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Hold me?

When I die, I want someone to hold me. To touch me. I want someone to touch my hair, my arms, my belly…my feet. I want someone to run their fingers through my hair to cause the shiver me tingles that I’ve known about since I was 2. I am that little girl who knows of a pleasure yet it never ever comes her way. She watches it from afar all the days of her life.  When I die, I want to carry her on my back and tickle the chins of baby fawns. When I die, maybe just maybe there will  be someone there who really appreciates me. Or…I wait also to die for another option… in case there is no one to care….in case there is just a black space and the brain stops and life ends and no memory ever turns on. Either one, I’ll take either one. No, my friends…I am not wearing a cloak of depression, I have eradicated that from this body, oh no, this is a cloak of disappointment. Of what if’s and wanna beens. When I die, I want that to go away…..tied onto a kite and released into the biggest wind near a black hole I can find….to be hurtled through space magnetically seeking and drawing towards the violet flame of transmutation….and while it searches, beans and milk are found on earth, to feed the masses and my self prepondered woe is forgiven.  (Not really Sheri, there’s way more woe than that, your indulgence is egregious)


When I die, I want to be able to stay…just like I am now, with this brain and this heart. I want to have slumber parties and I want to snuggle and cuddle with girls who get me, really get me. Get, means to retrieve, partake, take, glean………yes, they want to partake of me, of who I am. I want to be acknowledged…and vice versa. I want to be with those who love life inside and out but are so affected by it that they are nearly insane. Those are the real ones. I want them. Near me, beside me. Braiding my hair, bathing me, helping me out of the waters where I turn and lift them out as I twirl a strand of hair in my fingers and brush whispys out of our face. I want the sound of giggles and cackles. I want a cradle for my aging bones and a person to swing it to sleep. A chest to lean upon. A breast to suckle, as I bring the milk into my bones, to strengthen my heart, my will, so I can come again to the land of ingratitude and pour myself like honey…….to be slurped and gargled and spit and feathered but with a many lifetime’d weathered smile, as I then push the reset button and die, really die. Never to be thought of again.                   Death becomes her.


Signing off in Costa Rica where I’m still trying to call in rain, another week or so and my girl arrives and, God has left this hot dry garden but He left a blue dragonfly behind to guard us…no, he was all business and refused a photo. And a PS…I fixed my sewing machine all by myself and google!….so I’m back to the skirts and the ANDs. Soon I will be able to give away all my old clothes and only wear my own designs!!! Lovelove   And PSS…sorry, but ya, that is really all thats lacking in my life, therefore thats my heaven and yes I know, heaven is here and yes I know oh GOD…you don’t wanna know what I know, or I’ve read or been told. Jesus, my mind can only take so much of this overflow of misery. I happen to know that all misery is part of the good, but knowing and feeling are not lovers in all ways. 8 billion people….8 billion perceptions on what is life, where do I fit in and how will it end. For those following the Planet X, Nibiru annanuki  theory…dunno, it’s up there now, thats a fact.    For those following the Arcturian theory…..they say they’ll arrive in March or April to usher in the 5d. For those following the 5d is here already, yup….but then revert to Arcturians arriving in March or April. (Christ consciousness arriving not Christ on a cloud) For those following the bible theory….dunno. For those following the Native theory….many are calling Planet X, the Blue Star Kachina…..and oh ya….feed the damn people already!!! Are you blind????? It’s everywhere!!! Just look for the bones. PSSS….society’s only hope….A, God sweeping in. B, magic. C. Put the girls in charge  (Whens the last time God came sweeping in???)


Whip scorpion 


calling all LOST people…


It’s getting harder and harder to share these learnings. I seem to be speaking into a void. Where are all the people who are in pain? Where are all the people struggling….seeking answers? Where are all the depressed and sad people who need lifted? And then again….why are the sad ones who know of me…not coming? Why did that gal nearly commit suicide….when she knew darn well she had access to words of one who is on the path to overcome. She chose to not read. I cannot force anyone to hear my words. They are drops of water for a scorched earth….falling into the cracks and feeding from below. It’s not recognition I seek……….I have already received that. No….I seek to heal. More……I seek to create a better world. A kinder world. A gentler world. And I AM CREATING it…….even if I have to do it from the dirt. I am the dirt. You are the dirt. Ashes to ashes dust to dust. What are we growing? What does dust do in the light? It dances.

