Feelin rather Warrioresque….Kambo!!! (frog venom)

Last night, the kambo frog sang me to sleep. Well, technically, I sang me to sleep the first time… when I laid down after a sleepless night and a kambo and rape ceremony(pronounced hape). Yes…..it turns out, it was 2…..yes TWO medicines. Oh holy chuckwagon. When I woke up, still swollen, it was time to go to the Panama border to renew my visa. Nervewracking and the occasion always swirls with prayers. I hadn’t been sleeping well, so it was nice that kambo sang me to sleep. My song was…..hushabye and goodnight….kambo’s songs were mostly aya songs with some rainbow songs thrown in. I drifted in and out. Border run went well, only stayed one hour in the no mans land zone….not Panama and not CostaRica……did a bit of shopping, ate lunch and went back to the magically lineless border and doneski. So, now we have that out of the way, oh boy….who wants to know about the kambo? I told my travel partners of the experience and they both said…they wouldn’t wanna do it. So……the first thing I should tell you is why. WHY do kambo? Why take the most poisonous frog on the planet…….into your body? This guy is so powerful that he has no predators. NONE. Nobody can harm him…..animalwise that is. If a snake eats him….he spits it out! So, this tree frog has no enemies and he knows his sacredity. He sings in the rain each morning…..and the kambo shaman comes and sings to the frog. A frog then shows up and offers itself.  It is very very bad juju to harm one. Ok. So, upon arrival, we learned that rape is to be given first. Its either a very specific tobacco or a mixed powder. We got powder. A teeny tiny pipe is used…..scoops the rape, then the person is to open the mouth and not breathe. They blow it in each nostril….it goes straight to the brain….eyes water, need help to move or walk….don’t swallow!!! Spit, spit spit, vomit, spit. 5 minutes. All done. That just went through your brain cleaning pathways. Cleansing.

The kambo. Kambo swims through your body and looks for what’s wrong….and fixes it. If it can. Spiritually folks….there is no actual frog swimming…just his medicine. Here’s the WHY. Kambo is a vaccine for dengue fever, malaria and others…….boosts immunity, flushes lymph system, wipes away black clouds, restores luck, cleanses organs, helps depression and it can help you be the person you feel you could have been had you not gone through the shit of life. That’s what you set your intention on…a vision in your mind of that person. Mine… walks through the forest wearing a living coat with a train 50 ft long….of animal guide friends. See…..a part of me sees me very powerfully! So. What happened during my experience was… he lights the end of a very small dowel rod, with a flame. Gets the tip redhot then burns the skin. Going in a line, next, next, next. The number and place on the body can vary. If you get kambo 3 times within a moon cycle, it is a 10 year vaccine against malaria, etc. We each got 6 points burned, then he gets a bit of poison on the tip of a knife (looks like petroleum jelly) and dabs it on each point…..asking you to let him know when your heart speeds up and you feel the green fire. Wow Whoa. By the time you start to say I FEEL IT…..you are incapacitated. They helped me to my mat….but no……I needed to pee. Oh…….I forgot a section. You have to drink 3 liters of water in 15 minutes right before. I had already done it once and vomited it up at 2 ¾ liters. Ya….had to start over. My liver is saturated and any food or liquid is hard to get down. It doesn’t process through.

So…..I sit and drink….AGAIN….while another is given her kambo…..she cried and cried and said help me…stuff like that and I nearly chickened out folks. But….I didn’t. SO…..all this water in me and I think I have to pee….not purge, pee. They take me…I squat, skirt to my belly, shaman standing there…lol……..vomit…..no pee…..vomit…..no pee. LOL…let them help me to the mat, with my skirt all kattywompers. Some people experience spiritual things…but rarely the first time.  I certainly didn’t…..just sickness…..and the green fire caused a sweat that caused a chill and I shivered…..and my face swelled. He comes along and drips water down the points to reactivate the medicine, periodically….till he feels you are done then he washes it off and later, adds dragons blood to each point to seal it. The only time it really hurt was the actual burn which only lasted 5 seconds. The kambo effects(the hard ones), last 20-30 minutes. A very very rough 20-30 minutes, but worth it in the long run. The key is to KNOW it will end soon. So there you have it. I am now protected from some mosquito borne illnesses….in mosquito country, and who knows….it could help with the depression brain rut grooves. I started my 2nd set of aya spoons today….and that is where my intention went….to those grooves….to fill them with love, so I don’t have to go down them simply by rote.

