Mystery school…

The burning question…WHY are YOU on this planet? I ached and bled for these answers. A life in hell….I dove in….. and came out with some answers. I am not playing with you. I am as serious as serious can be. WE are not just here to cry!!!  We are not just here to be in fear, or to struggle, to hurt, to ache. And all the good stuff too, yada yada. NO…..we are here to   them ALL! YES! Welcome! You are in mystery school. The mystery is….where are the walls? Who are the teachers? What is the curriculum? At what age does school start? Can I get out of it? In order……..there are no walls, the school is everywhere everything…. WE are the teachers…those who reach the Lightpost, can then shine for those behind them. We also have archetypes come round and round in the cycles of life, as teachers. Like one person putting on a costume and playing the same part over and over, but with unique bodies and personalities. The costume they wear is the PERSONA, the LESSON, the TEACHING. Oooooh….guess what. THEY….is we! Ok…..we’ve covered the school parameters, none….and who the teachers are. Curriculum….well now. Simple. All things emotion. All experiences. From what I gather, we are archetypes of certain schematics. We experience all suits, then repeat when the cycle changes. We each wear all the suits, one at a time….until the cycle changes and we start over with our original archetype. ENDLESSLY….until we understand….INSIDE. It just changed in 2012. The golden era, remember? Aquarius. So, here’s the deal. It doesn’t matter if you know earth is a school or not. The people who do, are taking care of things. Hard at work, behind the scenes, unknown…silent warriors. I am a warrior, are you? You do not need to be. It’s just a suit. The game of forgetting and remembering. I’ve been writing poetry to it my whole life in hopes it would wake me. You have experienced a unique experience, you few who read my words. I came…to show you A WAY. You witnessed an awakening in full view. I recorded myself for you.

Today I asked Spirit to change our routine. Instead of asking for eyes to see…..I asked for Spirit to show me what He considered beautiful. I resisted the urge to follow my usual path….hesitating, waiting for the still small voice to move me forward or to the side. I saw myself, through Gods eyes. Yes, Iam truly beautiful. A butterfly….wings alight. Evolved. Out of all the butterflies flitting here and there, mating even….I recognized myself. No better than you though, just one of the helpers. Helpers gotta be in place first. The essence of Sheri is still here, however she is relaxing in the backroom so to speak. Still here, she’s listening to these words. Sheri is the persona played while a caterpillar. As with all transformations, her skin has been shed and a newSELF has been born. Not just any self though……her Highest Self. Sent into this world…….on a mission. You see, the EARTH is ascending. It is raising in frequency….and we either ascend with her, or we die and get rebooted back to 3D next life. Don’t take my word for it. Google earth frequency change. Actually, it doesn’t matter if you believe me either. I and others like me will continue to do this work.

What age does earthschool start? Before being born. Choosing your family, predicaments, lessons to improve yourself, is routine. Next…can you get out? Well, from what I understand, we can get out of the cycle once we figure it all out. Rise ourselves out of the ashes as the Phoenix we all are. Before that, the cycle is just that. A cycle. It repeats. If we leave this earth before our time, we come back to that same lesson. No, we can’t get out….until we do. I am an example. Not in how I lived my life…but in how I learned my life. 







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