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Hold me?

When I die, I want someone to hold me. To touch me. I want someone to touch my hair, my arms, my belly…my feet. I want someone to run their fingers through my hair to cause the shiver me tingles that I’ve known about since I was 2. I am that little girl who knows of a pleasure yet it never ever comes her way. She watches it from afar all the days of her life.  When I die, I want to carry her on my back and tickle the chins of baby fawns. When I die, maybe just maybe there will  be someone there who really appreciates me. Or…I wait also to die for another option… in case there is no one to care….in case there is just a black space and the brain stops and life ends and no memory ever turns on. Either one, I’ll take either one. No, my friends…I am not wearing a cloak of depression, I have eradicated that from this body, oh no, this is a cloak of disappointment. Of what if’s and wanna beens. When I die, I want that to go away…..tied onto a kite and released into the biggest wind near a black hole I can find….to be hurtled through space magnetically seeking and drawing towards the violet flame of transmutation….and while it searches, beans and milk are found on earth, to feed the masses and my self prepondered woe is forgiven.  (Not really Sheri, there’s way more woe than that, your indulgence is egregious)


When I die, I want to be able to stay…just like I am now, with this brain and this heart. I want to have slumber parties and I want to snuggle and cuddle with girls who get me, really get me. Get, means to retrieve, partake, take, glean………yes, they want to partake of me, of who I am. I want to be acknowledged…and vice versa. I want to be with those who love life inside and out but are so affected by it that they are nearly insane. Those are the real ones. I want them. Near me, beside me. Braiding my hair, bathing me, helping me out of the waters where I turn and lift them out as I twirl a strand of hair in my fingers and brush whispys out of our face. I want the sound of giggles and cackles. I want a cradle for my aging bones and a person to swing it to sleep. A chest to lean upon. A breast to suckle, as I bring the milk into my bones, to strengthen my heart, my will, so I can come again to the land of ingratitude and pour myself like honey…….to be slurped and gargled and spit and feathered but with a many lifetime’d weathered smile, as I then push the reset button and die, really die. Never to be thought of again.                   Death becomes her.


Signing off in Costa Rica where I’m still trying to call in rain, another week or so and my girl arrives and, God has left this hot dry garden but He left a blue dragonfly behind to guard us…no, he was all business and refused a photo. And a PS…I fixed my sewing machine all by myself and google!….so I’m back to the skirts and the ANDs. Soon I will be able to give away all my old clothes and only wear my own designs!!! Lovelove   And PSS…sorry, but ya, that is really all thats lacking in my life, therefore thats my heaven and yes I know, heaven is here and yes I know oh GOD…you don’t wanna know what I know, or I’ve read or been told. Jesus, my mind can only take so much of this overflow of misery. I happen to know that all misery is part of the good, but knowing and feeling are not lovers in all ways. 8 billion people….8 billion perceptions on what is life, where do I fit in and how will it end. For those following the Planet X, Nibiru annanuki  theory…dunno, it’s up there now, thats a fact.    For those following the Arcturian theory…..they say they’ll arrive in March or April to usher in the 5d. For those following the 5d is here already, yup….but then revert to Arcturians arriving in March or April. (Christ consciousness arriving not Christ on a cloud) For those following the bible theory….dunno. For those following the Native theory….many are calling Planet X, the Blue Star Kachina…..and oh ya….feed the damn people already!!! Are you blind????? It’s everywhere!!! Just look for the bones. PSSS….society’s only hope….A, God sweeping in. B, magic. C. Put the girls in charge  (Whens the last time God came sweeping in???)


