how to… you

Folks, I’ve been pondering again. And yes, I’m aware that that’s always a very full juicy statement. You see, because I am alone, my friends are the animals, bugs, flowers, butterflies, and birds. That’s who I spend my time with. Nearly all my time. This gives me an interesting perspective. It’s actually a baffling perspective but that’s what pondering is for! Ask Pooh. He loves to ponder over his honeypot. Let’s start with the green family. The plants, trees, flowers, mosses, seeds, weeds…..haha…threw that in there….weeds. Weeds are all of the above, just the Unwanteds. So. Trees. How many varieties? Well, start with oak. How many varieties of oak? 60, just in the US. Alright, so 60 kinds of oaks. All sizes I bet. Then….lets go inside that group. Let’s say LIVE OAK species. Do they all look alike? Are they the same as the one they stand next to? Move to the mosses…….same. Flowers. See, I don’t even need to go into the rest of the critters I mentioned. Flowers. Good Lord, how many kinds of flowers are there??? Then….on one bush, you have all one kind, yet they too….are all different, like a snowflake. Flowers come in all shapes and sizes and they, like everything on planet, also have the “unique ones”. The ones that appear broken or not quite working properly. Like say the flower with 3 petals when the breed calls for 4. Oh, like the clover! The 4 is rare… this case, because it is different, it is revered. Yet this is a rare attitude.

 Me? I love the different ones, the leaning ones, the bent ones, the pale ones. I am drawn to those I guess because I feel broken myself. Does the flower feel broken? How bout the oak tree? Let’s see. The flower is probably thinking or feeling something along the lines of……sun, sun, where’s the sun…..quit, get off, you’re tickling me….oh no, rain and I haven’t got my shawl on yet! I highly doubt that instead she is thinking or feeling something along the lines of…..oh dear, you got pollen on me, shame on you I’m dirty now……Your petals are bigger, prettier…..oh why can’t I have purple petals…..mommy…she gets to have berries too….I am not as good as the others….I don’t stand as straight and tall. But you’re a buttercup! So! Or the LOTUS……eeeewwwwe, it’s so dirty.. I’m so dirty.. I’m no good.. no one will want me I live in the dirty water!!! That’s cuz Lotus knows that she was created with absolute perfection. Every single detail planned out. Every petal, every shine running round the flower, every stamen….short, tall, is the exact way it is needed, to be THAT lotus. Not the lotus next door….it may have other plans. But That lotus. That lotus whose purpose is to have her photograph taken by a Chinese grad student who will win a photography award. There will be a write up about it in the Florida Sentinel News and little Timmy Zoolaha will see it and be inspired to extract the Lotus’s pollen and invent the pollinator……….which saves the earths bees and the planet. Wala. Hahaha. Yes, nice story, but did ya get the punchline?

 Ok, let’s step away from plantlife. Butterflies. Only on the planet for a very short time, they really need to be awesome fast!!! Since the butterflies also come in every color under the sun and in neon for the way way under the sun, and also in every size…….one would think that they too would spend their time like the humans do….fretting about their failures and differences, however…..they do NOT. They spend their time simply being beautiful. They eat, drink, fly, breed and be. What do the not so perfect ones do? They eat, drink, fly, breed and be. Like my Morphie. I called her to me yesterday and today, and she flew in with her old shredded and tattered wings. Morphie hangs on for me I think. She has been alive a long time. Do you think she feels any less then when she arrived? I don’t. She’s beautiful and she knows it, that’s why she comes when I call. Because she’s beautiful inside too! Inside. Hmmmmm. Oh man, life is just so rich. Now I get to talk fruit!!! Ok! Ugly pointy unappetizing fruit…..just plain uglified!!! Crack it open!!! Whats inside? Something ugly and awful??? Haha!!! The sweetest thing you ever did taste, that’s all. Hidden, by God… an ugly package. So this here is my point. Why do humans degrade themselves? Why do we want to be all alike? Why do we copy each other? Why do we paint ourselves with colors instead of what God gave us? Why do we cry all day instead of BE. Why is our be…..tears? The tree’s be isn’t tears…neither is the butterfly’s! If all of life is the same…just different species inhabiting it…..then why, are the humans the only ones who judge themselves? Well, surprise surprise…I don’t know!!! I don’t know the answer!!! Maybe it’s cuz we are forced to ingest fluoride? Haha. I just dunno….but I bet there is a reason cuz it’s not logical. I like logical…..and fairies.  Something to ponder. Ooooh…..speaking of pondering….I think I understand the different storylines now. The giants, the fairies, the dragons, the Gods. Perhaps they all still exist, but in another dimension. Perhaps all together in one…..and each to his own as well. Everything is infinite. Plenty of room. Like, I’m pretty certain now that there is indeed a realm that has nothing but hummingbirds in it. I’ve been there. It was a liquid world.
There are many lines down at the bottom of my ideas. Thoughts. But here’s a few. If we are perfect exactly as we are, why do we want to be something or someone else? If NOBODY can do what we do, then that makes us each special. I’ve been thinking on this and noticing some of the things about me that stick out like a green thumb. Things that make me different…..therefore, no good, right? Although my hair has colored string, people stop to love it….although I squeal with delight at the sight of a butterfly and nobody else does, people giggle when they see….I wear unmatched clothing, its becoming a style….I would die to save an animal, bet that animal would appreciate me…I can make up a scrumdillyicious story on demand, who doesn’t like stories and CAN YOU….maybe instead of be the ball………….we should… the flaw. Be the things that make us unique. If God went to the trouble to design each and every being……then you can be sure….you were designed on purpose and that FLAW, that CRACK, that broken thing????? It is the part of you that was the hardest to design. To get right. Your pies de resistance. Your singular difference. Your specialness. So……….do I care what people think when they see me wearing all green, including socks on my hands and a poncho over my head and face, carrying a childs fairy umbrella and exclaiming to the garden, uttering hellos and sorrys and oh how beautifuls, as I go? Nope.  Do I care what the critters think? Hell yes. Haha. Oh…..but I have made a realization and decision. Somehow…..I will remain unattached to these critters. It’s just too hard to love them full on and see their death so quickly. I buried so many goats, I’m way over on my death quotient. MommaRedGrasshopper is dead. Orange baby is still alive but was once again, surrounded by spiders. Hard on the heart so…..Hoppy, I love ya, but I’m letting you go baby. Live till you die sweet Hoppy. You too my Morphie!!!! Lovelove…till we meet again. Now, if I can do that with my two children, I’m set. Ha. Unattachment. Good goal or……….robots? Some of these enlightenment instructions seem way way way off. Haha. Signing off in the rain………….of full on rainy season!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YeeHaw! Love it!!! Ps………another frog dripped from the ceiling and landed an inch from me. I think he missed. Big splat but he lived. Be wary of Kambo frog medicine if you are afraid of frogs…Lori… Kambo for you! We can BE many things. And we can be broken and be beautiful and useful and loved. Just because. So, find a tribe, but be your own flow.



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