the WHY…

I’m not a scientist,  I’m an explorer. I don’t have petri dishes lined up one after one for me to analyze and dissect the what or the why. I am, however, hardwired from birth, to explore….to search….to find meaning. The book is so problematic for me. It was written by humans, stories chosen by humans, translated by humans… much is accurate and even if it all were, it’s so very hard to understand. Parables. Stories. Could be’s. My point is….from as young as I can remember, I wanted to know WHY. WHY are we here? What for????? There must be a point. What is it. If a person is wondering why….why she has been created and placed on the spinning ball planet, where is there room in the brain for other things, like say….joy? But that is who I am…..who I created myself to be for this go round. And oh….I no longer have doubts about reincarnation. It’s been proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt. So….since I now have an understanding, my brain has shifted again. The more I search, the more it’s looking like we ALL come to planet with abilities to connect with one another…….empath, psychic, shaman, clairvoyant, (and all the clairs!), Ya. I think we all come with a gift…..but the world we experience determines what happens to that gift. If say, we hear voices…………and our family is not accepting of that… may never develop that skill of hearing when others are in trouble or finding a lost person or hearing of a plant recipe that would cure thousands. In fact, a lot of those people end up in psych wards being raped and brain shocked everyday. No…our society does not allow these gifts. They are laughed at….shamed….ridiculed….killed…..locked away. Do you realeyes how many different gifts there are? How could they all be mistakes?

Think about it……guide talkers, teleporters, remote viewers, ghost see-ers, ghost talkers, ghost hear-ers, color see-ers, disease see-ers, heal-ers, death see-ers, future see-ers, object movers, and thought see-ers. Now…..truly. Do you really think that it was a flaw in the design of humans????? So many flaws???? Or is it merely that the leaders of society fear for their leader-ship status, so fear the gifts of the people, that could shake their ships……and they quash the people. Throw labels on the gifts. Blankets of shame on those who use or hone their gifts. These gifts are our birthright……(signed away on the birth certificate which gives us to the GOVERNMENT. If I had a baby with this knowledge….I would refuse the birth certificate.) I have a few of these gifts actually. I’m just now ready to believe and to accept and to implement. I used to be a death see-er but I shut it down. Because I shut it down, it wriggled and changed shapes and became being able to see and sometimes communicate with one who is in process of death.  I no longer see that people will die. I see when I’m told, then if necessary, I try to speak to them. Kinda useful I suppose. Sure was useful for hubby’s dad! He got to stay on planet a few extra days for something he wanted. So if you think you have the hintings of a gift….research it…hone it…it’s yours.

 Another thing that I think we don’t realeyes. When our gifts are not developed…ignored, squished, stepped on……we develop glitches. Depression, bipolar, schizophrenic, anxiety, OCD….etc. We aren’t actually broken…..we just are not utilized or appreciated or taught or encouraged or or or. For some reason…this society has decided that the ones without the glitches….are the good ones. Like the food on the conveyor belt….good fruit, bad fruit….bad fruit tumbling down into another chute….ending in a pile of other bad fruits…..who all only know how to be sad or mad or scared. Doomed. NOT!!!  Free that voice. What is it saying? No, not the ones that say to kill someone….those voices are best sent to the light…..being a major glitch! :=))  Haha…maybe that’s why when I buy things, I often will buy the misshapen one….the crooked tree, the bent thing, lol. Hear a voice? What’s it saying?

 I think my friend may have thrown me more than a rope. It feels like a tree branch…..a very strong one. Of course she did. I just told you I spent my life wondering why I was here. It caused my unhappiness. Well…..I now know why I am here. It causes my happiness. In my heart, I view it as a miracle. To shift in one night….is another miracle. Not my first. My third I’d say. First being when God rebirthed me, 2nd when HE gave me a glimpse into the why’s of life by showing me a glimpse of the archetypes of life(winter solstice experience), and now….being shown WHY I’m here. The theory that we all choose to come to planet earth school………..that we choose our families, or lessons to learn……I believed it oh, maybe 30%. NOW? Haha. Now I know it’s real. I remember. It’s not a clear memory as in furniture or specific clothing, but it is a deep heart memory. So….for any of you who are also suffering……..from a brain gone glitch….perhaps if you could find out the reason you chose to come….your purpose this go round…maybe it would free you up. Think back in history. Can you think of a time that was more crucial than now? What an exciting time. What a painful time. What a joyous coming together of the collective unconscious. Hundredth monkey is reached every second these days in my guesstimation!!! I know I’m working hard on myself….which goes into the collective of knowledge….the ultimate How to for Dummies. Sorry…I seem to be hooked on that title.

When I did the hypnosis in May, I was told I was being given a new energy. The man doing the hypnosis asked me if I knew what to do with it, and I immediately, while still under, said yes. I felt it as a hesitant yes. Turns out it is not the same as the other reiki and similar energies I use. And, it turns out I now know what to do with it…just don’t know how, when or the detailed why.. Got the general why. That guy messaged me today. LOL. Perhaps now is the time to learn more specifics? It’s starting to come together. I’m starting to come together.

There is a spider web a few inches from my head where I sit in my bed….(my couch), or where my head rests on a pillow to sleep. 2 spiders live there, one large, one small. Lately, there are more converging on me. Collecting at the head of my bed. Kinda creepy….kinda cool. Guess that’s it. Food smells are wafting my direction. Mushrooms! Lol. Later guys! Signing off in Costa Rica!!!


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