mcGyver of theRainforest….Austin bound!!!

(Sorry about the repost, I got scared again but crap…no!!! So here it is again)

Life in the rainforest, for me, is a lot like living at a Rainbow Gathering. You have to make do with what you have and you have to be MacGyver. This is ok for me cuz I’ve been to gatherings and know how to create. Like the umbrella. Why does MamaSheriSunshine carry a tiny childs umbrella everywhere she goes? (unless it’s to town then it’s the good purple umbrella!!!) Simple. As God set me on the mushroom path and I found myself in squatted position day in day out trying desperately to cast enough light from my left hand, to allow the mushroom to photograph with its actual color… (I have VERY small hands), my rainbow brain said……..umbrella! Not only does it provide shade, but it also lays leaves down and pokes in the weedy’s. To go into the thickets to get a photograph, I wear a skirt, tied at one end with a bread twisty tie, over my head. The skirt is nature color print so doesn’t scare the butterflies away. Ha, ya right. Like I said, those butterflies are like humans….they either like you or they don’t. A lot like me. People either like me or they don’t. I’m not an inbetween gal. That’s just photography though. The wings I cut from the sacrificial dove….are in a now empty lipton tea box, weighted down into open flat position, with small gravel rocks from the pathway….with salt to dry them up. Also,I carry plastic covered large twisty ties that allow me to rig just about anything. They will even make an iphone tripod in a pinch. I keep one on my purse at all times and 2 on my grocery wheeled thingy, and I can hang bags from it. In fact, I credit myself for the invention….I needed it….designed it in my head but couldn’t figure out what to cover the wire with….and it went into the unconscious collective and wala…………I didn’t have to go to all the trouble…. I just go buy them. Yeehaw.

I wear grocery store hair ties around my wrists, told ya that a year ago. Still coming in handy. Haha, one thing….I keep losing weight cuz I’m not eating much…or much sugar, and I use them to tie my skirt on me!!! LOL…….just gather up a bit at the waist and tie her up. Granted, there is a bulge there….which is why I prefer large safety pins….on my get list from the U.S. I have quite a list. High on top of that list would be…….stuff for mosquitos, my tea, and SUGRU. Can’t wait to finally get me some SUGRU. Shoulda got it when I was there in June, then I wouldn’t have to keep tape wrapping my iphone cord to keep it from breaking….then feeling the sticky. Sugru…..although I still haven’t used it…..if it’s true to the ads, then it is most definitely a Rainbow thing to have. That umbrella I was talking about? Do I want to carry an umbrella? Heck no!!! I have some cheap fabric I cut into strips and tie it on things to then tie a loop and wala…it hangs on my shoulder, like a purse. Checked on the dove wings…oh no…it rained on them!!! Yes, there are leaks. Who cares. So, I pulled my lipton teabags outta the newest box and put the wings in there. Looking great, all stretched out winglike. They are a tad small, but hey…God wanted me to have DOVE, I have dove. Dove is a messenger from heaven and I DO speak to heaven, so….logical. Well, not technically heaven…although I’ve never tried…..more like….the Crossing Over. I speak to the Crossing Over. Anyone need my assistance with that? Be happy to help. No charge, donations accepted though.

Ok folks. I was gonna keep this to myself, but no. That’s not how we fix things. Recently, I was approached about my art. A man asked if I would put his art onto Tshirts for him. I didn’t see how it would work, as much as it costs for me to do what I do, (many many hours of my time) but he was adamant. I agreed to meet him in a few days, to go to his house and see what his ideas were. Sure. I said sure. Exchanged phone numbers and went on our way. Then my daughter tells me the art he wants… sexual positions…..and funny phrases that he makes up. Well now yes, I do need some money, however……..first off, I don’t do sex. If I don’t DO it…..I’m not gonna ART it. Second, I’ve decided to run to the US real quick so I can build my own business so to speak. So, I texted the man and told him I was sorry, I wouldn’t be able to meet with him. Oh whoa!!! He went to the fear thing, with him being a black man…………..and he called me racist and in fear. Ok. Ugly words were said. I wished him blessings. Then I had Jewish superiority he said. I’m not Jewish. So ya…….what the? Yo dude……..I AM in fear. A gazillion forms of it and I’m battling with them every single day!!! Racist? Maybe. I’ll admit that I do have fear regarding black men……….ask me why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Next time you have a damn issue with the color of your skin MR…………… deal with it yourself first, check it. What need is not being met? Oh….and he took offense that I called him dude when he is 60. I am 54. We played in the same damn sandbox DUDE. I guess I’m a little angry that so much fear was put into me…..when I was here to remove fears……..not add them. So, once again….I’m sorry. I can’t and the answer is a simple NO.

I hadn’t planned on telling you guys about the angry man. I wrote it, but pretty sure I didn’t post it. I do that all the friggin time. Fear. So sick of fear. I guess I told you cuz  I’m taking my power back from things and people who have taken it from me, or I allowed them to take it cuz of my fears. Let’s see, what fears have I conquered here so far????  Winding mountain roads, going off the jungle path, doing ayahuasca, water drips from hands from childhood trauma, telling my husband what I need, dealing with a propane tank……….but that jungle floor thing, where the snakes are????? Ya.  Guess I wanna leave with a clean slate. Clean slate. Hmmm. Not quite. Ok……the iboga decision has been decided……….I will NOT partake. Also, there has been some issues with another strong personality here. Not sure they can be resolved, but life is still happenin. So there. My slate is clean. Clean for a quick run to Texas real quick.  Bought the ticket!!! All I gotta do is survive being away from here. I guess this really is my home now. Been cleaning and doing laundry and organizing all day. And scratching. I think Spider is vaccinating me now. Bites in my sleep. Oh…..and…………..the mushrooms are either saying…don’t go!!!! Or…..goodbye, have a great trip, remember us!!!  Two brand new fresh species….right by my door. This area is loaded lately….all the way up the steps. Signing off in CostaRica…………Quebradas, that is. PS…that list of fears may not sound like much but huge folks….HUGE!!!!! Lovelove


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