what a difference a DAY makes……

This time in earths life is more precious than I bargained for. I’ve looked forward to this coming Aquarian Age for years and to be in this stage….this grand stage…..at this moment……all of these moments, no matter how precious or how hard…. I never dreamed it this vivid. That’s the word that comes to mind, vivid. Lush, eye popping, stark, crazed, naked, evil, sadder than sad. So much emotion being thrust into the spotlight. An orchestra of whimsy’s all singing their own melody……………secure in the timing of the ONE(before time before space before love)…..and dancing to the song as if life depended on it….which it does. Oh to be alive in times such as these. What a quote. Wow…….though……..what an honor. Yes, the girl who often wants to die just said that. And I’m sure I’ll want to die again, but today……in this now, I’m good. My head is spinning at what I’m witnessing in the world….and therefore, what I’m experiencing because of it. We are all connected….it’s not just a silly hippy phrase ye know. It’s the thread of life and believe me, there is one. Imagine your world as a sphere……then imagine everyone elses spheres and then connect them. It’s not all zigzaggy like you might guess, it’s more like a spreadsheet….hmmmm, nah……..ok, like a spider web but with spheres at each joint. Ya. That’s the piece of the unseen world that I saw, during an ayahuasca ceremony.

So ya, yesterday I had a blog ready for you. It was a real pretty one, but it was devastatingly sad. I have since had another session with Rhonda and I’ve made a bit of peace with what’s going on with me these days, so my mood has completely shifted. This healing Rhonda does is rather like aya….it’s in layers.  I was able to turn a very dark world view….into a place of light with dark in it. Choices. People make choices. Like it or not, some people like to do good and kind things and some people like to hurt others and cause as much pain as they can. It’s the other side of the coin. There is ALWAYs another side to a coin. What I am witnessing is a mob. A mob of beliefs….wrapped up in people clothes and rioting in the streets…….grouping into disastrous sized mobs of no leader or understanding…just raw beliefs….all standing at attention……wanting someone to see them.I don’t wanna simplify it for you. Figure it out. There is a crazy zeal that is spreading like wildfire across the planet. Step away. There is always a YOU in unique. Speaking of younique, I had a younique experience at SOL. After I drank my first cup of ayahuasca, and a purge….I had a release…..a release that had waited 28 years…..and it was interrupted. I’m not sure why it was shut down, it just was, which jarred me. I refused any more medicine. I refused to take a spoon and join in circle the 2nd night as well. I was and am….confused as to why the grieving process was shut down. It’s very odd to me and I’m just sitting with it. I was however, given the medicine for the spoon. What I thought would be 7 days….is actually closer to 30 or more.  5 on 3 off…repeat. I’m to treat it like any other ceremony, complete with an altar, singing, candles, water, calling in guides, stating clear intention…..and being in ceremony for about an hour. Same time each day.

The plans to go to another country were laughed at by God as well as any other plans I’ve attempted. I was supposed to go with Summer to Panama today……she is there alone. Nope….not allowed to plan. Oh….and get this…..so much worry about getting her there before the 90 day visa was up….and oops…..she’s on the bus when she realizes she’s already past it. She was able to message me to say she’s there, has been taken in by a grandma-ish woman and will meet me at the Feria tomorrow…on my BIRTHDAY!!!!  She’s planning to take me to Bazooka’s! A restaurant I apparently told her I wanted to go to on my birthday when we first arrived….funny….I was scheduled to return to Texas in June, not August. Hmmm. I musta somehow known I’d still be here. Anyways, Bazooka is bubblegum. Rather Americanesque….which I crave here sometimes. The menu online sounds rather American sorta. So…..ya!


I am in awe of the makers….the designers of this life. And was it really my higher self who designed mine? I asked Rhonda today…..are the higher self and the soul….the same thing. She said….yes, but they split off to become human….the higher self stays behind and the soul travels in and out of life. My now question is…….seriously? Life after life after life…..all with the goal of shutting down the matrix? We’re supposed to see the illusion of our thoughts……therefore, stop thinking pretty much. So…whats the point then? Could they be wrong? Something seems wrong. And if love is the ultimate power……what good is it if we can’t think how much we love something? That would be a thought. The maya. The illusion. Uggh!!! Can it really be? Are we really just playing a play? A play without scripts…….well, the Creators have scripts from wherever the heck they are. Thank you for my play. You gave me an exciting one. Yes, even if all one did all day was watch a lady cry, I’m sure someone would watch! Lol. No, I’m more than my tears. Much more. Gosh……my mind is sharply in my favor today!!! WOW! Gotta love the Rhonda sessions!!! Highly highly highly recommend. Brilliance.

 Hi, my name is Sheri and I’m addicted to finding mushrooms. I don’t have my Canon camera with me here, just the good ole Iphone, but dang…..I’ve got SO many photos of mushrooms! What to do with them all???? How am I to know if they’ve all been seen by humans before? I am in the rainforest ye know. Fuzzy ones, hairy ones, shiny ones, bubbly ones, ridged ones, dotted ones, coral ones, fluorescent ones, obscene ones, cartoonish ones, 4D ones and miniature ones. While at Sound of Light, I was told about what they called the bridal veil mushroom. They said it was very rare and I most likely wouldn’t see it. I instantly told the universe I wanted to see it, and wala. Both days there…..the day was born with one for my eyes to witness. Blessed. Apparently I have ant medicine cuz every time I stopped in the forest there, the ants thought I was dying and they came to dispose of me. It was very difficult to hunt them, but there were some beauties on the path to the river…..which I went to twice….and no walking stick!!!!!! Funny how my ailments jump around. The breathing is worse again, as well as food not breaking down. The liver is saturated I guess and can’t process. The fire has returned to my back these days too. The weather pain is pretty severe here but I rarely even limp now. I’ve incorporated it. Ok people…..funny how the knowledge it’s your birthday can really make your belly tickle. I’m excited! Yeehaw! Oh….Ps……during the session…there was a forgiveness session between myself and the child I couldn’t raise. Another layer lifted. Signing off at my cute lil cabina in Quebradas…….oh….there’s a 2 br for $300 available nearby! LOL. Laterskiiz


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