Market Day!!!

Today I shall tell you a few tidbits of what I observe here in CostaRica. Haha!!! First and foremost….cuz it’s happening this moment, is…..the driving. The vast majority of the people here take the public bus. From the oldest crotchetyest to the ones who have only breathed a few times, all ride the bus. One dollar and eighty cents best I can convert. So…it’s basically a relaxed system. If you want to pass, the truck in front of you will honk to say go. Basically, you can pass any friggin time you want, as long as there’s enough room between you and something else, and lemme tell ya…these Ticos know how to push that limit!!! I shit you not we are speaking in the arena of say an inch or less!!! I laugh. No point in fearing. There are quite a few motorcycles here too, and a lot of them are delivery bikes. They also believe in loudspeaker selling in this country. While Summer and I waited for an iPod repair, the blaring of product announcements was carving deep trenches in our ear drums!!! They also do it on foot behind cars in neighborhoods, mine included. Mangos, get your mangos….just in Spanish instead! My Spanish is improving with teeny tiny baby steps. The software is infallible, it’s me that forgets. The girls wear bobby pins…simple beauty and the babies are pushed in baby joy type strollers. In other words, the strollers are designed to make the baby happy, instead of designed to restrain. Cute cute little bugs or cars, etc. Haven’t taken a photo for you cuz I don’t wanna infringe on the mommies wishes. The people here are quieter, dignified. But they like to giggle and smile with us. They are a proud people. When I asked permission to take a photo of one mans bananas, he insisted I take one of an orchid he had there for sale. So cute. Oh! I underpaid by a hundred colones(25cents I think) for about 50 smoothies and they never said a word!!! Lol I heard that same lady wanted to have sex with a married man, lol he was telling me he won’t go there now!!! At the fabric store, oh goodness it’s so hard to describe, it’s a relaxed attitude I suppose. How they cut it. And today, instead of laying the fabric out, she pulled one thread. Allllll the way across! This was her line to tell her where to cut!!! I like them. I just plain like them. They strive to be good people. It’s very obvious. Kinda hard to penetrate the wall of their heart though. Maybe one day I’ll have close friends from here. Ha, or not. I generally haven’t made many friends in the past.    
It’s Thursday, feria day. I’ve been shy and only took generic photos from afar so far. Today I give you a tour!!! Yay!! First stop, pancakes!!!! They stop serving at 11!!! Oh. I should tell you it’s raining! Never gone into town when it’s raining. So. Cafe Delicias. Pancakes, $3.00. Yum! My friend Elena’s booth is at the very very back….the bitter end of the feria structure which attaches to a small grocery. Elena is the meetup booth. Like Grand Central Station! Love my Elena!!! We of course, met up with Sound of Light and since a major element of SOL is leaving this week, Summer and I shall go there to say goodbyes. I will miss that precious baby who I just wanna grab n run away with!!! Arrow!!!!! I miss him already. He just learned to give kisses and I got some!!! I also talked with Vismay while there and he’s ok with the spoon a day idea but he wants me to come there so he can explain it. That, was the sign I needed. This means a trip to SOL is in order. Also, it’s time to reUp on the visa. I don’t need to go but Summer does. Or if I need to stay longer then I’d be out of sync with her 90 days. It’s a long day and I’m gonna whine about it now for a second cuz I feel ill decide to go. 😊. The guy who drove us last time has just died!!! So car rental here we come. Bye Gary!!! Sorry dude, know you still had plans. So….because of the SOL trip and the Panama trip, Summer decided not to go back to Awakening Soul just yet. Her dear friend is leaving SOL for Israel. Family. Goodbyes. My kitty Mona Isa had a ruptured uterus and is home recovering from surgery. The bill for said surgery will need a reckoning. $700 for what they said would be a spay. 

 Hubby still in China. Raining. Food smells coming from the kitchen. Yum! Ok. Well, I took feria photos as promised. The obvious ones I know, but the majority of these, I have no clue. Nope. Don’t know their names or what they taste like, but they sure are interesting and unusual to my eyes. Oh…went mushroom hunting today after the rain but those photos can wait till next time. And, I’ll get to hunt for new kinds at SOL!!!! Yay!!! And no, I don’t even touch them. Well, cept for today I tickled a teeny eeny. Signing off at Quebradas Costa Rica baby!!! Home is still in Texas though. Later!!!!


4 thoughts on “Market Day!!!

  1. the 12:01 picture is loquats, very yummy, I have a tree I planted here, so I can have some. They have the consistency of a pear but is kind of citrusy. You want to eat the yellow ones and they should be kind of soft, like a pear.
    you have three pictures of of similar fruit actually a veg called Pejibaye, they are from palm trees. You cook and peel this one it is a bit dry so needs something to go with it.
    The hairy lychees or rambutan, just peel and eat, but you will probably need a knife to peel them. They are the red spiky ones.
    I think the fruit you took a picture of at 12:09 is passion fruit. It makes a wonderful drink.
    One of the best is the mangosteen, the purple one with the leaf type top, under the onion picture. when it is ripe the skin is soft and you can kind of twist it open. be careful because the rind can stain purple. You eat the white sections inside and it is one of the tastiest fruits you will ever have. It also has all sorts of medicinal uses and is VERY expensive in the States, like $50 a lb
    That root is Yuca and is like potatoes
    I didn’t see any papaya or mangos and I don’t know what that yellow, pink or green shiny one is. I was thinking Spanish Lime but I don’t think so. The one with what looks like scales could be the one that tastes like ice cream not 100% sure on that one either
    Hugs, Enjoy

    • Lol wow!!!! That was a lot of knowledge!!! I’ve eaten the yucca but didn’t really see it and I dislike it intensely!!! They cook it for ayahuasca dieta in as many ways as you can think of…no salt. Yikes. Curious about the purple ones now. 😊

      • I mighta just missed em. Lately I’m more adventurous and tasting new things. Today I tried the little round yellow things. I believe I’ve likened them to sweethearts. ;)) today I bought the guanabana …a slice. Just tasted it. Otherwise known as Soursop. Otherwise known as fruit that CURES CANCER. It’s sweet and yummy with a weird texture.

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