YO….Costa Rica…..You need to hire me! I’m a multitasker. I’ll paint your beautiful landscapes and flora and fauna with my beautiful soft wools and silks, I’ll tell the world about you too….right here in this blog. I’ll do what I always do. Tell the truth. The good and the bad and believe me….people appreciate getting a heads up so they can make a smart choice in life. I’m also a good writer. I’ll be your spokeswoman. And I’ll learn Spanish soon. Lo siento yo no habla Espanola ahora. Not bad for 3 months, eh? I can even be an advisor. The first thing I would suggest is to bring some capital to your country. Legalize cannabis and ayahuasca. There….gave you a free sample. Your people deserve more than 2 dollars an hour. I love these people. Very forgiving of ignorance and a great sense of humor….that and hard work ethics. Thank you for listening.

Haha. Fun. What is not fun however….is the rain right now in Texas. I looked at the forecast…a 10 day forecast…..rain. God did say my place was the Ark. Guess He wants me there when it rises. I’ll have to use a goose or a guinea to search for dry land instead of a dove. Well….I guess if the taxi driver shows up in the morning…..Merlin…..Love ya…..then that will be my sign I’m supposed to go. Merlin speaks quite a bit of English and stops for tourist photos for you. I’ll give ya his number if ya need it…just holler. Or…if ya need one to Mt Chirripo….Chus is your guy, he didn’t let us fall to our deaths, yay! These are San Isidro drivers, but see, like I’m gonna call Merlin when I get back …..on Skype….and he’ll come to the airport and get me. Or…shoot…I could message him on Facebook. Oh ok crap. This is ridiculous. I just saw a video of Austin flooding! Austin! Austin doesn’t flood! I don’t wanna go! Haha…I asked aya to turn my hair silver early….now I see it’s a trend. Yikes. And I really wanted it. Either that or rainbow hair! I didn’t tell ya. As we were driving down the muddy mountain roads on the way out today, a blue morpho butterfly flew in front of us…towards us. I took it as an acknowledgment that I was leaving…a goodbye… A friend asked….are you sure it’s not a …stop don’t go? No. I’m not. I’m still asking for signs and trying to direct them, like saying…..ok…anything I deem a sign from now on, goes in the GO category. Ok….night night. 10:46pm = 11 = Master number!

     What a day!!! Merlin arrived early!!! It was a fast rush out then and a long 3 hour drive. Great conversation the whole way, Merlin….the best taxi guy in CR!!!! Then….a 3 hour wait. But I had the most fun!!!! Wish there was a photo cuz maybe I do like attention after all. I was sitting against a large pillar, doin my art, when I realized that the group of 2-5 people watching me had grown! 20? Wow!!! That was too cool! One Tico said….you’re really an artist!! Lol that’s never happened and lemme just say…ya. I didn’t have change so I trusted Merlin for a future ride!!! Oh ya, that reminds me. If you should EVER COME TO COSTA RICA…..DO NOT……..bring anything but pristinely perfect money bills!!!!! They reject em and you’re out money. As for traveling….A lot easier when you have no luggage!! And what an odd travel day. No checks if my bags, no making me dump my water outtA water bottle, no making sure I wore seatbelt and no making tray table up. Weird. Went straight for my Chilis cookie but not on the menu!!!! Panda Express instead and now I’m sleepy. 17 hours to go. Gonna lay down now…sorta. Signing off from Orlando airport…quiet wing. 

Ps…..on the way to Costa Rica, I thought he was real and I wanted to go in the box.  Lol


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