jungle sounds again….yay!

I have been properly welcomed by the mosquito beings and am officially in the jungle now. I had a lot of fears before the flight and BabyGirl laid down in front of the gate when we were leaving. Never ever done that before so I wondered if it was a sign not to go, then the fears swooped in like a swallow in flight. I didn’t want to go. Yet….it was expected, the plan. My daughter was counting on me bringing her some things so I went. Middle of the night flights are no fun. There is one advantage however, the airport is rather empty. My taxi friend, Merlin, was waiting for me when I arrived. Good ole Merlin. During the drive, I pondered more….go to Sol? Not go to Sol? Merlin had another passenger going to Sol, so he offers to take me to my cabin and let me unload and repack for Sol. I was a bit too rushed however, and didn’t get all I needed or wanted. Plus…it rained all night….the new norm. In the end, I did NOT do ayahuasca. I slept instead. Needed it. This is the first time there was ceremony and I watched it from afar. Plus, I had no headlamp, no personal items to place in my ceremony space and it just plain didn’t feel right. I can now tell you what they had wanted me to do, since it’s now a non thing. They had wanted to start a kindergarten since there was no room at the local one. But….space was freed up and the little one starts tomorrow. Now, it’s being suggested that I be the nanny for the baby but I’d have to live here and it’s just too primitive for me here. They’re working as fast as they can with the finances available. It takes money to build a place like this. If I had my own space where I could cook…I’d do it…or a daycare could be a possibility. I dunno yet. I am still waking to the song words….around the world if you want to. 4-5 days now in a row. Kicking around what that could mean. A world tour to enlighten the world on the different jungle cures? Or just cures? Or, a tour to bring awareness to the jungle medicine or the destruction of the jungles, therefore the destruction of the cures waiting to be discovered. Still just watching for signs. 
I don’t want to talk above your heads and I know that not everybody is on a spiritual journey of discovery about life, so I at least want to explain one thing. Consciousness. I use that word alot. Let me try the nutshell for ya. We , as humans, are at many different levels although we are unaware of that. We think that there is just one normal awake one. Then, for surgery, they use the ether or new fangled stuff to take us down some levels of conscious. Down…..down down….to levels where we are unaware. Then…they can cut us open and we don’t feel a thing. We are UNAWARE. Understand? So, when we are awake, we are at what ever level of Awareness that we have so far. As we gain awareness, we go up in consciousness. Well, baby, there are many high conscious people in my momentary circle. We teach each other. I grasped this concept with greater depth today from a new brother. Also, another insight, from a new sister. Her newest aya insight….fresher than a newly born banana, was that she/we needn’t be so unhealthily connected, and to stop it….see that each person is God, in a suit that’s different from yours. See? If I’m God and she is God and he too is God wearing a Jeff suit, then what is there to be so controlling of, so needy of, so envious of??? Ya. Good stuff. Not that all of it is actually new…but that it gave another perspective. That’s the good stuff. 
They say they’re having a lay down meditation with a Daime Shower(still haven’t experienced it so can’t really elaborate, and a Sharing. It is POURING DOWN RAIN!!!! No umbrella, no raincoat, nothin. Not sure I wanna get wet. See, it’s rainy season which means(I finally get it) that the sun won’t be out long enough to dry what gets wet anymore.? Like me. I now understand where the layered look originated…..here!!! I’ve taken off and put on more clothes in one day than I’ll wear all week back home. It’s hot mostly, nothing horrendous but it’s hot. Then it rains, bringing cool air, stops raining and cool air is replaced by humid air which is hotter than hell…Ahhhh hell is in or near water!!! Lol. Then…it adjusts back to normal until the next wave of rain hits and it all repeats. 2 days. 2 days and I now know this deeply. I guess they’ll be having it without me cuz this old crone doesn’t wanna get soaked, then lay there and meditate soaked. I guess there are just things about me that I don’t like to compromise with. I want my pot, I want my sugar at least sometimes, I want lights or candles in my space, I want to be just right temperature wise,(right now the rain is causing a blanket needed…which is ok if you have a blanket…I do), I want what I consider Edible foods, I want Internet access, 
I wondered about my decision to come here last night. Why did I decide to? Was it a wrong choice? Is there a right or wrong choice? Ya. Well, I know it was the right one. Even though there are hardships from this jungle living, and no aya was digested, why did I come? Answer easily apparent. The people. Both for me and for them. I have words(prayers) that help them and they have some for me. One person in particular needed to talk and I was there. Good girl Sunshine!!!! Oh. Aya told me last night that next ceremony I actually do…I need to integrate Sheri and Sunshine. I need to be one. Not 2. Next ceremony is Tuesday and Wednesday. Gonna try to get home and grab some things first. Will be a costly venture but it’s the choice I made. I’ll probably do at least one of those days…maybe…..then, I think I’ll try the spoon a day protocol. For a week. In my cabin then if it’s not right, I’ll just return and finish it here. Oh…..and rainy season….while still not really active until September, is active enough that I can tell you I most likely will NOT stay here, as in Costa, the whole 2 months. Depends on the acupuncture. So ya, me and rainy season do not get along. It’s too dark. I need light, so I obviously won’t be living here year round. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining…no, I’m just realizing what Sheri likes and doesn’t like. I’m somewhat accustomed to bending to others desires. Somewhat….ha! Oh, but warning warning….I am about to complain!!!!! I was under the impression there was new internet here. It’s a hotspot…..when it’s on…who knows, maybe it’s good. I have no clue yet. Haven’t been to the Internet store yet. Gonna get that newly fixed old iPhone a Costa Rica SIM card. Between that and wifi in my town cabin, I should be good. 
Rain. So much. Summer once pondered aloud as to what hummingbirds did when it rained. She was taken aback that I knew the answer. They get into shrubs and sit on a small branch and wait it out. The leaves above them are their umbrella. Learned this in my room at Awakening Soul. And yes, there is one doing so now to remind me to share with you what hummingbirds do in the rain!!!! Lollll!!! Have I told you there are regular bird sized ones here? Huge! Haha, well not huge… bird size. Hmmm, just plain ole healing around the world journey! Ya, I’m back to that. Maybe it doesn’t need to be jungle specific. Just healing specific. So jeeze!!!! Day 2!!!! This is not gonna work. It’s gonna rain off n on allll day! At least the pain is not constant, that’s a plus in the Stay column! Oops….few moments later and my head is singing….around the world if you want to. Raining so hard I can barely see the mountain across the ways.
It is a stunning display of faith that has me in a taxi a different taxi who showed up in that rain with another seeker. Any taxi ride here is a wild and crazy one but the rain adds 10 lbs. lol. Add to that that this driver thinks he’s in the Taladega 500 and Ya!!!! Mama gets better every day! Speaking of that, I think Aya has solved that name issue for me. And yes, she is a separate and distinct energy in me….here’s her solution: Go back to my name and the ones who know me as Sunshine….shall continue therefore I get my giggles still. Compromise!!! Remind me to tell you more about the taxi’s here YeeHaw!!! Signing off from my cabin!!! Quebradas, Costa Rica!!!!! Viva!


2 thoughts on “jungle sounds again….yay!

  1. Glad you are safe, and glad you are thinking about where you should be and al the options that are open to you my sweet deer. Not many deer here, and I do miss our talks but I know you are there and you are OK, just finding your way.
    Night Owl,

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