the Pele Report…

Interesting day. Changed my sadhana up a bit today….that means spiritual practice…possibly means a morning one. It’s new to me. About a month or so new. I told you about it. Been closing my sacral chakra to 1/10 at a friends suggestion. It seems to be helping keep the sadness in check, but coming to America has been really hard on me this time….was it last time too? Emotionally hard that is. We are all struggling. I watched the Pele report today and man, it was a heavy one. True to the T, but heavy. I already knew it and felt it….just didn’t know the science of it. I’m in the big fat middle of everything he spoke of. Sometimes what he says seems a little scary. Today, right after a moment of scare, he looked into my eyes…or your eyes….and said…hey you….I’m talking to you. Then he giggled and said it would be ok. So cute. Just go to google and put in Pele Report. I highly recommend. Summer and I watch faithfully. I didn’t used to buy into the astrology stuff but hey…..I’ve seen this guys work. Amazing. He could be speaking from inside my brain, from an analytical point of view. Yup.

Today, 2 men opened their mouths and paid me a compliment. No reason. They just did. They liked what I was wearing. The 2nd was in a wheelchair in the grocery store and he stopped and said…..”I just love what you’re wearing!”. The lady in Walmart also said she loved my outfit. Well……………..that should be my career. Dressing people. Choosing outfits….buying them with and for……and showin how to rock it. Haha…I just used an overused newfangled word. Seriously….anyone wanna hire me? I really have a knack. That’s 3 on the clothes and one on the hair today and oh…….maybe 10 on the hair last week. See? Mama’s got style! Today was also weird on the animal front. As I drove to town……oh wait. I should tell you….and I’m still sorting and pondering it myself, but as I did my sadhana today, after the hell yesterday was, I decided to try that same theory and close my throat chakra to 1/10 too. Cuz yesterday I was so miserable I just wanted to scream it from the mountaintops………so I wanted to close down my communication chakra some. Whoa. What it did however, was like the marijuana but the opposite. The marijuana turns the radio to a static fuzzy channel where you don’t feel pain. Closing the throat chakra most of the way…….turned the radio to a specific channel. One of my highest goals in life…this life….is to be an animal communicator. I pray for this daily…today included, during sadhana……….and as I drive, I see the big ranch’s horses in a cluster at the corner. Hmmm. I pulled over to get a photo. Got out and had to go chat. Looked it up to see the spiritual meaning of horse and one of it’s things was……….interspecies communication. Whoa. So I asked one of the horses if she had anything she wanted to tell me. In my head, I saw a picture of her with children. Awwwe. Poor dear misses her family. Her old human family. Another was a loner and just was fed up. Can’t remember the rest. Fun though, and as I talked to them about it….they came closer. Yup….I am a storyteller after all.

As this is happening, I hear a HEEHAW. Not a yeehaw, a heehaw. A mini donkey across the street. Hello little fellow! As I visited him, I noticed dead fur outside the gate. Kept lookin and lookin………..awwwe…..a baby skunk. Deader than a doornail. Haha. Yup, doornails are pretty dead things. They don’t do much. In town, Walmart was my prey. In I walked, carrying my trusty new sewing machine…looking for a carry bag big enough to fit. God smiled. Perfect bag. I do mean perfect. Jaguar print for goodness sakes and perfect size and…..a shoulder strap to boot. Thankyouthankyou. Ya, cuz it was heavier than I realized and I gotta carry it on the plane. Good Lord…so much to carry this time. My taxi driver…well, my distance driver, let me know he’s going on vacation so I’m either gonna choose a date based on that to fly…or….get another damn taxi. It’s just this huge box, uggh. It’s ok. I’m smart. I’ll pack it accordingly, so I can dismantle it if needed. Also, God said He wanted me to have a spindle too. So, although I’m taking the wheel, for my bulk yarn, I can walk and talk and spin… Susan showed me today at Yarnorama. She was able to convince me that it wasn’t a lack of skill or ability…it was the quality of drop spindle I was using that turned me off. SO……………….it is now my intention to become…..a walkin talkin spinner. Yeehaw.

On the way home, I discover a dead fox in the road. The car in front of me drove on……I did not. The poor baby had a human wire caught around his neck. He strangled. Something had eaten his eyes. I wonder if that’s symbolic.  Ironically, I used the deadly offending wire to move him out of the road. Poor baby. Prayers said, check. Suddenly, I had an intense need to see mushrooms. My friends. I shouted out the window to them. Where are you mushrooms?????? As I drove past the last house…..down that little strip of land which separates the waters after a rain….my driveway…….the mushrooms shouted back at me. Here we are!!! Sweet babies. I tried to decipher the meaning of all of todays animals…was there something in common? Power. Inner power. Which is exactly what I’m dealing with. If you only knew. One day perhaps….or not. Haha….a sly way of saying I’m dealing with more than you are aware…..perhaps a prayer or two could be had? And yes, I will show photos of the death….beaware. Bottom line….I survived the day without too many tears. Seriously folks…if your life is crazy at all right now…watch the Pele Report. It might shed some light for you. Okie dok. Tryin to get back to my heart. Costa Rica baby. Best ticket is probable, so we shall see. Signing off in the boonies of Paige, Tx….near Austin, where the pretty mushrooms are scarce, the grass is crunch and the fences are leanin due to floods. No really, give it a second….the crunch comes back!!! It’s so crunchy it can stab you. Lovelove. PS……….my son just bought me dinner for the first time ever. WOW. His own money! What a sweetie.



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