Are you really ok with your religion? Your God is the God you want? He’s the right kindness for you? The right temperament? Is there any truth to any of it? Any religion? Any God? Which God? Her, Him? The one who teaches to rape? Or the one who is so jealous? Think about it. What does God mean? It means the creator! The thing that created me and this planet and the stars and the heavens and the hells. NOT. And YES! Which God created the heavens? Which God created the planet that we sleep on? Same God? All one? Which God was the first God? How do you know? What was first? Blackness? Or light? Did they really have a war and we are the spoils of that? The loser gets the spoils? IN what game? Since when does the loser get anything??? You see……none of religion makes sense. For all we know, we are in a dome and the dome was created a hundred years ago. The people that old are all dying off so they can’t tell the truth. Any story they want, they can create and place in the sand and say HERE……here is the truth!


One big huge hologram set. Like in the movie Hunger Games. Where they can make fires happen or floods or cause the bees to swarm….a set, where inserts can be inserted as needed. A bear there, to scare that mother into protecting her young thereby enabling her to leave her abusive husband. A flood, caused to further the souls of all the people along the floodplains. A firefly in winter, appears on the window of one who may give up hope without that flash of green light at her request. A software program, and we are the program designers. Our souls are in the other world and our essence is here in the hologram.


Here’s one thing that mystifies me. If the powers that be wanted, they could have removed all references to the books they were copying from. For instance, if the gospels were taken from the African texts, why not then destroy said African texts? Why allow them to remain to be found and used against? A mindboggler. Really. Why am I able to google and find the same storylines? Mithra, Isis, Mary. Huh? Why? Maybe they wanted confusion. That would be my best guess and I actually have something to go by. Myself. I have been asked to do a mission for God and the main jewel of the mission…is to confuse. To shake beliefs. To clear the field to allow for truth to enter…..because she’s about to enter!



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