Today, I hurried with my sadhana, swigged down a cup of tea and even ran back inside for one last sip. Flowery rubber boots, striped skirt, psychedelic hooded long sleeve top and green fairy umbrella…don’t forget the painted braid……walked out the door and following spirit/instinct, went with determination past spot one, past the tree, on, on….past the bug area even!!!  It was a one track mind that my spirit had this day. Witness the water mushroom event! To be able to witness this from the very birth of the mushrooms…..to the end of the cacophony of water droplet crystalline magic…….here, before my eyes. I seem to be the only one who cares, so it is all for me. This stage…is for me. After gathering the photos quickly, although no ants seem to be part of the process yet….I ran to the new just found spot…..same thing, clump instead of a log though, and different species by a tad…..I’d say kissin cousins. Yesterdays photos revealed they too were doing the crystal water magic thing. Oh Lordie! My excitement…..bubbles and squeals along with my voice! I giggle! I talk to them! I ask questions. They are not answering yet. YET. Oh, I should tell you how I feel about them now. These mushrooms of mine. Truthfully? I cannot say enough. It’s like  biblical. As awesome a version of as above so below as I’ve ever seen. I see the extreme diversity of them. I hear the feats they accomplish. Eat plastic, heal depression, heal infections, possibly create rain, feed people, dye wool, start fires, regrow brain cells, cure some cancers…..I bet there’s a mushroom for every purpose, as with the algae and I said on FB, it is my decision, scientist Sheri Sunshine…..that algae IS a mushroom. Therefore, what you can’t get done with a mushy, you can do it with algae….ya? Ya.


As I whizzed past all the other mushroom hangouts, to get to the Good Stuff…..the raindrop shrooms……the forest didn’t even blink. As if they knew I wouldn’t be coming their way…..and they all watched me. I am 54 years old folks……..yet……..I act like a little child. In nature….I am a child. You cannot get my attention when I am there. It’s been had already! My focus is so extreme that I cannot look up. If I do……………….it’s a whiplash kind of head movement and then the eyes don’t go to yours…they swiftly come back down cuz something caught their eye on the way up! When I take those particular photos….I don’t know what I’m getting until I process them. It’s always a surprise. I have such fascination. I see many many tiny snakes. They don’t look like worms, no, they look like mini snakes. They are a part of the mushroom process, as well as the ants and apparently grubs, snails, and all manner of flying insects. It’s not just that either. It’s the plant kingdom as well. They are in cahoots! Shit you not. I see shoots………..tiny tendrils going places………..like for a look see!!! Like an arm with a scope on the end! And some….are being used….to build the mushy structures. God and energy are so good. Last night, after my 4 hour forage into the world of nature, I had questions about those very tendrils…and the strange bugs that hide and are only seen when light is shed upon them. YOU guys lookin for aliens? Ya….they be here. So last night, no internet. WHY? Cuz GOD wanted to show me a documentary I would not have watched had the internet been working. It was all about the plant kingdom….and tendrils. Haha. Ya….but they lost me in the last moment or two. It was so so so on point with my questions it was spooky………….but then at the end I realized they were not realizing…..science…jeeze…get a life people…………………they were not allowing for God. For life energy…..therefore they could not get all their questions answered. I flicked it off then. But while I watched, it showed me how the mushrooms got the tendrils to build their stuff. The mushrooms get the ants to work for them. The ants touch the tendrils. Everytime the tendril is touched, it grows. They can therefore be directed to grow anywhere. See folks…………it’s a working community down there. The nature……..and the tiny nature. There is so much going on in the tiny world that is invisible because nobody bends down that low. Nobody but a child, would bother. This is why it says in the bible that to get to the Kingdom of God….you must come as a little child. I am here.


 Another snake another snake skin. Nearly daily now…..and now these tiny snakes. Oh….I took photos of one today who kept raring his head up!!! OHHHHH…….let me tell you WHY he didn’t like it! Cuz I saw his door! He had apparently just successfully broken through the wall of the rotted stump…(not all that rotted either)…….and not only was there a hole, like there usually are….but there was a door. So cute. Then there was the big whirly bug. A huge bug….no….all legs…..long long legs, that he held in such a way that he spun through the air like a bouncing ball. I was so excited by him….squealing intensely……..wanting a photo so badly. Asking him to stop….so I could please take a photo! He landed right at my feet….at my boot. What a trip!!! The legs turned into a highwire act…..his body suspended between grass blades…….with those long long legs………………oh goodness. Himself was not so large. I graciously thanked him. Some stop, some don’t, some photobomb and some follow me. And all…….seem to have helpers. If I get too aggressive in taking my photos….bugs will zoom in to distract me….at high speeds. Quite fun. The other day I fell down. OH….I’ve fallen 3 times lately….falls that normally would have hurt me. One was in Texas. Stepped in a 1 ft hole. Crazy shenanigans my body does in slow motion. This last one, was on the slippery part of the stone made path. It was so smooth……First Morphie’s Baby flew in….then a white butterfly flew in and I focused on that. Morphie’s are so fast, you can only photograph them if they want you to. So, I’m squatted……the white one zips over my head and down I slid to my butt. Easiest fall ever and I giggled all the way down those 12 inches or so.


Signing off…

(⬆️ bouncy ball bug)


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