I asked Jesus what am I doing wrong? What words should I be saying instead? Please, give me the right words. I feel an urgency to reach. Why? Why, if I already told you it didn’t matter……that all was perfect as it is? Cuz I have compassion. I want everyone to ascend. I want all to feel love….even the one who hates himself most…..who hurts others the most. I am a flame that calls the lost and points the way. I can only offer. And you can only react from where you are in this moment. Sometimes we need to step out of the feeling for a second. Then, first, ask…is this my pain? If the pain is yours, notice it…..then take it in your arms and love it. And tell it thankyou and tell it to go. When it returns….repeat…  It takes awhile to instill the changes in us. Repetition teaches our insides, our minds. Repetitions are the bricks that build our world.  And the more you add words to the Magic of IAM……..you create your world and who you are. As an example…….if you were to say I am an idiot. They say 6 times to ingrain something. Well, I know there are times when I say that idiot statement oh……6 times in one hour!!! What does this do? Well, words are tools. We have just taught ourselves that we are idiots. Congratulations……you win a prize. I’ll give you mine. I no longer need self hatred. Nope….giving it up for lent or lint or karma or love.
Instead, I choose now to experiment with the love aspect of self. So many layers, levels, pieces of this self, that have never experienced self love in any form. I’m going to show them. I am my teacher now. I am my mother now. I am my family now. I am my God now. I am a dot. A drop in an ocean. HOWEVER……….I am a very cool drop! I have an awesome imagination and I spread drops in the most unique of ways. No word required. It’s really kinda interesting. I always considered myself a gift. I didn’t understand why I thought that, except that I knew in my soul I was supposed to save the world. Then as I grew, the world said…we don’t need saving. The earth is just fine…..maybe a few changes perhaps. I’m still struggling to comprehend this attitude. Is every human on this planet feeling and knowing love? Every being??????? Do we ALL have love and consideration for the Least of these? The least of these can be something so tiny…….or something huge but with a perceived ugliness. Good grief!!! Step out! Step away! So many gifts on this planet for you………go….see them…feel them. 9-5. Starve until you make it out….but GET OUT!!! Passion your life and you will thrive. Earthschool. Mysteryschool…….is meant to be lived. Tasted. Smelled, chewed, swallowed and noticed….all the way down. When I said yesterday that we come again and again, to experience it all…..I didn’t just mean as huemans. No…..we experience the lowest of the low and the highest of the high….the meanest of the mean and the most sacred. We come as an ameba and we come as the smell of lasagna. Ok maybe we do!!! It’s a grand joyfilled experience so I can’t imagine anyone wanting to miss that one. OH….I really wonder if Spirit can do that. Imagine stepping into a large billow of SILK. Being the silk, wrapping around the peoples arms, shoulders, caressing their neck. Haha…well, if it wasn’t before, it’s happening now! Collective Unconscious has just been colored with that thought. Sometimes I try to hold onto certain thoughts….the inventive kind…but I now realize the perfectness of everything so I don’t restrain them anymore. I took the leashes off of my precious idea thoughts. Not advertising them either though…..but I did release them. I free them and if I can’t do them, kudos to who can.


I came to this planet with an agenda. It has taken this long, 54 years to figure it out this far….but apparently my soul knew and was working behind the scenes all my life. My agenda is change. BIG BIG FAT HUGE BIG change. In honor of this agenda…..I shall tell one thing I did in the dark. I did a test. A very long 6 ½ year test. An experiment. I did not release this test information as planned because I realized it could hurt the ones I love. I have proven for you…..that soap is unnecessary. Soap, unless particularly made…is chemical. Shampoo too. I now know the ins and outs of bathing. I know about stink. I know about NOT stinking. I know about skin layer buildup….and non buildup. 6 ½ years people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO BATH. NO SHOWER. NONE. I did take a shower in June of this year……….and I tasted the chemicals for 3 days. My point…..it’s all about the money. How many shampoos are there? Soaps? Showers? And antibacterial soap? NO!!!!! If you’re gonna do surgery…sure….otherwise we need those bacterias to keep us healthy. Cleanliness is next to godliness was wrong. Water has many purposes but scrubbing self off of self 2-3 times a day is certainly not one of them. Water is magic. Quit wasting it. Signing off in Quebradas Costa Rica where the sun cruises around town, the pineapples settle in for a long growth and transformation and butterflies dance and breed with wild abandon. LoveLove

PS….a spider parachuted down to see me this morning. Rather large. Beautiful. The bite on my head is healing now. She feels heaven sent.


