Panama…border run

Guess what guys? I now live at the corner of Synchronicity and Serendepity. What used to make me squeal in delight with the words…..oh. my gosh, what are the odds???… now not exactly Normal, it’s special normal. Didn’t want to sound unappreciative. So yesterday, we had a list of errands to get ready for the Panama border run. We could’ve done that list in many or any order. Well, we chose bank first. The man ahead of us hears one of us speak to the teller and he says…ahhhh, border run time, me too! I have a car, ride with me!!! So, here we are, in a car instead of a bus, on the way to Panama. Haha!!! On Party Day!!! Cinco de Mayo! Just a joke people, but….what are the odds? Good conversation and the smell of an old old car vs the bus smells we woulda been subjected to on the bus….of perfumes and colognes. And scoop! We getting the scoop on things Gringo in Costa Rica!!! 



I guess we’re driving south. Farmland. I’m seeing farmland. So, let me spell this out for you. When you come to this country, you must buy a return ticket. They want to know you are leaving one day. You have 90 days before you need a visa. Therefore, everyone who is not a resident of Costa Rica, must cross a border and get their passport re-stamped every 3 months. There are rules and quirks. 3 copies of your passport, either $500 in cash or a credit card with that much in balance, a copy of your flight out of country and even a bus ticket out of Panama, even if you’re in a car. They may or may not make us spend the night in Panama. We’re hoping not cuz we hear it’s not a good town to stay in. If you’re not doing a border run, skip this next part…(For those who want specifics…it was 21$ for the bus ticket and it’s a both way ticket that doesn’t expire so you reuse it each border run. It will also allow you to buy a one way ticket to Costa Rica so you avoid the $150 to change the flight date.). 


And we made it to the border!!!! Nobody is home! It’s raining to boot. So…we wait. Maybe they’re at lunch? And wait we did. At least an hour then zippity do dah…done. And off to Panama….across the street. Hmmm, friends. Yay! Quickly, and without fuss we were in Panama. We then walked a few hundred feet and holy Toledo! It’s the tee tiniest little town in the world! We walked the entire street. No fabrics of a type I needed and of all things, we shop on a grocery store? Yup. So silly. I coulda done without that. So….one hour later we are back in front of the dude and 15 minutes after that, the lady and we were outta there! One hour in Panama! Repeat in August, same dude, same trip. Yup. Grace and blessings were received. Dropped off in San Isidro, groceries bought, bus ride home and YA! HOME! With my 2 guests that is. Brother Bear 2 is waiting on Netflix for me to watch and dinner is being cooked. More serious topics tomorrow maybe. We’ll see. Bottom line for today is that chore is completed and a big relief was had by all! 
Oh man! Relief is an understatement! We were blessed to find Gary and blessed that it all went smoothly. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing the August run or not. The rent will be up around Aug 20… expires Aug 5. Dunno. That only gives me a month of acupuncture when Ophir returns in July. Still feel like I’ve made the best choices for me. Still have some sadness issues and still am human. Life is a ride and I’m still on and strapped in. Ok. Gonna hang up on this boring subject. Talk to Ya soon! Signing off at Quebradas from my lil cabina. 

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