Archive | January 2018

New begins now…

Hola and howdy,

Long time no write. I’m still inCosta Rica. Living out loud as I wrestle with the changes brought on by the shift in humanity. Do you feel it? Do you see it? Are you a witness to this grand time or are you stuck in the old ways? My abilities grew immensely just yesterday. Did yours? Are you aware of your abilities? Are you still thinking life is happening TO you???

I’ve been silent. I have much to say. I’m no longer at the yeehaw ranch although the pups are still smiling minus one… LittleBoy…my BlueDog has passed as well. The peas, Bert Ernie are still great. When I visit, it’s dewdrop heaven which is my new passion. That and water photos. I’ll be back soon with some of both.

I’ve just crossed a crossedroad and we shall see where it comes out. Oh the Mystery, SHE is magnificent!!!

MamaSheri. Aka Sunshine or Rose