the Sweet…

Honey. The golden nectar. The SWEET. In the SWEET, by and by. The bee cannot produce honey without a comb to put it in. The tree cannot teach its young what it means to fall, if it does not fall. The water cannot crash without rocks to crash onto. The heart cannot break without having loved. Love cannot break, it has an endless supply of hearts to refill itself. Hunger cannot exist without desire. The sun cannot give warmth if there is nothing to receive it.

If I pray the dolphins are never harmed, the girl who hears of the tragedy of Taijii would never overcome her fears and hermitousness to go help the dolphin. If there weren’t people killing lions and bragging about it, then there wouldn’t be people dedicating their lives to protecting the lions. One cannot exist without the other. The water drop…………must have a floor to hit when it falls or it never feels itself land. Never feels itself splat!!! Never chokes on the feel of the water crashing onto itself. Without dry….the waterdrop would cease………..and would become a part of the water. A part of the mass. Undestinguishable now. Your individual raindropy fragrance has blended and you are now the smell of………………….OCEAN. The coat of many colors. The house of many mansions.


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