Me….God….and a Frog

God uses me. I guess cuz He knows I listen and if he needs something, I’ll usually get the hint. I was there and I know how real it was when He asked me to dance, then He asked me to shift the masculine to the feminine. Dec 21, 2006. I energetically took Jesus from the Sun….and placed him in the moon. I was sleepy….ready for bed that night. Not feeling well. Hadn’t eaten in days cuz I was getting sick. Just wanted to go to sleep. But no. God asked me to dance. I did, in the hallway. He said no…outside. I said, but GOD!!! It’s really really cold out there! I don’t feel good. He said, I know……please….DANCE. So I danced. Now….why would that happen, if people across the globe had already shifted things to feminine? I wonder that a lot. A lot happened that night actually, and for the next 3 days. I saw 2 shooting stars around the moon…one on each side….at the same time! I got to experience the archetypes, and I do mean experience. I even got to be God. Oh man…not a job to envy….I was afraid of everything I thought!!! If I thought it…I created it….like on earth times a million gazillion. It was a thrilling experience that I’m very grateful for and it all started with a request. Dance. Four years later…..I was asked to dance once again and shift again, putting Jesus back in the SUN. I don’t really ask why…I just obey. Another time, I was asked to go to South Dakota and pray for the world. I did. Now, it feels as if I am here in wait mode…..with a glorious mushroom intermission. Something to occupy me…keep me here…keep me joyous….keep me alive. Tonight is Supermoon. Another thing He asks of me. Pray for the world during SuperMOONs. So I do. Tonight I do it from near the equator. With the fireflies. You can read the full story of the Winter Solstice Experience HERE:

I wish I could explain the intensity of ME these days. Not even my daughter has a clue. And she lives here!!! The feelings in my body. In my belly. The psychic energies. The love energies. Did you know that in the end…..all the energies are love…….are from love. Fear of, lack of, need for, hatred of, and even that middle space that Buddha talked of. I think I just saw it. Its all love. Up down, left right, good bad, needy; ignored, power; puddle………all love. All those really really rich people????? Loaded down with need. Maybe if we pray for them….they won’t feel such need. Maybe they’ll feel connected. Yes. That’s one of the things I shall speak for to the moon. Yup, feels right. I shall pray for the rich. Haha…the night before 9/11, during sweat lodge, I prayed for the leaders of the countries that hate us. Sometimes prayer isn’t for the pretty things. Night night. (Ps….just had a lengthy discussion on FB about religion…, I don’t fit the criteria for Christian anymore….just human seeking.)

As the days tick by like time, and I change and change, I am more and more stunned. The feel of it all is so thick. Emotion….Like honey painted air. How’d ya like that analogy? It worked. I remember back in California in 2001……I was proud of my spiritual journey….I was getting answers every single day… day… advance of when I needed them. For example……I would inadvertently find myself studying about the Hathors…….when the next day I would need this info cuz I’ve met a Hathor specialist….etc. No…that did not happen, just an example! What are they? Bird people. Literally. I digress. The frog. First there were the visitations by frogs here. Then we did the kambo frog venom points. Next, there is a frog jumping on me. He then jumped to my altar space and laid down to sleep. When I turn the light out, he jumps on me again, then on my daughter in the middle of the night. Next night, while pondering this….he drops in with a thud to an inch of my hand……and he has been in some cobwebs….but, he has brought friends along. Moth and a spider. Literally, tangled around him. He can’t shed them. I try, with a paper towel…too much fear to use my fingers. That really bothered me, that I couldn’t combat that fear. So he leaps away and I get the photo. So why. Why why why is the frog doing this? What is he trying to say? So many possibilities. Water, magic, moon, true love, prosperity, cleansing, abundance…..more than that actually but that’s enough. :=))  For me, if I see a frog on my porch it means a hurricane is comin. Well….there is a tropical storm out there ya know!!! But if it wasn’t that. If it was something spiritual….what would it be? It kept coming back to my intention when I did the Kambo venom. We were to see in our mind, the person we wanted to be…who we thought we would’ve been had life worked out differently. Well….. for me that was easy. I had just seen that me, in a shamanic journey I’d just done. There….I was wearing a living coat of animals, with a train about 50 ft. long.  By this I mean, none of the animals were dead…they had chosen to be the coat….had stepped in and could step out at any time. When the frog first came, I wondered about that. Was it a test? If I was to wear animals….wouldn’t I need to NOT FEAR them???

(See those trees? Other side of the green, is an old stand of cacao(chocolate) trees!)

When the same frog arrived the next night wearing….WEARING……a spider and a moth, I wondered. Is this what the frog is saying? That I will never be that woman…literally or figuratively….if I lived in fear still. It’s as if my request for less fear….from AYAhuasca….is being enacted before my very eyes. Today I woke up and knew I had to confront that fear. Touch that frog. Step onto that raw untamed jungle floor. It occurred to me then…..that the snakes would know I am coming. They are part of the forest. They’d be moving away as fast as possible! I am big…..they want no part of me. But that’s not the main reason. I suppose….(was just about to say I believe) that the reason might be that they weren’t part of the story, so that’s why they weren’t there. No. Today, the story was about MamaSheriSunshineRainbowFeathers going out of the box. Again. On purpose. A chosen step…in advance. I was alone….and I stepped off of the yoga platform. I saw a mushroom. I couldn’t stop myself. Of course, I had to see what all was there in that neck of the woods, while I had my courage on…..and a butterfly who had been walking with me….landed about a foot away. As if to say…transform away rainbow lady! I was very proud of my courage today. THEN!!! Then….Summer comes excitedly in the house and….you have to come Mama….come on!!! I grab my phone waist pouch thingy and splat….my pouch falls to the floor…..and crack….goes the rainbow. Shattered. Karma. It was a gift, given to me by someone who dished out bad karma to me earlier in life. But is that it? Is that why? Karma? Or could it be something else…like me thinking of a way to use the rainbow and it being a bad idea….which I did and maybe it was! Either way….its a SuperMOON tonight!!! Work to do. This old crone still has some value. I loved that rainbow!!! And…..the mushrooms were most awesome!!! We crossed the river…..she helped me, during the tiny forceful falls….up into the forest and into a stand of ancient cacao trees. And hot pink mushrooms!!! Oh the glory of the extremes!!! I love… so love my life….and in the same day I can so so hate it! What awesomeness is this? What writer designed my life? Thank you yeehaw!!! Ok…signing off at Quebradas, Costa Rica………..tommorrow… changes for me again. And for others. Heavy sigh. Love love.PS…..Amma says God… a WOMAN!!!



2 thoughts on “Me….God….and a Frog

  1. Life is crazy the twists and turns, the roads we travel down and the ones we leave behind. Time is relative and it is amazing how fast it goes as you get older I can’t imagine being 60 but it really isn’t that far away. I have to get over 50 first :). Enjoy everyday and have love for everyone and everything with all your heart and with God First and above everything else. Be safe and Hug Summer. The leaves have started to fall. I miss you, but you are still here just as I am too. Night Owl

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