another LAYER of me…

Twilight Zone. That’s a tv show that used to scare the tar outta me. Now I feel like I’m living inside an episode. A long episode. Once upon a time, people witnessed changes in their lifetime and could tally the big ones up at the end of their span of life. I don’t think we can do that now. Us old folks….not even old…..are experiencing more change in a days time….than we used to feel in a year. I remember that one prediction that Summer and I laughed at…..saying that on January 20something, of last year, that life would speed up to a year inside a day. We laughed. That January came and went. Another came. Now, in July…..I feel it. A year in a day. I keep asking God why, why on earth He wanted me here for this. Sure, it’s exciting as all get out, and it’s a first and an only and it’s the culmination possibly, of this movie…….yet….the pain I feel at the loss, the changes…is extreme. I saw a post yesterday that I didn’t even read…..the description was enough to have me scratching my head. Apparently this kid did something nice….like holding a door or something. The post was about how that was once upon a time…common courtesy…now it’s so rare it’s raved about. Ya. That aspect of this new world. Ya. THAT! The America I knew, I’m sorry to say….is gone. The world I knew, is gone as well. Plot twist, technological upgrade insert(not always good)….ya. I feel like I’m swinning in an unfamiliar river now. A new current. I don’t like it. I’m trying to reach that new river now. The ascended river. Gosh, they’ve trained our brains well cuz that sounds soooo hokey!!!

Anytime in my life where I needed to do some type of hypnosisish stuff, I would freeze up cuz I didn’t trust my brain to be able to pull the answer out of thin air. It always made me so uncomfortable. What if I said the wrong thing? Or, most often, it was the…..I’m paying for this and I really need the answer…..don’t rely on MY inner mind to find it!!! Ya, I was no good at it so I avoided it. When I did the hypnosis with the healer dude in May, it felt weird, but it also felt true. The things I saw fit with my life history. I was like, whoa. But still, I didn’t trust it 100%. Then I had this other session, with my friend…who I have permission to say…..Rhonda Meyers…and I had to trust an inner voice inside me to pull answers from the air once again. Wow….and once again, the answers fit. Puzzle pieces. This leads me to wonder if I can do more…lol….!!! I plan to play with energies. I wonder if I can pull answers for others? Only way to find out is to try. I know I used to have the ability to see someones death approaching. That is a form pf psychicness. Perhaps I have more. I’m calling back my gifts…the ones I pushed down due to reactions of other humans. The touch healing…how does one get that back? How does one get a mustard seeds worth of belief that they deserve something they threw away? I’m working on it cuz people are in need and one in particular is counting on me to claim that gift once again.

Healing. That word seems to pervade my world. Wow, where did that word come from? It fits too, I looked it up! Well, it does though. I was born a touch healer who shoved it away, down down…..later, I became a Reiki Master plus, lol. (Advanced) I put my own spin on it and created my own form of healing, which I’m happy to say has indeed worked quite well….distance healing. Now I have a new healing energy….its rainbow. There…I finally told you. I wasn’t ready before. It’s not regular rainbow…..but it is rainbow. Quite powerful stuff. It’s so funny though. After I described what I did with my rainbow energy yesterday, Summer suggested a website to see. I saw. An hour earlier, I went on a rare shamanic journey…self guided but with theta wave shamanic drumming playing. It was a powerful journey. I’m just realizing that it is its own dimension. So…….as part of the journey that I had no…absolutely no idea where it would go before I went….only 2 minute warning anyway…..and I end up anchoring the rainbow energy. The way that I did it……was only ONE way it could have been anchored, yet it is what came to me as the correct choice……and so afterward, as I tell Summer, she suggests that site. Whoa. They do the same thing!!! A different rainbow energy but the same exact type of delivery. WOW. My shrinking self said….well, then why do they need me? They’ve obviously already got other people doing the same exact thing….why bother bringing me to the planet??? Ugggh!!! Lol………………….Honestly that was my response! Haha….apparently I either have an inventive soul…or I have a pampered lazy one.

 But back to the original point……the state of things. I don’t wanna give bad things energy by speaking of them, yet I feel the need for a warning. A fine hairline I tread. It’s like with the facebook, I can sit on top of a mountain and watch the ants…..I see movements and tends. I see which paths are being grooved and worn…which will create the future. What I’m observing lately is not good. Not good. Yes, I am seeing many many good things happening….but something seems wrong. A hardening of many minds. A thick coating. As one example…only one…….and not intended to gain energy…just as an awareness……these eyes see that unless something is done……..quickly………….that rape and sexual abuse will be allowable. Be afraid with me folks….so we can stop that trend from gaining enough strength, but it is surely in the minds………………………….  Really? Damn. Lets ascend already. I can’t eat my friends anymore. I’m sorry for the inner being who is sad about that, yet I’m also happy for the aspect that was horrified and now has relief. I can’t do it. I still hear God during ayahuasca saying….Now what am I supposed to do with this dead chicken? Ya. He was sort of joking but not and it’s no longer funny for me. Not after I saw a baby cow meet a baby human. Somehow that baby cow knew it was a baby of another species, so it got down on its knees to approach. That one scene told me all I ever need to know about the animal kingdom. The human baby did not show that respect, only the cow. Problem is…..plants breathe. And, science has now proven that plants feel. So how am I supposed to eat??????? Was this the test? The plan? Create a world, create man…..then wait and see how long it would take before man harmed nothing and nobody….cuz we all are him…… and instead, ate the prana in the air, waiting to feed us for thousands, millions of years. Think of it as fairy dust that gives the body cells their every wish!!! We’re not there yet. Nope….food. I don’t know what to do. Cut the green things or cut the things that bleed? Pain is pain. I’m hungry. Guess I’ll go eat someones baby. Eggs…does a body good. Haha! Don’t blink!!! Life is changing like a charging horse!!! LOL…..the girl can be dramatic!  Had a great session…..Soul Freedom Technique….Rhonda Meyers.  WOW! I’m so impressed, with both her…and me! Haha. Ok….later guys. Yay!!!


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