little light bulbs…

As a human BEING…….we have 2 choices that I can see with these old eyes. We can just exist, waking…sleeping…eating…loving…losing….fearing….hating…crying….screaming….living. OR….we can do like the yogi’s do. The Buddha’s, the monks, the Ascended Masters. The first choice, is living as life lives itself. I did it that way for 38 years. Perhaps longer even, but the 38 is when I got new spiritual eyes to see with. Oh….maybe my 3rd eye has been open since then and here I been just a beggin fool….haha. I bet it has….and I fell for the calcified theory!!! The on purpose method, that I choose, is co-creation of life living itself. Doesn’t sound like that much difference but I assure you, there is. I call it….asleep and awake. The people letting life live them…like I did for 38 years…..are asleep, in my scenario. I, living this chosen deliberate way, am awake. Not enlightened….but being enlightened. Enlightenment is not a landing pad you arrive at, where you are then whisked off to the land of ascension. Nah. In fact….there is NOT a state of enlightenment, cuz the moment you are enlightened…….you can then be enlightened about something else. Little light bulbs, lighting up in your mind…..or technically, your heart. The heart is by far the biggest most fantastical item in the body. It is like the brain……but bigger, faster, better….like the bionic man. Yup…..we all have bionic hearts and most of us don’t even know. Google it. Oh…, heart as a brain. That should get you the knowledge. Really fascinating stuff they don’t teach you in school. Come to think of it….what DO they teach us at school that we actually use in life?

Because I co-create my life, that means I get to give Input. I get to fill my shopping cart up with all I want out of life……..the more I want something, the more I’m going to add more of it to my cart. My life is like a perpetual shopping mall. When sufficient emotions have arrived with sufficient amounts of the product in my cart……..when I have matched its energy, with my purchases(thoughts), then it will arrive. I will find myself suddenly within and already experiencing such a wish. Manifesting. There are so so so many ways to do it. Imagination is the key. Hey…..that means you’ve got a key!!! I have a key….everybody has a key! Well……I’m going to tell you a thing now. Ready? Imagination. That stuff they say is for kids? HAHA……..they are robbing you. Image-a-nation, is THE tool of life. It is NOT something relegated to kindergarten or Hollywood. They wish. I heard someone say the other day that they’d had a couple synchronicities! WOW. Yay! Great! Now….come on over to my side……and you will not even react when that happens. It will be so commonplace, that there will be no mystery or magic to it. It’s ok. There’s plenty of other places where mystery and magic prevail.

Seems only a blink ago that this topic would have labeled me crazy. Now I’m wondering why I’m bothering. Don’t most people know about this these days? Alas, the answer to that is…..yup….keep writing it….keep waking them, till a tipping point is reached. So much hype that we had reached that tipping point and that on 9/28, we’d all start to ascend and finish it out within the year. Getting tired of the malarkey. Speaking of malarkey, trying to make sense of whether I have a gift or….the gift of malarkey. Today a friend had to put her precious little dog to sleep. I can often see into fresh death, so I checked in. Saw the lil dog but then tried to go further cuz my friend was really hurting. Then it began to not make sense. Trying too hard. It occurred to me that I should practice this gift, cuz it is indeed a gift. (it requires a death though!!!) It requires faith ……and speaking what I see and hear….no matter how silly. I felt silly today as I tried to go too far……but if I don’t push the lines, I won’t know where they are. It’s something that was revealed to me in the last few days of spiritual transformation…….to revisit my skills and talents and turn them a different way. So, I’m trying that. I want to provide financial abundance for myself and I’m tallying my skills. Actually, I got some!!! So, I’m working on manifesting some help with lining bucks up…..I mean, ducks up.

I’ve been doing some really hard hard inner work regarding timelines and karma and lineages. Man, that stuff is rough. Rhonda is helping me soooo soooo much. You can hear her on Violet Flame Saturdays to get a feel for her if you’d like. Summer and I have been helping call decrees during the broadcast. Oh man. She’s considering leaving for awhile. Ah gee. Just sadded all over myself. Ok. Later. Signing off in Costa Rica. And wouldn’t it be nice if I knew who my audience was nowadays? Haha…… was for those who don’t think in terms of spiritual and chakras and light. Okie dok. Lovelove. PS……So much has happened you don’t know about! The dove, the eardrum, the star blinks, the muscle disease pain is back, falling in the river, the dead butterfly, the grasshoppers, the Supermoon…not much to say….I did my world prayers as usual with the added word….ascension, lol. Seriously man…….what a fun way to script things…..c’mon already! PSS!!! …….turns out I was right on all counts with little Bella!!! Yay! I’m a communicator!!!! Knew it but not the parameters….testing time!!!


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