this NEW LOVE is Trippy…

The biggest bestest thing that Ayahuasca has given me, is the love. She teaches love at the university level. I am a professor now. I have been handed lumps and piles of love for 5 months now…..poured on me like sugar in that song. Pour some sugar on me……ya, even the memory of disgust evokes nothing but love. Ok ok, I won’t be elusive. I’m referring to my days as an exotic dancer. That song. Funny that that wanted to pop in to say hi. Hi honey…o’honopono to you sweet one. Yup….that’s how I do it these days….the instant a memory comes up….I do o’honopono. I transmute the negative energy of that memory. But all sugar aside….I am referring right now to my new immersion into the mushroom universe I find myself in. Today was an experience of overwhelm. The amount of joy I receive from finding…discovering…..a tiny being, that usually I and only I will ever see……is so great that it keeps my sacral chakra spinning at high degrees. It is a love affair. Me and God. And for those of you to whom that was chalkboard nail scraping……..God and I. God delights my day. He knows exactly how to stimulate me. We dance. Today we danced and then I brought my daughter down for a quick spin on the dancefloor. While there, we discovered the mushrooms in the fear. Oh……the forest floor was thick with them…… the realm I never ever go……for fear of snakes. In the woods….the deep. No path. Just jungle. Once I saw them….I had no choice. I was like a mamabear who’s kids were in danger….I had to go check them. I climbed down off the platform, straight to the leaf litter ground……to the mushroom cities and towns. My head was spinning, my body too. Squatted there……the tiniest of tinies……all at the end of my eyeballs… every direction!!! Oh my gosh….I couldn’t see them all!!! I was dizzy. Love was oozing………saturating me and oozing all over the forest floor and all over those mushrooms. My daughter captured some of it on video. I bet it was something to see. It exhausted me. That was the 2nd mushroom session of the day…..and top it off….it has just rained and there is still plenty of sunshine to go for a 3rd session to see the babies who have come with the raindrops to meet me.

OH MY GOSH!!!!! Guess what we have here!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited. A baby Blue MORPHO!!!!! Yes!!!! I saw it first, during my 1st session, then we both saw it during the 2nd! Lordie Lordie, how sacred is that? How blessed are we? Well…..I did. I went back out after the rain. Got so vacuumed in finding the leaf litter babies that I was shaking and groaning. Haha….For like an hour!!! I just couldn’t stop. SKeeter bites on top of skeeter bites and the same on my feet with the ant bites. I say….Thank you for the mosquito medicine! Ha…..till I get in the cabin and start scratching. Oh, and the tiny frogs!!! I don’t have a great photo but maybe I’ll put it anyway. Today, he jumped away too fast, but he was different from the first. We’ve been seeing tree frogs since before we did the kambo vaccine.

The iboga issue has come up in a big way. I asked hubby if I could do it, then I backed out of the request. It’s complicated and mostly to do with money but also fear. I guess I’m not ready yet….however, I am about to find out about it in a big way. I’m doing more research on it too. Seems it can be microdosed….but that won’t fix my liver, that requires what they call a Flood dose. Oh….so close. So close to being cured…….not yet I guess. From what I understand, it removes the HepC. Not sure what it can do to restore the liver….but it can’t do anything if I don’t take it and apparently it’s probably equal……need for money…..and fear. Without both being addressed….it won’t happen. Sometimes I’m brave. When I asked hubby in a text…..the panic set in and I knew I wasn’t ready. I don’t have any cows left to sell. Well, there are some females but hubby won’t sell them. I’m fresh outta goats to sell too. It’ll happen if it’s meant to. I wonder how my goats are. Hard to believe I’ve given up just about everything for this journey. Strange. Whats stranger, is the wonderfully neat little package that life has become. All the metaphysical stuff I’ve read and seen……is old hat; All the hippy dippy oogly googly love that we all took for granted, turns out to be the grandest power of all; the word ascension is common now; there’s word in every metaphysical corner or way of being…..that something…..something will happen this fall. Something. Haha….that’s my nickname for God!!! You know,…..something told me…. ! ; and for me personally, it feels like my vibration is rising, changing. My body is constantly on the verge of orgasm of the soul. Its love. It’s so big. People, people, people….I wish I could give you some to hold….then you’d understand, except magnify it by a gazillion! My insides churn with it. Butter….lol………baby Krishna and his butter! Spiritual butter. It tingles. And its oh so smoooooth. Hmmmm… get butter, you need milk. Milk comes from a mother, not a father. Perhaps being androgenous…..perhaps that means God can be either one….not like I used to think…..both like all the sexual organs on one. I think now that it might be that they can be whichever one is needed. I dunno. I ain’t dead yet.

It turns out, Summer video’d most of the mushroom finding event today. We just watched it in several videos and laughed our guts off. Mine hurts from laughing. Pure D Passion. The first one is a bit long and then a 4 min and a 1 min. All are great. Not sure how long it’ll take to upload them…especially since it has just begun the nightly rain. Anyways….its been an exhausting day of excitement over some of Gods tiniest beings. Signing off at Quebradas CostaRica.



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