Mystery school…

The burning question…WHY are YOU on this planet? I ached and bled for these answers. A life in hell….I dove in….. and came out with some answers. I am not playing with you. I am as serious as serious can be. WE are not just here to cry!!!  We are not just here to be in fear, or to struggle, to hurt, to ache. And all the good stuff too, yada yada. NO…..we are here to   them ALL! YES! Welcome! You are in mystery school. The mystery is….where are the walls? Who are the teachers? What is the curriculum? At what age does school start? Can I get out of it? In order……..there are no walls, the school is everywhere everything…. WE are the teachers…those who reach the Lightpost, can then shine for those behind them. We also have archetypes come round and round in the cycles of life, as teachers. Like one person putting on a costume and playing the same part over and over, but with unique bodies and personalities. The costume they wear is the PERSONA, the LESSON, the TEACHING. Oooooh….guess what. THEY….is we! Ok…..we’ve covered the school parameters, none….and who the teachers are. Curriculum….well now. Simple. All things emotion. All experiences. From what I gather, we are archetypes of certain schematics. We experience all suits, then repeat when the cycle changes. We each wear all the suits, one at a time….until the cycle changes and we start over with our original archetype. ENDLESSLY….until we understand….INSIDE. It just changed in 2012. The golden era, remember? Aquarius. So, here’s the deal. It doesn’t matter if you know earth is a school or not. The people who do, are taking care of things. Hard at work, behind the scenes, unknown…silent warriors. I am a warrior, are you? You do not need to be. It’s just a suit. The game of forgetting and remembering. I’ve been writing poetry to it my whole life in hopes it would wake me. You have experienced a unique experience, you few who read my words. I came…to show you A WAY. You witnessed an awakening in full view. I recorded myself for you.

Today I asked Spirit to change our routine. Instead of asking for eyes to see…..I asked for Spirit to show me what He considered beautiful. I resisted the urge to follow my usual path….hesitating, waiting for the still small voice to move me forward or to the side. I saw myself, through Gods eyes. Yes, Iam truly beautiful. A butterfly….wings alight. Evolved. Out of all the butterflies flitting here and there, mating even….I recognized myself. No better than you though, just one of the helpers. Helpers gotta be in place first. The essence of Sheri is still here, however she is relaxing in the backroom so to speak. Still here, she’s listening to these words. Sheri is the persona played while a caterpillar. As with all transformations, her skin has been shed and a newSELF has been born. Not just any self though……her Highest Self. Sent into this world…….on a mission. You see, the EARTH is ascending. It is raising in frequency….and we either ascend with her, or we die and get rebooted back to 3D next life. Don’t take my word for it. Google earth frequency change. Actually, it doesn’t matter if you believe me either. I and others like me will continue to do this work.

What age does earthschool start? Before being born. Choosing your family, predicaments, lessons to improve yourself, is routine. Next…can you get out? Well, from what I understand, we can get out of the cycle once we figure it all out. Rise ourselves out of the ashes as the Phoenix we all are. Before that, the cycle is just that. A cycle. It repeats. If we leave this earth before our time, we come back to that same lesson. No, we can’t get out….until we do. I am an example. Not in how I lived my life…but in how I learned my life. 






another LAYER of me…

Twilight Zone. That’s a tv show that used to scare the tar outta me. Now I feel like I’m living inside an episode. A long episode. Once upon a time, people witnessed changes in their lifetime and could tally the big ones up at the end of their span of life. I don’t think we can do that now. Us old folks….not even old…..are experiencing more change in a days time….than we used to feel in a year. I remember that one prediction that Summer and I laughed at…..saying that on January 20something, of last year, that life would speed up to a year inside a day. We laughed. That January came and went. Another came. Now, in July…..I feel it. A year in a day. I keep asking God why, why on earth He wanted me here for this. Sure, it’s exciting as all get out, and it’s a first and an only and it’s the culmination possibly, of this movie…….yet….the pain I feel at the loss, the changes…is extreme. I saw a post yesterday that I didn’t even read…..the description was enough to have me scratching my head. Apparently this kid did something nice….like holding a door or something. The post was about how that was once upon a time…common courtesy…now it’s so rare it’s raved about. Ya. That aspect of this new world. Ya. THAT! The America I knew, I’m sorry to say….is gone. The world I knew, is gone as well. Plot twist, technological upgrade insert(not always good)….ya. I feel like I’m swinning in an unfamiliar river now. A new current. I don’t like it. I’m trying to reach that new river now. The ascended river. Gosh, they’ve trained our brains well cuz that sounds soooo hokey!!!

