Oh how fun! My God is a very smart God. There is a celestial event taking place and we are being showered with photons, however, I was just reading that it was positrons. The opposite of an electron. The electron being physical and it’s twin, the missing positron….is the spiritual. Well, the spiritual positron is returning. Our spinning ball is spinning through them. They’re calling it a wave. I remember during the movie Phenomenon, learning about photons…..then learning there were gatramegatrillions of photons in the Milky Way. I remember wishing for us to steer through it and get showered in photons. Well. Wish happening! Have any of you been going through the changes? Everything speeding up? Changing locations? Physical symptoms like headaches? Tired? Becoming intuitive? Synchronicities? Oh….positron = antimatter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how fun indeed! What a year it’s already been…..more on the horizon! WOW. I’ll fess up. The wave peaks on Sept. 28, so I’m staying put till then at least. I was put here for a reason, don’t ya think? They say the lightworkers are being relocated. I’m in Central America and have been here for half a year….half a year!!! One month became half a year. I’ve been at least 75 people since then……changing everyday. The sessions with Rhonda are going amazingly! Wow she is good! I have learned some of the reasons why I came to earth and what my plan was and have been able to see how it was designed. So intricately. It seems that, as suspected, not all of the tears….are mine. I am an empath. I cry to release the negatives happening on earth. I’m a global empath, not individual people. Now that I understand this….it makes life so much easier and  I’m more willing now. Why’s are important. Remember how I thought I was here to save the world? I was…am! Without my tears……the world would be heavier, scarier, meaner. See….I am worthy of being a child of God. Today, I was in town sitting in a café when intense emotion came up. I was able to tell instantly that it wasn’t mine. So…..not caring where I was…..I released the tears. Haha!!! Yay!!! A purpose! I know, it probably sounds goofy to you but I promise….it’s real. AND……………….the word DEPRESSION has been removed from my vocabulary concerning I and I. See, I never clicked with the word empath cuz I didn’t pick up on peoples emotions…..therefore, thought I wasn’t one. Yay. The pieces of me are falling into place… by one and sometimes a mad flurry! Oh…….and why is GOD so smart??? Haha. He gave mushrooms!!! I am outside….rain or shine, hunched over, in the forest, with positrons landing on me!!! I am not inside depressed, nope….I’m out….catching the falling life. You wanna talk connected? You look at nature. I have one photo. One photo that shows how much life wants to be. Life….being God I guess…..wanting to BE. There are beings… tiny… don’t notice them, but I do. They are friends, they are family. They touch each other.

 They choose where they live and who they live with. They intermarry. They like architecture like we do and will allow life and will grow around it. They love. They come out holes in the rotted wood. They poke out…….and grow and then bend toward the light. Yesterday, a tiny shiny snail see what I see. I blow some photos up huge, just to attempt to convey. The mushrooms rarely grow alone. There are areas where they hang out. Oh, believe me…there are a gazillion areas they can grow…same exact conditions…..but no. They are family. I have rounds I go to. Certain mushroom areas. These areas are growing. The other cabin dweller reminded me theres a garden!!! Plus……it’s as if the mushies know someone is here to see them….and they are born to be seen. I lived here 5 months with no mushrooms on the stairway. Now…..everyday, more and more. Nearly every step has them now…..and they grow like condominiums daily. I squeal and giggle a lot. The forest is getting accustomed to that sound. OH! Did you know the mushroom is the fruit of the being? The rest of the being lives under the ground, unseen……connecting the life of the forest, like an internet.  Haha, that internet knows I’m here searching it’s web.

Spirit says…….Kambo medicine. Oh Lordie. What???? WHY?????? Cuz it will help the liver some, it will help the hepC and it can help with that word I no longer use…depression. Hadn’t a clue. I only knew it was a natural vaccine. It’s the most powerful antibiotic and anesthetic in the world. Here’s what I know. It was discovered while in the forest doing aya……a guy was told by Grandmother AYAhuasca about this frog. Many tribes use it. It protects against malaria among other things. The frog is caught….a tree frog, while singing in the rain. He is then laid on his back and tied down…..horrible, I know. They then make him angry and he releases a medicine that they scrape off. No frogs are allowed to be harmed, aside from the scraping. Then,  they burn some holes in you with a small stick….then put kambo medicine into the burn. I hear it’s a green fire that goes through the body looking for what needs done. I hear 20 minutes of vomit and pain and it’s over. My daughter just told me I’m really brave. THAT scares the crap outta me! Haha. The old fogey in me says I’m too old for this stuff. Haha….but I’m not old now, I’m new. So……pain in the morning……..Panama border the next morning and back to the aya spoons on Tuesday morning. I’m even considering a colonic. Yikes….maybe I won’t need it after the kambo. Poor frog…..guess he must be paying off karma. They say it’s like a cloud gets lifted off you when its done. I’ve lived my whole life with pain, I can do 20 minutes. Haha…pray for me! Tomorrow morning.

While the power….the force, of LOVE is expanding me, I still deal with envy. I’m still teaching myself to experience joy through them, instead of ick. Instead of need. Why do I need? God provides all I need, when I need. At least I can say there’s improvement….it’s just a flicker now and is gone and replaced with love quite quickly. And what am I envious about now? Haha….someone just did aya with the Columbian shaman that I canceled out on……and it was the most profound ceremony she’s ever had. Crap! Oh well….but it wasn’t to be for me just yet. Perhaps my liver just couldn’t take the aya in the state it was/is in. Perhaps the froggie will help squeeze out some of the saturated mess that is my liver. See…reasons for everything…..would explain why I didn’t do but the one glass at SOL. Ok…..loving me, loving you. Signing off at Quebradas CostaRica. Tomorrow I’ll show ya my scars!!!

(If you missed the slug….go back up and find this mushroom) 🌞

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