Bulls for a 5am flight….

Spirit is nudging me hard right now. I remember when I first decided that I just couldn’t handle eating something that had once been alive. I was living in California and I had just watched one of those documentaries to show what happens when the little chicks are ready to go through the system and they get their little beaks chopped off first thing and so yeah I decided I wanted to stop eating anything that had once lived. So, I found what I was a was willing to eat ….potatoes! Ha ha, I ate potatoes every which way you can and guess what happened I blew up like like a beach ball. Needless to say, I went back to eating meat. That my friends, was in the year 2000. Ha ha here it is 15 years later and God is once again saying ha ha you sure you want to eat that? Are you really sure? It was alive you know. It had a mommy you know. It had a daddy. It had feelings. Are you sure? Yeah that’s what I thought. So I’ve decided that I’m going to quit eating beef. I will miss it tremendously but I think I’ll feel better about myself if I stop eating it, but I’m not going to go all the way. I’m going to keep eating chicken. Hey, I need my chicken!
If you’re wondering why this has come up again well Lotsa reasons. I don’t know but it’s probably partly to do with the past weeks doings. In order to go to Costa Rica, I sold the rest of those bulls that we couldn’t get last time. Well, TRIED to sell all the bulls, but we missed one. I was trying to catch him and he kept staring at me and I’m chasing him down and its like he knows he’s about to be hamburger… that’s why he doesn’t want to go in. Ran around and around we went and I just could see it in his eyes and he was too smart he was like I’m not!!! If I go in there you’re going to kill me I know you’re going to kill me…so I decided let’s just quit chasing him and let’s just let him live. So, he’s the bull that got away! I’m headed now to get the check for those two bulls. I’m curious to find out how much it’s going to be. How much you get for two bulls…one big, one little. Poor little guy he wasn’t a tiny baby but he sure was cute though and his mom cried for the next two days. How you supposed live with yourself when you do that??? Well, obviously I can’t because this is the second time I’ve done it but I don’t like it I just don’t like it!!! On the other hand…..lol, sorry. Turns out I’m human. We need more cows!!! Wowza! Good check!!!! Yay! I can go now! 

     Have been packing. You know doing that thing where you’re rearranging…you pack it one way , then move it all around another way trying to see how you can get everything you want into the different bags. And then of course, there’s the issue of what to take. I keep going back and forth as to whether or not I will have a booth. If I have a booth I need product so I need to take things. If I don’t have a booth I don’t need to take things…..driving me nuts. Bet you’re wondering why I’m trying to figure out what the take and what not to. Here’s the deal. Apparently rainy season is hard on our art form as it is kept……stacked. It’s actually more than that. Summer also cancelled the “special” things I was to bring. Huh??? She wants them safe in Texas. I’m so confused.  
I find myself treating you guys like my children. I don’t want to worry you so I keep things to myself. Actually it’s more than that…. it’s more like embarrassment. I don’t know why I I keep things to myself, I mean you guys know my inadequacies quite well by now. I had a test today of my SIGN recognizing skills. Was approaching home, knowing I was supposed to let Jesse drive my car. There was a storm approaching. I began having birds fly towards me in unusual displays of flying maneuvers and there were so many of them that I actually said okay is this a sign? Is this a sign that I’m not supposed to let him take the car right now because of the storm? Okay if this is a sign then please have another bird fly in my face. Of course, a bird flew in my face. Lol, he wasn’t here so it didn’t really matter anyway but still you know it was a test. It was a test to make sure that I would be able to recognize a sign because I am thinking of possibly doing the follow God thing and you can’t follow if you can’t recognize a sign & you are shit out of luck! I haven’t decided for sure, because it’s a really big heavy thing to do if you think about it. I don’t want to let you down and I don’t wanna let myself down.


  Still trying to decide if I want to do the Ayahuausca without my daughter. She says it’ll be another month before she’s ready so it’s a big question….big question. Oh yeah speaking of that, I gotta tell you about my new friends. Lol, if I was big into music, I woulda prolly swooned when I realized who was there. But….alas, I’m an old crone, yay, and I just thought they were really awesome people whom I connected with bigtime. I saw a recent photo of the band and it had over 4,000 likes. Jeeze! Haha, and the people were freakin out that the lead singer, my friend, had cut his hair. Lol. Gotta love love……the CRYSTAL FIGHTERS!!!! 
August Rush, at the end, the boy says the music is all around us, all you have to do is listen. He’s being metaphorical. I heard…that spirit voice you listen to, that’s the music for you. Haha, tried weighing the suitcase and when Jesse stepped on the scale he said, that’s too low. I said the same….the cookie factor. So I think the scales off, therefore I took out some fiber…knowing me I’ll just throw in a different fiber to take its place. Lost a cat, found the cat. Phone fixed after floods but Internet still out here. No goatie sounds, no catching sight of them out the window. Very green and empty here. Headed from one rainy season to another. Leave 2am, flight leaves 5am. Will be in mosquito paradise by morning…armed with 2 Afterbites and even spray and cream. Taxi been called and should be waiting in San Jose. Ok. Too much to do. Signing off here at this wet YeeHaw ranch place. Talk to Ya across the ocean. 


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