sitting at the feet of the Guru within…

Only the people who actually physically know me….will understand this in its gargantuan impact………………but as I woke this morning, I realeye’d that I was so impressed with the being living inside me now, that I would pay money to be around her. I giggled and laughed….still waking. I’ve been struggling with my purpose. Told you that. Well, it’s a strange one. It has to do with ushering in a new earth. New dimension. Age of Aquarius. I knew this was coming since the 60’s when the song came out. KNEW it was a trigger….even as a child, I knew. The thing is…..I suppose there might be multiple ways to go about said purpose……I just don’t know yet. This is my ONLY stress in life. I have less money than I need…..yet I have taken people to lunch twice lately. Very trusting of me….and also very new behavior. Then again….I’m brand spankin new. Well, sorta. It’s hard to explain. All who know me know I have wanted to die forever. 38 years of suicidal attempts, then 15 years of rising out of the muck….one year back in the mud after being told I was dying and here we are…………… a being so thrilled with who she is that she is giggly cuz the experience is free!!! Haha…doesn’t cost a penny to hang out with me!! I’m ME! Heheheheeeee. Yes folks………there is THAT MUCH HOPE! Isn’t this huge? So….it’s a very odd purpose and quite hard to figure out how to implement. This morning I woke to the word….typecast. For those who know……there’s no question what it means. Also, this line of the medicine song was going through my head……let the way of the heart shine through. A song and a word….and laughter trilling for about an hour while I lay here and did my sadhana.


Also this morning, there was a vehicle going up and down the street broadcasting in Spanish. I walked in my flipflops to the gate to see. Selling something? A warning? Haha, lost my Spanish software. As I’m walking back to the house, a blue dragonfly greets me. Excellent start to the day! I was gonna go to town but my friend said she’d be here for a frequency appt with my landlady. I stayed home and got some amazing photographs. She stopped by to say she wasn’t stopping by, which to me is a sign I was not supposed to go to town anyway…..then the parrots decided to do what I asked yesterday. Well, almost. I wanted them to startle….and all leave the tree at once. I was asking again today when suddenly they all flew out but not in a startle……in a group and they flew circles in the air. Oh my!!! The sound! The sight!!! Hundreds of green parrots. Nobody cares to watch the video though. Their loss. My videos are as unwatched as a Godzilla egg. (MamaSheri on YouTube) 


I have so much to say, yet I censor myself. Oh boy do I. Fear. I was terrified yesterday of hurting my friends feelings by posting that Deathgrip blog….but…..I had to step past the fear. I can’t always do that. I wish I was more courageous but I’m working very hard to become so. The Sheri me is still here…..but she is the observer now. Plus there’s an observer above her. OH!!! Sorry, back to my day! I went out to video the parrots and ended up at a flower bush looking for bugs. I found a scene. It wasn’t until I was back inside that I realized what I witnessed. I videotaped a death struggle between a black waspy looking bug and a spider. In the end, I don’t know who won. I had thought it was spider in the lead but the photos, hmmmm. Anyway, while looking, I realized that I had taken their photos a few moments earlier. I had thought it was a fight about to happen …..then I got distracted…..then I saw a fight. Haha…Yup…..them. I exclaimed immensely at the wonder of it….even though death would be the end result. It’s not like I sic’d them on each other, they were naturally going to go to the death. In fact, death was all over the jungle today. Lots of dead lil bugs laying on leaves. Why do they come out blurry??? They ain’t even movin!!! (No, but the wind is moving the leaf). My friend George decided that my spider bite was instead a nest. Ha!!! NO!!! So, I had it looked at and no. I put oil of oregano on it and wow. I never listen!!! Suffered for 2 months needlessly. Itch has stopped. 2nd time now I’ve used that stuff. Gonna recommend it. 1st time was for cold symptoms. GONE.  Ok…well, think that’s it for now. Signing off in Quebradas Costa Rica where they come to vaccinate you then give you knockout drugs and rob you(so I hear), loudspeakers shout from passing cars and the butterflies can fall in love. LoveLove


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