and this and look over there, I believed in that too! Like cheap perfume or wine, penny beliefs are worn by those who stopped seeking their soul. The given Ups. We line them up and show them off like diplomas of merit but they are empty. Just facades covering a layer of nothing. Our heart isn’t there. Our emotions aren’t there. Plastic-y filler frauds that we stuff our personas with. Then there are the midrange beliefs. The “Ya, I hear ya’s”. Where you feel a tickle that wafts past your higherself and your body does a doubletake while your mind is in a foreign land. Jerked to reality to the strangeness of a familiar yet unknown ness… your body, aching and tired, seeks a final rest and to that end, it will enlighten you of its own free will, unbeknownst to yours. I call this Quickening. A somewhat forced mind journey or learning….book upon book, page upon page, dissection upon dissection. Analyzing as the knowledge is assimilated and integrated. The happenstances. The serendipities.


The highest beliefs are those we choose to wear as our cloaks throughout life and the new strives we seek to meet. Our core. The cores themselves can be altered by removing the ness around them. The more you remove, the more the core shape is altered compared to the spot above it or below it. Like say, a chicken thigh bone. You will typically not eat it to the bone and there will be chicken in various tears and shreds remaining up and down the bone in varying sizes and shapes…..Oh….or an apple core!!! They say we are a torus field…..folding in upon itself continually……to me, if it did this while the core was shifting….. (the bites) would be like musical notes playing a symphony of life. The everchanging dunes of sand. I often wonder if life is a song. The beliefs we have are molded and grasped….from the platter of assorted goods offered to mankind. They attach to us like skin and create the layers of us all. They can weigh us down and make us so large we waddle, as we reach for a belief that is sparkling at us. It is glinting in the sun….nearly blinding us as we stretch and stretch, trying to reach what we’ve been told is unreachable. Ahh, the strives. Those beliefs we WISH we could believe!!! Fairies were a choice I chose to choose. I asked. I told. I begged even. Please, help me believe in fairies! I want to believe in fairies! I walked through a decade of fairy wants and wishes until one day, after giving up….I found some hair. It was such a sacred gift. So sacred that it is unholdable. It is made of the same stuff as butterflies…..that blows away in the breeze.  So sacred that its magic ebbs and it retreats to the unconscious.


Oh, lest I forget the self believes!!! What is your self believing about you right now? That you’re fat? Thin? A caregiver? A daredevil? A hero? A fake? A wannabe? A queen, a sad one, tough one, wise one, smartass, shit mower, shit digger, shit leveler, healer close, healer far, inventor, savior????? Grab  your old believes and tie them to the side for a minute please. Now….look around. See any conceit laying around? Or floating? No, I am not speaking to you who have it all….I am speaking to those who are struggling…reaching. So….find any conceit? How bout from a guy on tv? Facebook? Ok…..energetically reach out and grab some in your hands. Put it on like lotion. Put a lot on your wing area and your throat to free your voice. Now ponder. Ponder about you. Is there any part of you that’s cool? That you like? Tell it so!!! Right now, I am so in love with my mind…..I see the beauty of the intricacy and depth. I am so beautiful. I was created perfectly…to be me…..therefore I am perfect. Enjoy for a moment that there’s something special about you. Something loveable. I personally can no longer define myself and I’m sorrowed that I ever tried. The vastness of me has been squeezed into a tiny box for eons. I am popping out folks. I understand now that I can be what I want to be. They said it all along, but until your heart understands, its gibberish. I always had a fear of being public. Or fame. Loss of privacy and for a hermit that’s not good. I am now seeking a new experience. I’m done with that one.  I’ve never been outrageous before……!!! Maybe I will try that belief on and see how it fits!


I watched the new Noah movie last night. Perfectly divinely timed of course. Finally some perspective that feels right. And boy does it make sense. This whole thing with me began with a hypnosis session where I saw Noah and thought I was Noah….I am indeed connected to the rainbow……but no, not Noah. I see now why the reference. What is going on with me….is just like Noah.  Not like Jesus, or Mary….but like Noah. Oh, don’t get me wrong… higher self is who it is regardless of what I say or do…………but………see, the story of them, is a story of them. The story of Noah, is really the story of God asking something of Noah. Would Noah have the faith to do so? Would he have faith at least as big as a mustard seed? Could he have faith? Could he believe that a flood was coming to the desert and a world sized boat was needed? Could he believe the animals would arrive 2 by 2? Would he spend his hard earned money? His time? His days? His life….to do what was asked? Ya….me and Noah got a lot in common. Seriously, what would you do if you heard a voice from a burning bush or a voice from the sky say to build an ark? What would you do? I obeyed. What have I had to spend? My enlightenment quicker, thats all.. In order to do and teach and enlighten…..I must return to 3d to do so. My peace……I now fear peoples reactions, thereby lowering my frequency. Ya, see, I give up that and I gave up a lifetime of peace…..knowing this was coming. I fretted. I fretted my whole life. Noah didn’t have that part at least. At least his was a sudden happening and not a lifelong wait then oh shit when the ending was in sight. Don’t you see? I could be happily minding my own business falling in love with bugs and butterflies but we chose you. We. God and me. (Goddaia and me) Signing off in Costa Rica where one huge monetary festival is leaving the building and another tiny baby one is being birthed….may it remain humble to its servants, three earthquakes in one day crack the houses, and I am most definitely being steered away from this particular land….not necessarily the country…..and where I make no moves on my own….I follow God.So if you don’t like what I’m saying, blame Him/Her.  Lovelove…  Oh and PS…. Says DON”T have any believes for any who say they are Jesus or an Ascended Master. They say that if it was a real Incarnation, the human would not tell. Their deeds would tell. Well honey, not if you’re old and just found out!!! Time is of the essence!!! So what’s up with the closed mind, eh OmTIMES?

Be   Lie   Ve   To exist….in a lie….of free choice        Believe. We cannot know the truth of anything except the numbers….the rest is basically a playground….in the school of LIFE.


Psss….Ascension/Enlightenment UPDATE and SYMPTOMS: for those who buy these beliefs…

I have reached IT several times. It is a state of all knowing. I drop down with 3d thoughts. I experience pain in the neck area as if my head is too heavy for my neck to hold. Also, in between the shoulder blades where the wings would attach. Quite achy. There is also a constant state of grog. Fuzz   .Oh ya…..vice versa…I rise with 5d thoughts.

oops….and….to any who are wondering, the heart/adrenaline/lung issue was HEALED Thursday night as a gift from God. Not all my ailments, but that one cuz it was a lesson ailment. AND……………..Dear Ex Mom, every single blog I write….now hears your voice….it’s too long, nobody has time to read it.   I got it now, thanks….and I choose instead to write as much as I want to write and if a person doesn’t have time or inclination or desires, then they can click out as easily as they clicked in. What an unnecessary censorship. I hereby free myself and don’t give a hoot about the wordcount!!! Leave already!!!  Haha, but the juiciest bits drip at the end!!!


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