Whip scorpion 


…….endless Sacred Art

Lifes answers….puzzle pieces….only show up when it is the exact right time. Time to use that piece and put it in place within the tapestry of your life. Today, while watching another ayahuasca documentary, I finally understand something. The prophecy of the rainbow warriors. I finally get it. I saw no way for that prophecy to come to fruition due to the wounds and scars of the Native Americans…. Their scars are permanently etched into their skin…their tribal skins. How can they come together with the white man? I’ve seen both. The hatred and the willingness. Today however….I see the deeper deep. I’ve known for some time that the Native Americans are having difficulty preserving their knowledge, because the children don’t want to learn. The children are caught up in the white world and have no desires to learn the languages or the stories, the skills or the knowledge. They have nobody to teach…to share their legacy.

The new part for me however…is the knowledge that the same thing is happening in Brazil…and possibly even Peru. Do they let the knowledge seep into the ground like blood…laid waste???? Or do they teach the white man….who has harmed them so thoroughly. On one hand…if they share with the white man….they then change the heart of that white man….and a possible trickle effect. Or they can let it evaporate. No. They can’t. They feel the absolute need to share what they’ve learned….before it’s forgotten….before it’s gone.

For todays purposes….I’m speaking of the ayahuasca. Not a drug. A plant spirit. A plant medicine. Yes….it provides psychedelic properties….but that is what is required to go deep within oneself…to learn from God and the spirits….how things work…and why. I have known that I’m a bit special to God. Hehe, at least I feel that way. I suffered with suicidal depression for 38 years. God gifted me. GIFTED me…with a vision/experience. Two in fact. The 2nd…..has been compared to taking the amanita muscariat mushroom. So…God gave me a mushroom trip…without the mushrooms. That’s playing favorites. Insights….newness. A new being, within the old. So….based on just that…..and they say my experience was like amanita…well then that tells me that the amanita and other plant medicines….are supposed to be utilized by us humans. Why on earth did HE put them here otherwise????? HUH HUH????? To go deep. To rise in consciousness….therefore…raising the rest of humanity. Without raising humanity…….we are doomed to the greed of the now and the past. If you have never considered having an experience like one of these….give it a thought. There are many options. My desire for the ayahuasca is climbing to new heights….whereas before I had no interest…due to what happens in process. It’s a very physical event….as well as spiritual. I thought I’d have to do peyote instead….a much gentler way. But now……now….I dunno now. Enlightenment is my goal after all.

More. More documentaries….more Daime music….reading the Daime song book…..Hmmm….I’m probably confusing you. There are different cultures using the same medicine…but they do them a bit uniquely. Like, the Peruvians do the ayahuasca in the dark….and the Brazilian Daime’s do it in the light. The music is a ritual thing that assists in the process. Gosh…the more I learn, the more I want it. The most powerful hallucinogen on the planet. Wow….and I wanna do it. That is staggering. Me, who had bad acid trips all 3 times I tried. Ya…I do. I even want to do it in Costa Rica, not driving to Austin and having a one nighter with strangers. I want…need the spiritual aspect before during and after. More art has commenced. Last night…a piece was created by me…that is obviously a personal piece for me and me alone. It’s small…like the others…but it is my story. It has the ayahuasca vine….and an owl sitting on it with both wings outstretched…ready to fly…..above his one outstretched wing….is a baby in a blankie bundle. Spirit put that there. While painting it…it was part of the vine. Summer spotted the baby…..and remembering my childhood painting of the owl…she said,…..well…where’s the bear? So I put a bear cub in…then I placed a long stem rose (ME) in his hand. Ya….my own personal sacred art. This art….and learning about the plant medicines is changing me…as intended. Last night I dug through my boxes of fiber goodies and pulled out 2…to call my own. Ha! Layered look. When we run out of this particular fiber…which we are using for these particular art pieces…..I have another owl I want to do. We have however…ordered more fiber. She will also need her own needle tool. Oh…she might be staying longer! Oh…and ya…..I said I wasn’t blogging…..but dang….I had to share that insight last night.

