who knew…?

It’s time to share some learnings. Good grief this one is a jeesh. About the Costa Rica ants. The large ones. Well, last night, I didn’t look first and poured the dregs of my old milky tea into the sink. Oops. Lotsa ants were there getting water….now turned tea. I watched them as they lay there stunned, then got up and began to clean themselves, like a cat. Well, this cracked me up and that’s a loud thing to do, and I bellowed. The ants went into death pose and froze. I walked away and they went back to cleaning. I came back and they froze dead. Over and over. Yup….just like ole Iggy the spider back at the farm, these ants play dead. Fine. Not such a big deal. Till tonight. They like to drink from my teabags which lay around cuz I reuse. I noticed one was grooming another, just like dogs do, so I ran for my camera to capture this stunning moment of realization. Ants are not like we thought! They groom each other, care for each other. Wow! Then, as I’m focusing the camera, I see it. Not grooming at all, no no no. Ripping limbs off and eating them!!!!!  Hahahahahahaaaa oh Lordie! But think about it….it remains a fact still…..ants are not like we thought. Hahaha. Wowowowow. I think I’m traumatized.

Some of you have seen the photos on FB of the spider nests. There are 2 and both are spitting out hundreds of babies. One is still spitting them. See, for this know it all, it was fun to learn different. It is one of those long spikey blade plants like a flower of blades. Quite a few critters call the different ones home here. You saw the sleeping frog and the speckled lizard. Anyways, it all started when I saw a web enclosing a white pouch about an inch long and ½ inch wide. I thought the white thing was the nest, and it’s still possible that it was the first nest and the others were like different stages of a nursery maybe. Anyway, there were brown log lookin things that I thought were like a luffa…seen them around the forest floor. The next day, I see white things inside the webbed area. I thought it was food for the babies when they hatched, like in the Godzilla movie. Nope. It was the babies. Next day, I realize it is the babies. Next day I realize the brown luffas….are spider balls. Best I can guess is when she lays them or however it works, they are brown. Then they bust outta there….you can see the hole in the photo, and they turn white. Haha, like when they take a breath, they turn white. Really awesome to watch the process. You guys can’t know the feeling I get. I’ll be going round the spikey blade plants and other such plants, looking to see if anything is hiding. And as my eyes go round to the next blade whammo…………………….there is a thing………….huge usually. I squeal, it reacts and then I recover and apologize for startling it. Or when I’m taking a photo of a mushroom and suddenly I see eyes. Haha….ya….priceless.

Basically what I’m discovering by studying nature day by day, is that the childrens movies are true. The correct state of things. Animals are like humans, they all have families and they all have personalities. There are some butterflies who follow me around the property. Some who avoid me at all cost and will zip past me at low altitudes at staggering speeds as if saying…nah nah nah nah boo boo. They don’t live very long…all different. Some a couple days, some a week, some 4 weeks. I see them get really ragged. They live here. We live here. One comes when called. Morphy. If ever I’m having a bad day, I just walk down her alley and say, Morphy, can’t you please come see me? And even if I’ve not seen her in days….she’ll come. I can say it in my head too. She comes. I’m not makin this shit up folks. Reminds me of the movie the Hunger Games, where they manipulate everything that happens in The Games. Holograms and hummingbirds. Butterflies and yellowthroated lizards. Beautiful death poses. Fake and unfake. I’m playing with the hummingbirds now. My anniversary is coming up. I’m almost out of time. I have challenged myself to GET a hummer photo. Not just any old blur mind you, a real SHOT. Then I will have a sticker made from it for hubby to put on a coffee mug. Yep. That’s how hard it is to gift him. This endeavor requires……….8 months of past history and lessons, a full body hummingbird armor, green sock gloves that I’ve just created from a pair of plaids that cost 2 thousand colones!!!, a carefully covered body in correct clothing…..and a willingness to stand….or sit….for friggin EVER!!!!!! We shall see! I’m stupidly determined.

Ok ok….i feel slightly guilty and need to fess up. I spent money today. 20 bucks. But it’s only 10 that’s important. You know I buy myself a present when I’m sad and well, my baby has left. She’s gone to the states to work to pay for more life here. Actually, I didn’t do it cuz I was sad. I was looking for green socks. Long ones, to go all the way up my arms. Lol. The Tico’s thought I was nuts when I told em it was for photographing mariposa!. Butterfly. In truth…all. I adore the fascination of it all….oh wow….there’s that feeling again! It’s so darn primal! I can even taste it! ANYWAYS!!!!! As I went to pay, she asked…….algo mas? Lol. Looooool. Algo mas. Something more? Arghhhh, yes, I may as well look at your skirts. Well, that means she follows and helicopters you and even pulls skirts out for you to say yay or nah….knowing nothing about what you seek. Finally I told her what I seeked. Lol seeked. Believe it or not….she found me one. That was the other 10 bucks. No…I saw it. It was halfway through a rack….Long. Brown. Pointy. Jagged. Soft. Me. Like I’d been looking for it for twenty years…..need to eat more cookies though. Oh….even that’s an issue. My new cookies only have less than ¼ tsp sugar in each. That won’t fatten me up!!! Well, except the gluten free ones….need more sugar for those. Banana cookies.

Have I spelled it out thoroughly? I am alone in this country. My daughter has left to make money to come back. She will be gone for 3-4 months. How will I handle that? I don’t know. We came here together 8 months ago to save my life….and hers. Ha. You know….a very codependant thing to do. So, neither one of us is healed, but we are still alive, that’s a plus. We thought for a minute there would be no way to keep in contact which scared the bejeezers outta me…..but yay there’s some internet. It’s still rather dark though without her…….and I’m not referring to the light being bad now, which it is, which leaves it darrrrrk here. Can’t do my art. Guess I’ll buy a lightstand. Or give up the art. Whatever. Later. Ps……….the baby spiders have left the web. Yikes. PSS………..got some hummer photos, but NOT a great one. I can still try tomorrow ON the anniversary. Will hubby get me a gift? Did he get me a birthday gift? no.

(That’s what a sleeping spider looks like…his lil legs are tucked!) try going back a blog or two if you want to see the babies. 



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