Anytime in my life where I needed to do some type of hypnosisish stuff, I would freeze up cuz I didn’t trust my brain to be able to pull the answer out of thin air. It always made me so uncomfortable. What if I said the wrong thing? Or, most often, it was the…..I’m paying for this and I really need the answer…..don’t rely on MY inner mind to find it!!! Ya, I was no good at it so I avoided it. When I did the hypnosis with the healer dude in May, it felt weird, but it also felt true. The things I saw fit with my life history. I was like, whoa. But still, I didn’t trust it 100%. Then I had this other session, with my friend…who I have permission to say…..Rhonda Meyers…and I had to trust an inner voice inside me to pull answers from the air once again. Wow….and once again, the answers fit. Puzzle pieces. This leads me to wonder if I can do more…lol….!!! I plan to play with energies. I wonder if I can pull answers for others? Only way to find out is to try. I know I used to have the ability to see someones death approaching. That is a form pf psychicness. Perhaps I have more. I’m calling back my gifts…the ones I pushed down due to reactions of other humans. The touch healing…how does one get that back? How does one get a mustard seeds worth of belief that they deserve something they threw away? I’m working on it cuz people are in need and one in particular is counting on me to claim that gift once again.

Healing. That word seems to pervade my world. Wow, where did that word come from? It fits too, I looked it up! Well, it does though. I was born a touch healer who shoved it away, down down…..later, I became a Reiki Master plus, lol. (Advanced) I put my own spin on it and created my own form of healing, which I’m happy to say has indeed worked quite well….distance healing. Now I have a new healing energy….its rainbow. There…I finally told you. I wasn’t ready before. It’s not regular rainbow…..but it is rainbow. Quite powerful stuff. It’s so funny though. After I described what I did with my rainbow energy yesterday, Summer suggested a website to see. I saw. An hour earlier, I went on a rare shamanic journey…self guided but with theta wave shamanic drumming playing. It was a powerful journey. I’m just realizing that it is its own dimension. So…….as part of the journey that I had no…absolutely no idea where it would go before I went….only 2 minute warning anyway…..and I end up anchoring the rainbow energy. The way that I did it……was only ONE way it could have been anchored, yet it is what came to me as the correct choice……and so afterward, as I tell Summer, she suggests that site. Whoa. They do the same thing!!! A different rainbow energy but the same exact type of delivery. WOW. My shrinking self said….well, then why do they need me? They’ve obviously already got other people doing the same exact thing….why bother bringing me to the planet??? Ugggh!!! Lol………………….Honestly that was my response! Haha….apparently I either have an inventive soul…or I have a pampered lazy one.

 But back to the original point……the state of things. I don’t wanna give bad things energy by speaking of them, yet I feel the need for a warning. A fine hairline I tread. It’s like with the facebook, I can sit on top of a mountain and watch the ants…..I see movements and tends. I see which paths are being grooved and worn…which will create the future. What I’m observing lately is not good. Not good. Yes, I am seeing many many good things happening….but something seems wrong. A hardening of many minds. A thick coating. As one example…only one…….and not intended to gain energy…just as an awareness……these eyes see that unless something is done……..quickly………….that rape and sexual abuse will be allowable. Be afraid with me folks….so we can stop that trend from gaining enough strength, but it is surely in the minds………………………….  Really? Damn. Lets ascend already. I can’t eat my friends anymore. I’m sorry for the inner being who is sad about that, yet I’m also happy for the aspect that was horrified and now has relief. I can’t do it. I still hear God during ayahuasca saying….Now what am I supposed to do with this dead chicken? Ya. He was sort of joking but not and it’s no longer funny for me. Not after I saw a baby cow meet a baby human. Somehow that baby cow knew it was a baby of another species, so it got down on its knees to approach. That one scene told me all I ever need to know about the animal kingdom. The human baby did not show that respect, only the cow. Problem is…..plants breathe. And, science has now proven that plants feel. So how am I supposed to eat??????? Was this the test? The plan? Create a world, create man…..then wait and see how long it would take before man harmed nothing and nobody….cuz we all are him…… and instead, ate the prana in the air, waiting to feed us for thousands, millions of years. Think of it as fairy dust that gives the body cells their every wish!!! We’re not there yet. Nope….food. I don’t know what to do. Cut the green things or cut the things that bleed? Pain is pain. I’m hungry. Guess I’ll go eat someones baby. Eggs…does a body good. Haha! Don’t blink!!! Life is changing like a charging horse!!! LOL…..the girl can be dramatic!  Had a great session…..Soul Freedom Technique….Rhonda Meyers. http://anow.fotway.com/ascension-tools/3643-2  WOW! I’m so impressed, with both her…and me! Haha. Ok….later guys. Yay!!!


