It’s been a few days and I have been to ayahuascaland, so I know you’re itchin for a story, but not yet, ok? I’d like a day to process this stuff. In the meantime, I guess I do have a little story. Last week, I was cruising facebook and saw a Native American named Jamie, posting that she was too shy. The way she formed her sentence however, struck me as rather bold instead of shy, so I told her so. Later in that post, she said she wanted to be heard. Heard? Well, I just happen to have a tiny soapbox! So I offered to have her do a guest blog! A first for me! She had it to me the very next day! She really did wanna be heard! I however, was leaving to do aya ceremony so it had to wait. My big surprise came when I read her piece. The lady says she wants to be heard….and when offered a chance…..what does she write about? Her child. That’s a mama!!! What a sweet lady. I don’t have a bio. All I know really is her name is Jamie Johnson. So please……enjoy her words of wisdom…….


Beautiful. Thank you Jamie!!!

Ok……As soon as I write up what I’ve got on my mind, I’ll post it. Signing off at Quebradas Costa Rica.

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