the difference in our sameness……CostaRica vs Texas

I guess I am a jetsetter now. By that….I mean sitting in jets going back and forth between Texas and CostaRica. First let me say that it cost one friggin hundred dollars if your bag is overweight. Ya. I’m serious. With United. Due to that, I got to see how the CLASS system works. I was offered a cheaper option to my dilemma….so I took it and I got to fly FIRST CLASS for my first time ever. Unfortuately, it was the tiny flight from Austin to Houston, but still….I did it. So funny that everything in life is separated by class. The rich…the middle…..and the poor. Period. Actually, not funny at all. It needs must stop. Lol, I’ve always loved that line. The wonder of it… it allowable in the English language? Hahhaaa. Well, it was short so I don’t know about food or comfort really…but I can say this. Huge mega foot room…huge arm rests where you don’t touch each other….drinks while loading and any time during flight…coat rack. Yup…..a coat rack. Prime invitation to forget it. Better? Yes. Worth the hundreds of dollars different? NO.

When you jet, it’s hard to adjust to where you are. I guess if you do it constant you adjust? 2-3 times a year though, wow. I was stressing about getting milk before the stores closed upon arrival to CostaRica last night. Oops…..I drink box milk here. During the night, when I needed to pee, I started to get out of the wrong side of the bed. In the morning, I didn’t want to step on the dog. Hmmm. No dog. Juggling this life and that life… weird. They are so frigging different. Night and day….light and dark. CCContrast baby. Is way more than shadow and light. IN America, only in the country….do people wave. Here, the beep beep and hand waves of the bus driver as he passes by the people each hour. Same bus, same guy….all day long they say HI. And the little child, holding onto the CostaRican thiefshelter metal bars surrounding her house….sees my smile from within the bus and then my wave. She smiles and waves back then turns to her Grandmother and says something like….she sees me, she sees me!!! I wait, staring forward, then…as the bus pulls away….another perfectly timed wave and mouth wrinkler to seal the deal and wala….one child experienced a moment of joy……of being seen. So simple. So needed.

I’ve tried unsuccessfully to share with you my views on the driving here. I don’t know how to explain it with its full juice. I do NOT know the reality….the laws here…….what I know is how it feels to me and it feels to me like there are no road/driving laws. None. Feels like none…..feels like none are needed because the people are intelligent beings who comprehend what is needed….and they act accordingly. 9 months…I’ve seen one wreck. I am not scared. Haha….oh…..I should tell you about my day now. Ran out for a couple minutes to see the baby mushrooms that had sprouted before I left. I loved them. Chunky fat stems and no top. I adored them. Whoa. They are grown adults in 3 weeks time. Then caught that bus I told you about. It’s Sunday. I only had a tiny bit of local money and 1 $20 bill and 1 $100 bill.  Most stores won’t take US money. Especially not a 100.  Short story….. during my frustration, I was pointed to a clothing store who cashes money!!!!! Yeehaw! Flower in a junkyard!!! Ok. Oh…..and I am tired. Everything made me drag. Don’t think it’s the illness, just stress and travel. I think that illness is either gone or at bay. Oh ya……at Customs, when the lady was so non smiling and scarylike asking why….why are you here again??? Damn! Because I am alive here Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There….I’m dyin. Ugggh……I am should NOT be a contraction!!!!! EVER!@^&*$%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Back to my day……………time to go home from town now. Bus not gonna work today cuz I’m too tired and its Sunday schedule. Stupid icloud issues and now I can’t call my short distance taxi guy and am forced to walk up to the line of taxis and say……………..English? English, yes!!! I go to it. Quebradas please. How much? 4 dollars. Hmmm. Should be 8. My first clue. I think it was God giving me a kind lesson in being in my own power. Guy goes a direction I don’t know. Hmmm. Ok. He knows better than me. Oh boy. No. Four times I say…no…wrong way! Wrong way. I don’t know this. Finally I say take me back to town. He does, but it took a bit to even know that cuz I did not pay attention on the roads. THEN….I show him, the TICO taxi driver…..where Quebradas is. By then his meter is higher than I will pay. I explain how much I should give him. I hand him 10,000 colones. He hands me 2 mil. NOT. I grab my green bill back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha!!!! Then I PULLED the right money from his hand. He say….good? We good? Hahahahahahaaaaa. Welcome home!!!  I am so giggling right now.



Another contrast. Christmas here starts Nov. 1. Seriously starts. Where in America it’s uggh, do they have to start the decorations now? The commercials now? Here… is a season. They are preparing their stores and it is window shopping time. So precious. I love these people. I hear there’s a fair in February………..can’t wait for those contrasts!!! One thing is the same here however…….today I saw a woman reach with full purpose for an odd size box set on the street for trash pickup. It was one swift smooth motion of pure knowing…..knowing that that box would be absolutely perfect for what she needed. I heard the man. My mouth wrinkler gwent south when I looked behind me and saw her cross that street empty handed. Why do people not allow others to be sure of themselves???? Let her take the damn box! What would it hurt? Oh well. Change takes effort. And………………I am home safely in my little cabina. Just trying to catch my breath and rest….sleep is going to come to me peacefully tonight…..she is. Oh… all missed the spider saga. I told them before I left I was coming back and would be removing their webs. Damn. A web of babies a couple inches from my head. I asked for prayers and I had a conversation with her myself and she didn’t move….so I took a plastic knife and wrapped a nice piece of mohair wool on it, explained what I was about to do and that I needed to claim my space. Very sorry. I twirled that knife like cottoncandy and she jumped off. Damn. I showed her in my mind where I put the babies but she went too slow and a lizard found them first. Lo siento. Mas lo siento. Today was all about finding my power within instead of reverting to old action of frustrated tears. Even that was a contrast. The oh no!!!…. To the Oh yay! Signing off here in Quebradas where there is now another taxi driver who knows where Quebradas is, the mushrooms love me, and it’s Christmas! I’ll have to buy myself gifts. :=))  Lovelove MamaSheri with Sunshine inside……hmmm……might ponder the Christmas present thing. PSSS…………….pray for the world.


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