following the signs…..

There are many things that make me different from the masses but here is one. I’ve been to a rainbow gathering and this is how it rubbed off on me. Upon discovering that an umbrella was a darnright must have utensil in a rain forest country, my mind simply would not rest until it had procured a fix for the conundrum of what to do with it when it was not raining….and you are not at home to lay it down. I knew the rainbow answer immediately but it took me a few weeks to both find, remember, and buy…ya that’s 3…..the material. I wanted a strip…..just a simple strip of cloth to tie onto the umbrella so it could then become a part of my wardrobe and be worn over my shoulder. Haven’t seen a single umbrella thus outfitted….so ya….I’m unique. Cuz honey… don’t go nowhere in Costa Rica without one. Also…..I carry these twisty thingies wherever I go or use hooks. Anything to make life simpler. If I’m somewhere wearing a dress and it calls for pants or shorts….why, I’ll tie a knot somewhere and create just that. I keep hairties on my wrist for whenever they’re needed…say, for tying the hair braid up…..while doing ayahuasca so I don’t puke on my hair. Or if clothes are too big. Remember, I buy thrift store clothes. Haha….learning to use sage on them…saw Billy Graham is worried they could be haunted! LOL. LOL….but they could. So I sage. My daughter laughed at me bringing the twisties. I’ve used them plenty. Oh ya…also….my thief system. I have money in my waist pockets, and my leather purse. Not my purse. I strap the strap of the leather purse into the waist pocket closure, so they both have to come off to get one. Which one to try to steal? The pockets? The purse? The leather purse? Purse is easy to grab, not secured onto me. Of course, it’s got no money. Haha, my lil way. I was hanging the umbrella from the waist pocket but it wasn’t foolproof.

 Ok…so my tooth broke. What? Haha…..I worried so about the fake teeth and the aya…that I’d go so insane doing the aya that I would try to tear the teeth out with my nails… I cut my nails…..and here I am….I’ve don’t the aya safely…and wala…..the tooth breaks out. I created what I feared in a general way, not specific, which is usually how it works. I put all that worry energy of teeth being gone….into the energy field. So……since these are designer teeth…..I should tell you the story. Sorry if I repeat myself. Hubby and I went to Clear Choice Dental Implants anywhere from 5-10 yrs ago. We went in just to talk. My teeth were nothing but jagged shards on top. Bottom teeth not as bad. After an hour long spiel, they say the price…..TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. I cried and got up to leave very angry. Get my hopes up you piss ants. Lady says….but aren’t you worth it? Don’t you think you’re worth twenty five thousand dollars? That my friends was her sales pitch and she snagged her fish. My husband. He wanted me to feel worthy so he said yes. Not sure how he feels nowadays….but he got me the outrageously expensive teeth and we are probably still paying. I think though, that it was one price…..covers all in future. So…….one of the teeth has broken off of the bridge that is implanted with titanium screws. Not sure if one of the screws came out but don’t wanna risk the whole thing comin out cuz it’s all one piece and they shaved the bone down to nothing. Looks horrendous. I’m headed home. Looks like God answered the question of what next. Texas. But just to get my stuff. Then…..I texted with hubby and he asks if I’m comin back here. I say ya. Then I spell out my wish. To create art, sell it at beach during festival and live half and half here and there. He didn’t say no. Then he dropped outta conversation so later I said…are you done with this topic and he said….I’m helping Bryan. Lol. Ya, he was stressed about it. Haha. So, it’s possible folks!!! I might get what I think I want. We gotta be so very careful thinking we want something…we might get it! And it might and might not be good for us. I prefer Gods way…let him lead the waltz. I let him know what I preferred…..this is His response….so far. Oh…..the spider let me sleep without manhandling me….she didn’t move till morning….big ole girl…..but the invading bugs were mean. Got in my bed and when I brushed one off…he said something to the others and they went nutso!!! Freaked me out. I couldn’t brush them off fast enough it just made them more aggressive! I tried sage smoke…nope……..finally I turned bathroom light on….my light off and eventually they moved. Not fun one little bit. Not a pleasant night…lost the tooth, huge spider not leaving my space and the bugs. I survived though. So….I am all packed. Literally. My flight is Tuesday and it is Saturday at 3pm. Summer wants a hug and says she can’t leave there so I’ll probably have to spend the taxi money. Expensive hug little feathers! You’re worth it. She’s afraid I won’t make it back. Elena….it’s ok…..I know you’ll be worried too. I’ll hurry back. In fact……why don’t I leave my suitcase here. Hmmm. Ok…got some repacking and rearranging to do. What a great idea…thanks guys! This way I can bring even more fiber back. Ya, gonna have to rebuy suitcases….but if ya get a good deal its ok.

    Suitcases….fiber….goats. I really wanted to ship them here but it’s looking less likely. That’s a very long drive through several countries, and there’s no telling how they’d do with all this rain….worms and rain go together but they have other goats here. But…I’ll probably need to sell them. What’s left that is. 15 of my best or my favorite goats. I’ve got a few really special ones. I haven’t been paid yet for selling the 30 goats….but I really wanted them to go to one place so I was willing to do that. But I really need the money to kick things off when I get back here to costa Rica, so It would be nice to get actual cash. And…..the depression should be ok for now. Decided I’m a bit too stressed to do aya today, so I’m not. The change should be stimulus enough to affect the serotonin. Bluedog!!! My son!!! My puppy! My babies…my kitties…my puppies! Oh but it’s all so stressful. Will I make it back? How will I support myself? Will people buy my art? Will I find another way if they don’t? Big deep breath. Breathe. Signing off sitting on a bed with everything packed up all around me….in Quebradas……Costa Rica baby. My stomach hurts at the thought of leaving…..God, please get me back before all the earthquakes and volcanoes go. I wanna be here.

Beets……it’s what’s for dinner 



9 thoughts on “following the signs…..

  1. why leave a suitcase there if you are going to need it, you can put one suitcase inside the other if you don’t have enough to fill them. That way you don’t have to spend more money for something you already have

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