The babies are growing soooooo big! Can you tell by the photos???? I have to tell ya….in all honesty…I’m having difficulty telling apart some of the white babies. If they are with their mom…ya, easy peasy. If they are next to each other….also easier. But other than that….yikes! Guess that’s when tags would come in handy or painted hooves!!! Pirouette still loses the babies a lot…but that’s ok…we know all the hidey holes. And if a baby is sleeping hard….and doesn’t hear the herd move….oh Lordie…when they wake….look around and see they are alone!!!! Pure panic sets in and they jump up…..spin around….find their target and like a bullet….they are safe with the herd. Happens A LOT!!!!! And…. spellcheck won’t let me join my ALOT. There. I forced the matter. I’m putting wheat germ on the girls food to try to help with the winter skin issues that seem to happen every year. Dandruff. Zinc is the ticket.

Back to the art. Hehehe. One of the intentions I had when Summer was coming….was to free up my spontaneous art ability. You know…art from the brain…not a photo. It has been very successful!!! And….I will improve as I go. Just starting to flap my wings. Haven’t even taken off yet!!! Ok…well….I hope you’re enjoying learning about the different enlightenment medicines. La medicina. The GRANDMother……mostly for now….but GRANDFather too as life rolls on. There are so many! Cocao…..known as Mother to some. Cannabis….known as Ave Maria to some. Then there’s frog medicine…poison. Tobacco…..just the list is endless. Hehe….I asked Summer if IF I drank the Grandmother……would I then be able to answer the riddle in the Emerald Tablet???? Haha…she said…well…if that is your intention!!! I’ve tried several times…and sometimes I think I have it…and other times I’m so lost…but racking my brain to solve it. Horus…Thoth…Hermes….all same entity. Sorry….my brain is immersed. Ok….later gatorsssss. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.











what if…………….and why not

The beginning of time. Recently, 2012ness and Spirit have led me back into prophecy land. Oh Lordie, I don’t like that land. It’s all filled with doom and gloom. Yesterday I told you about the Hopi’s sending a message. If you don’t know the Hopi story, here it is, in as small a nutshell as I can make it. The Hopi were taken into the earth by an ant being, at one point in the worlds they inhabited. They came out when it was safe. Each time, a new world was there, the old world either destroyed by ice, volcano or water. My connection to this is so deep that I actually think I’ve found their missing tablet piece and if only they would see it. The problem is, it’s in photo form only, as it’s something Journey led me to one day on the Internet. It has haunted me ever since. How crazy is that? Yes, I’m goofy, and I’ve just seen the photos of the real tablets again and now I’m sure I was nuts.

So silly, actually thinking this was the missing tablet piece. Oh, ya, their God made the tablets then broke them and gave one to each brother (there were 2)and sent them in opposite directions.

Anyway, the Hopi and I are connected. A psychic travel guide once told me I was a Hopi Medicine Woman in another life. Which brings me to womanhood. Feminism. I took that on in my Winter Solstice experience and it has been on the rise. I know. Grandiose thinking. Not though. I’m not grandiose. I simply follow when I am whispered to. If you were whispered to, would you act? I was told to dance, that particular night. Would you have obeyed? Would you have danced?

The Hopi, according to their legends, emerged from somewhere. I have a hunch where. Regardless, they have for the most part done what was required of them in their legend. If I’m to be in complete truth and honesty, which I am vowed to do, I must add that although I respect and admire and love and feel connected to the Hopi, I have to say that they are only human and my experience with them was not perfect. That is what I have to say about that.

I was challenged today in a face book group when I posted the link and only one person liked it and commented. She had said how true. Later, I said, People, this isn’t goat related, but it is human related, and if anyone would know what’s going to come, it would be the Hopi Elders. She informed me that she was Cherokee and that all tribes and all Elders should be respected. That got my dander up. I said, of course, then I started to explain until I stopped and said, good grief. That’s not the point. This is 2012 related. I got irritated because all the prophesies say that the people will come together as one tribe, all colors, all across the world. Seriously, across times these prophesies come. I am irritated that lately they say, they want to join and become one, but I see no real evidence of that. Not the Hopi, but the Natives in general, and jeesh I hate using that word all the time when all my life they were known as Indians. It’s like when a person tells you they have changed their name, please call me by it. Ha, it’s a struggle for quite a while, if not always. Wouldn’t it be nice though if the Indians did want to join with us. You don’t realize how much I’ve learned from them. They believe in the spirits. The spirits of the animals and the sky and the wind and the earth. I do as well.