 The man who gave us the kambo….is the Iboga shaman….well, one of them. Afterwards, he explained iboga completely. This explanation gave me such extreme hope…….and such extreme fear…………………..at once. First off…you must pass physical medical tests before being allowed to take iboga. 2nd…..he makes you sign a contract that when you see the Clearly marked DOOR to the other side……..that you will not go through it, to die. FOR his sake. He would be liable. He says we will see an ancestor who we can ask questions of. Then we’ll see 3 beings. The 3 beings will lead us. We will be taken to the root cause of our main suffering…..no matter which lifetime.  We will be able to alter it. For 3 days…..there is no sleep…only journey. 100 times more powerful than ayahuasca……………one….maybe 2 treatments in life and that’s it. Oh………Iboga is mainly known cuz it CURES HEROIN and METH, and other strong addictions, but there is a huge spiritual component. It will cost $3,000…possibly $3,500….for me. Mine is an illness treatment….not just spiritual. Spiritual only I think is $2,000. Oh ya…..for those who don’t know…it is from Africa and is the strongest psychotropic on the planet.(think that’s the right word). And it too….can help depression. Scary stuff. Dude says….hardest thing I’ll ever do in life.

There are things in my way of this, yet it feels like my last resort. First, I have to raise that money, then….I have to raise the courage. Also….I have to live long enough to take it. I just did the kambo to give me more time, but I don’t know how much it gave me. I’m still seeing how much it helped the food processing. I’m thinkin not so much. I saw the green bile though so I know I removed some. As for the sadness……I’m asking for mine to stop….no longer necessary….so I can transmute others pain. The ruts need filled in though, I can feel them…….and asking once…was not enough.  Much on my mind….. much much much on my mind. Empty the mind….hmmmm……I just seem to keep filling mine. Dangling from a highwire……trying to right myself, put my foot back on the ground level path… and take steps. I think the hardest part for me is feeling like I’ve failed at life. Depression, no depression….sadness, tears….whatever……in the end, it, I, still know that what I offered the world….was not really wanted….and rarely chosen. I deal with it…..but the fact remains. Few read these words…..very few. An extreme few purchased my art, and that’s about all I got. So….I try to reconcile that with whether I should keep trying to heal. I’m just sitting here, listening for God…….waiting for a next step. Signing off at Quebradas……..CostaRica, that is. PS……when I think I can’t do these hard hard things…..I remember you guys…..and that If I don’t do it….how will you know if you can? THAT’s……how I’m able. Love love. Pss….me thinks the world needs a Shaman for mental hospitals. 🌞



2 thoughts on “Feelin rather Warrioresque….Kambo!!! (frog venom)

  1. Beautiful, open and frank blog. Well done Sheri. I love reading your stuff because it’s so descriptive and honest. It’s very brave what you do, and it doesn’t matter if you only reach a few people. It’s the quality of the appreciation that counts, not the quantity. Whether you know it or not you have not failed at life at all. Krishnamurti once said “It is not a measure of health to be perfectly adapted to a profoundly sick society“ . You are one of most successful people I know because you’ve succeeded at being one of the most human people I know…and I don’t even know you! I too felt like I failed at life for many years. But the final acceptance that some things from the past just can’t be fixed, has made the way forward free for me. And now I just look forward to the day that’s about to start and no further. It works for me and helps me to manage guilt, which is sufferers of depression’s biggest enemy. Mother Aya taught me that I’m not here to make others happy or accommodate their projections of guilt. I’m just here to be grateful for having a short while in Mother Natures garden to run and play, which sounds to me is exactly what you’re doing right now. If others want to run and play with me, then they are more than welcome, but they then need to leave their negativity in a nice pile outside the door..

    Mother Nature has blessed you with riches that many of us lack, honesty, perseverance, determination, strong will, free spirit, humor etc etc. and I’m glad we met, even if only in this virtual reality. Good luck with the rest of the healing and keep the blogs coming. Take care. Alan x

    • These words are necessary for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to say them. Sometimes one moment of time is all it takes to lift a soul. Bless you Alan.

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