To Iboga or not to Iboga….that is the question!

Until tonight, I didn’t firmly believe such things as energies/entities attaching themselves to people. I used to watch the tv show Charmed and that was a common thing to see, which never scared me cuz I didn’t believe it. I think I lost track of where I was goin with yesterday’s blog and I didn’t tell you that while I sat there in full view of the market and all the people in it…..Zahrah held her hand on the top of my head, crown chakra, and commanded anything in or on me…to leave in the name of Jesus. Well, a bit later I got a headache. I took those turmeric pills and the night continued on with the headache hovering vaguely. Later, I was inspired to command it once again. I felt a sensation in my left ear and then a whoosh. Even later still, I did it again and I was holding my hands up as I would to send reiki or any energy, and whoa……my receiving hand began to burn. It continued to burn and get a bit worse for about 2 minutes, then I lit some sage. Hope I didn’t stop it before it was ready by whippin out that sage. So wow, ya, to me….that’s proof this stuff is real. Just wow. Oh…..and I didn’t cry all night as I feared, due to that tiny exorcizzzm. Just the once, for a bit. I hope it’s working.

Something I forgot when I was telling you about the Iboga and the high cost. Remember, once upon a time, it had been my cure of choice for the HepC. Then I chickened out and chose ayahuasca instead….plus there’s the money factor. Well, my depression, I thought, was lifted after the aya, but I guess it wasn’t. So, as I look at the Iboga once again at request, I hear that all the people who take it who have HepC, walk away clean of it. Healed. Here I am only thinking of the depression aspect and I forgot that little ditty. Kinda important! Muy importante! Wow…..fix them both at once? A friend of ours just did Ibogaine last week. It’s the stripped down version of the plant. Legal I think. She did the clinic version….not at all recommended, but she seems happy with it in the end. That it was necessary for it to be wrong……which made it right. I read that the ibogaine was missing a huge chunk of spiritual medicine. The stuff I’m looking at is a mix of the plant and the ibogaine. But I’d have to raise the money first. AND….get up the courage. Summer met the man who I want to sit with. He says it can be a LIFE REVIEW. WOW. Death while still alive. Amazing. AND…it cures. AND……it cures addictions but I’m afraid I already beat it to that one. Ya…..like I was saying, on 7/7…it’ll be one year since I quit both cigarettes AND a 6 beer a night habit.  2. 2 addictions in one! :=))  Ok. It’s late. Night night 12:24am = 9 = endings. :=))

 I am the quintessential skeptical believer. There are so many possible explanations for my intense sadnesses that It’s getting confusing. Is it an entity? Inside? Outside? Is it a bad entity just wreaking havoc for fun? Or could it be one of the beings I called in to protect me when I was doing the aya? Could it be my Grammy or PapPap, trying to help me, but not? Could it be an aspect of the star/planet alignment? Could it be an ascension symptom? Or, as the shaman say, could it be the healer in me trying to integrate and outegrate. Lol….is that a word? Is now. One of you sent me the link to the shaman article…..I had forgotten about that. I learn so much that it’s hard to contain it all. Zahrah sent me word that she has a friend who specializes in deep soul trauma healing. So….how is one to know which one it is? If it’s healer energy, I want to keep it……if it’s ascension energy, I NEED to keep it. If it’s meany weeny crap, then I need rid of it. What to do? I just realized that the July SOL aya thing is next weekend. I’m pretty sure that Summer won’t be ready once again. Uggh. Then, I heard that the Tita is coming back soon(the Columbian shaman). Or, I may be given some to do as a protocol, but Summer and Zahrah worry about entities, and keeping a sacred clean container, as they say. See, this is one reason they say not to do aya alone. You DO go to other realms and things CAN attach. My very first aya ceremony was the CURA ceremony. Done to free any trapped souls and entities and send them to the light. Could be from there, who knows. Vismay is not a shaman,(that I know of) yet I feel he may be able to see entities. I guess we’ll find out. I’m watching a doc about ascension and she is saying that we are floating back and forth between dimensions. I was right about that then. See, I believe, yet I don’t. Skeptic, yet I believe. Pure contradiction, that is me. How does one believe and not believe in the same moment? The same seed? Welcome to my world.