Cathy told me today that 90% of the people didn’t know about the Hopi. I was dumbfounded. I studied them so much that I was sure the world knew of them. The peaceful people. The people who were told by their God what would happen and they have obeyed the directions as best they could. And now here we are. 2012. The year so many legends and myths speak about. The questionable year.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit to wondering if there’s any truth to it. I don’t know what is gonna happen, and neither really do the Indians, although their prophecies are very accurate so far, if you look it up. Like I said last night, there is no future. There is only today. Now. Now. Now. Get up…go….Live…dance…write…breathe….feel and appreciate what you feel…..believe you can fly or walk thru walls or be invisible or jump from place to place. What if you could reach others just with the power of your mind? What about auras? If you could read auras, you wouldn’t have to guess at someone’s intentions. They show us in the movies, what if it’s real? What if we can? What if we had only that durn mustard seeds worth of faith? What if.

And speaking of what if…All the prophesies are doom and gloom, but they all have one more thing in common. They all have an out clause. A clause that says if you can learn to live together in harmony, with each other and with the animals, then there is a chance. Also, they all, or nearly all allow for the survival of some of the people. Usually the ones who have come together and learned to exist with the earth, not on the earth. The prophesy of the rains and wind shifting to the point that nature gets confused, is definitely happening right now. The birds are flying at the wrong times of the year and the trees are blooming too early. If you read the prophesies, you will see that most of them have already happened or are happening now. Thing is, will the world end, as we know it? Or will it change, from as we know it?

http://www.rexresearch.com/prophist/phf8usa.htm  This link has a whole bunch of prophesies collected on one page.
This next link is called Crystal Inks. Anything and everything you can think of to study on a spiritual journey can be found here. This is a humongous treasure trove of metaphysical information from ancient civilizations to aliens and ghosts. Oh ya, and auras! The last step in my Get Out of the Box lesson was to read and explore to expand your mind. This is an excellent source for such things due to the vast amount of different areas of study.


Wow, what a rainy day here. On and off all day. I’ve put off finishing the shearing so Cathy can finish an order for a large quilt. I took her to town to get a change of materials and yum, had me another strawberry banana smoothie!

All the goats seemed needy today. Must be all the rain. Goats that normally stay far away from me were coming to the gate for petting. Opti even chose petting over eating grain. I’m so grateful to my friend Mea, who suggested I talk goat talk with them. She suggested it as a way to help Lovey, who needed to be goatified, but it is really helping with all the goats. I guess everyone likes hearing their own language.

I’ve been trying to capture this photo for a month!

All lined up and ready to eat!

Maya Maya, you get prettier every day

Beautiful Lily and her mom Choxie in the background

Well, Hello Oprah!

That’s Gracie, and of course, Opti

Ahhh, Valey, so pretty!!

Today I had to cut up a roast for stew because the stew meat at the grocery store looked too horrible to eat. The roast turned out to be not much better, with fat running all through it. What are they feeding the cows these days? I think it’s time to take BabyCow to the butcher. That IS what we bought him for, from our neighbor. So, new goats or decent meat. I’ll most likely have to choose. That’s a no brainer. NEW GOATS, of course!!! I will however need to take some of the ‘not up to my quality standards) goats to the auction. As Oprah and Maya Angelou say…when you know better, you do better. I didn’t know what goats to buy in the beginning. I do now. Hello to India and South Korea!!! Signing off at Curly Locks Ranch. And speaking of food….

Look whats growin in the garden!!!