Lightworkers…..Beacons of LIGHT

If I am a beacon of light in a world of many dark shades, then why is my light so small? I guess I take responsibility….it is my life, my light, after all. In my meekness, I always relied on others to help me….to spread me around like peanut butter, or to at least drop me as breadcrumbs along the way. But that isn’t what happened. It is a very rare day or a very very rare blog, that is shared. I didn’t want to ask. It has always bothered me to ask for anything. In fact, it is so rare, that Spirit used that as a lesson for me while at the Sacred Feminine gathering. We were told to choose crystals out of a box, the ones that spoke to us, so to speak. Then…we were to ask the crystals why we needed them and what was the message we needed to hear? One of my crystals said it recognized the pain in my body. In my neck and shoulders. It wanted me to ask one of the ladies if she would massage me. Oh Lordie!!! Not easy at all for me…..but I DID IT!!! And top that off…..I asked the most powerful mammerjammer healer looking lady who was there!!! Yes, I did. She was most gracious and indeed gave my neck some love!!! And you can too! Just ask! What are the choices? Yes or no. You got 50% odds!!! What I’m getting at is this. I’ve been blogging for 3 years now. I’ve said a lot and helped a lot. You’ve told me so. So here is what I ask. Share me. Share my blog, oh, say, once a month….maybe somewhere where you think people might enjoy it. That’s all. Seriously. If I thought the blog sucked and I was not a really good writer….I’d just say sayonara baby!!!! People tell me all the time that I’m one of the rare blogs they read, cuz they love it. Wow….Thankyou!!! I think I lost all my goat friends when I sold the goats…..therefore half my readers. I need help building readership back up please……or I will feel too icky inside to continue. It’s simple. If you like it and it helps you…..share it. It’s not begging. It’s asking friends for help. Try it. So far it’s only halfway heavy in my gut. I’m givin it a go.

I touched on this a bit the other day, now let me caress it. Do any of you ever feel like there’s someone inside you….waiting to get out? A stronger, bolder you? A childhood feeling perhaps? Or possibly something causing an itch inside you now? I’ve known my whole life. I really truly knew that what was showing….walking around….was not me. There is a small bump on the back of the top of my head. I used to think that underneath it, was my zipper. If I could just find the zipper pull!!!! The interesting part is……I didn’t know what was inside. I KNEW…….the real me was inside…..but what I didn’t KNOW….was if it was a monster or a good thing. I’d say I was about 9 or 10 when I was playing around with this idea. I watched those women rise from their seated positions and start to dance wildly………in any way the body wanted to move. I was on the edge of my rump…….wiggling my toes in hopeful anticipation of my springing up and finding wild abandon. I felt the hint of a hint……of the me inside. The next morning, I knew that if only I had one more chance. I did. IT was only the splittest of seconds, but it was long enough. I saw it. I felt it. Deep within me, I felt it. Another time, another place, another me. Strong. Shaman or Priestess or Medicine Woman….not sure which. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that I felt her. If I felt her, I’ve been her. If I’ve been her…..I can be her again. I can step up to what is needed of me. So can you. I understand that people are being drawn to other parts of the world. Or are losing their jobs and finding work in another area. We are being positioned. Like a chess board. Where the light is needed. For some……..the light may be needed in a very dark area. Yikes, but hey….it’s dark and they need a light! Will you go? Will I? I already did. But what if this isn’t my final place? Will I go then? YOU BETcha. I saw a post on FB………the moment you found out earth needed your uniqueness…..and it shows a soul diving down to planet earth. Haha….ya. Lightworkers.

I would love to take a moment and recognize lightworkers. Right now, it looks like it’s the Nurses turn…….and rightfully so…..but there’s room on this planet for more than one recognition. Light Workers. What on earth IS a lightworker? It is a human who knows they came to planet earth to help, to assist, to achieve a heavenly goal. Most lightworkers do not get paid. It is a selfless duty. Some however, have found a way to rake it in. Money, I mean. I don’t think I could take money for a spiritual gift. A human talent gift, yes, sure……….but for me, to charge money to send healing or help……..hmmmm. No. My opinion, do what you will. It surely wasn’t like that in my childhood vision. Trade. All trade. Like reiki… is my feeling that it should NOT be done for $$$. Same with the cost of the certification to do reiki. Ridiculous. The silly argument that if you don’t pay enough for it….it’s not worth anything to you??? Like I said….ridiculous. Things can be worth the world to you……and they didn’t cost a penny. This is the general excuse for the high cost of reiki. Wool over my eyes????? HA… I spin wool. Controversial, yup. Just chatted with Rhonda, told her I needed to pay her something but it needed to be in trade. She said the universe pays her. Love that lady. Can’t believe none of my readers have realeyes’d that she could help them too. This lady has much to offer. She took on a ton of karma, and we don’t know how much longer she’ll be with us. In fact, it is a standing joke….you’re not in the hospital are you? She just informed me she fell and broke her wrist and leg……and….AND…….had to go to hospital to have kidney stones removed. Since last week folks. Ya. Soul work. That’s what Rhonda does.

Art…..does a body good. Got a pile of fluff on my bed and a rainbow in my heart. Fixin to combine the two. I did a visualization meditation today where I went to my garden. I did some spiritual work and let the two meet……the me…..and the me I’m becoming. We knew each other. That was unexpected. I thought these were my visualizations.  Haha. Thought I was doing the script writing within them. Very very interesting. While in the garden, it was interesting as well, that as I went to leave…..approaching the exit, the animals(my guides) asked me not to go just yet. They wanted to play!!! So, we flew!  Then, later, I was about to go again and no…..wait……you need to sit with us. WOWZA!!! Okie dok! So I sat with them and many laid in my lap and we ended up doing art… So, it’s a playin kinda day. In fact, while mushrooming in the thunder, I came back to ask Summer if she wanted to go swimming. She said how could she resist a request like that? Something so foreign to me. And tonight, I showed her something Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While she was gone…..I did something. I healed something within me. Its been a secret. Water drips. Hands. Hands dripping water. Haha…..drip on me baby!!!!! I can do it now!!! No freak outs. I just ran my hands under the faucet, then on my face, my head, on her………she gave me a huge hug!!! Signing off in Costa Rica. LOVELOVE



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