 So……I don’t know the next steps. What I do know, is that I haven’t cried since that one release upon return to home yesterday. Perhaps those commands worked! So, if it was healer energy and I commanded it to go…..I’ve already explained and requested it return if that is the case. I’m gonna have a friend do a reading(the documentary just says her name as I type this)this weekend, so I’ll have a better clue what’s going on. So I’ll know which healing avenue to go down at this point. Man oh man, the difference a day makes. Yesterday the tears took control and today I’m giggling at this silly thingy on FB…..find the nearest book, page 45 and first line explains your love life. Well, I don’t have a love life, and it’s silly so I normally wouldn’t do it, but silly seems to be ok today so I did. The only book I brought with me was Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. Page 45: The afternoon was quiet…the occasional passenger now and then. HAAAA!!! I wish I had tv here, not just Netflix. Tv is like…order. Structure. Ya, sorry, but I started early, with Kimba the white lion, The Big Valley and Daktari!!!! You guys are seeing my words from a step back. If you ever get a feeling, a gut feeling that you think you have an insight for me….please share!!! I try to go down the center of the River of Life, but it feels like someone pulled the drain….and I’m in the whirlpool as it drains. The ascension doc I just watched, says that’s all our beliefs leaving us…..as they need to. We need to be without beliefs. OPEN. Open vessels, not fulllllll to the brim with beliefs we’ve collected.  Why the heck don’t they teach this stuff in kindergarten???????????

(Do you see above…on some of these, the flower….becomes the leaf as well! Wow!!!!) 

I had an aha moment today due to that gal sharing the Shaman in a Mental Hospital article. It was saying that we each have our own universe, sorta like the Rainbow Family’s….Movie. we are all in our own movie.  I’ve said this a gazillion times….but to hear it said as matter of fact….wow. Anyway…….it was a very big aha…….problem with aha’s sometimes, is we forget we had em and they never get implemented therefore never ingrained. AND…..before I go…..let me say this. Tomorrow is the 4th of July. THE…..big day for the Rainbow Family Gathering. I don’t know what the hell went wrong this year, and who the hell thought they could just waltz into the Natives sacred land and hold a gathering…..especially with the new attitude of leavin so much trash behind…………………..what were you thinking????? Ugggh…..I’d like to go and smack some people upside the head. The Natives are restless and are trying to get an injunction. A LITTLE DAMN LATE FOLKS. Stupid. Just stupid to go after them now, at the friggin end. And stupid and ignorant of them to go against consensus and against the Elders. I apologize for any harm they may do…..and I hope that somehow the tensions are eased between the natives and the whites somehow….so much pain in the hearts. Ok. So…..While I’m not sad today…..I’m not much of anything else really. Kinda numbish. Just here. So……signing off from….just here, in Quebradas Costa Rica….ten minutes from San Isidro, 30 from Dominical and 30 from Ayahuasca at Sound of Light. Here’s my PayPal in case anyone wants to get the Iboga ball rolling. sherilee@wildblue.net   Ps….yesterday I gave a few coins to a beggar. I was then told he would go buy glue with it. Today I saw a homeless 20something sleeping on the walkway in town. The concrete. The path all the people walk. We all walk past. It feels awful. Life.Oh and PS…..did any of you actually read what Donald Trump actually said? LOL….what has happened to the United States…..home of the free. Jeeeeeeeze. bye bye free speech. bye bye pursuit of happiness. Nobody wants you anymore. Someone’s feelings might get hurt. So sad…maybe thats why I cry and don’t realeyes. PSS….I was told to make basil water and spray it around….for the entity…..didn’t have the means, so…..I bought 3 bunches of basil($1) and have the stems laying all over the cabina. :=))