crossin the border….

I was just explaining the constancy and speed of change that occurs to us all on a daily basis and it took me down the path of change for me, right now. A gazillion would not be an overstatement! Think about it….what part of my life IS what it was? But which new shall I base it on? Before or after I was told I was dying? Before or after I quit drinking and smoking and changed my food. And whether my little, dear sweet little feathers will acknowledge this or not….I HAVE changed my food. Before I came here….the foods she had me eating, then the yogurt and cookies, that was all new. Then the foods here. Jeeze. I don’t think I’ve told you of my not so guilty pleasure. Each time I go to San Isidro, I go to Café Delicias…..and get pancakes. WOW! Regular, ordinary, American type….pancakes!!! Holy Toledo!!! Food from home!!! Can’t tell you what it means to me to have found it….and to get to eat it each time. It’s really the only food that is the same. They don’t even drink iced tea here!!! I mean….I love love love Costa Rica but the food….now that my friends….is where I experienced culture shock….and still do. And back to the changes……as I was saying….my daughter thinks I eat the wrong things too often….what she doesn’t take into consideration….aside from the culture shock aspect….is that until she declared it differently…..I was NOT a vegetarian. Nope…I was a carnivore. Meatloaf, fried chicken, prime rib, hamburgers, BACON, ham….oh….and cheese! Dairy!!! You see…..I never chose to become a vegetarian….or a vegan. Haha….I went off on a food tangent! I do so love food.

   Last night, the landlords son and girlfriend turned her house into a restaurant. Even though it’s not my thing, I went…so I could meet people….which I did. New. That’s what I’m being asked to allow. Newness. Change. Trying things out. Give it a go. Being brave. I was told that I….left so early!!! I replied…..well, maybe, but the fact that I was there at all is a victory! Summer is still here so she stayed home while I went out alone…haha…..down the driveway. Here’s the deal. Summer is doing the cleanses at Awakening Soul and would be at the fasting part when it’s time to go to Panama to reup the passport stamp. SO…….she’s wanting to go now and a gal from there also is needing to go so…the three of us are taking a bus to Panama Tuesday morning. No, not to the turquoise water….big frowny face…..just across the border, spend the night and return…all in time to then go back to the market in full circle on Thursday. I will not be going to and fro to Sound of Light. That little escapade ended up costing me 50 bucks. I can do it cheaper, by taking a bus…but then I have to hitchhike to Florestral. Not really my thing, hitchhiking…..and even then, there’s a chance the ride is only partial…..long long way from the sign. Even what I was told about the taxi from town to this cabina was wrong. It’s 10 dollars, not 6. To me, that’s a big difference. The bus usually works….even with bags and bags of cheapo house supplies and groceries. Haha…and a broom! 

            All of this I’m speaking of, is surface stuff. There is still a level of change that I can’t even discuss because I don’t know which words to put together to explain. Maybe I could say that there’s an aura of…..a new dimension. Like, I’m not exactly where I was….I’ve shifted a wee tiny tad up or over…hopefully up. It just feels like most things are off kilter just a tiny bit now. Not wrong…just feels different. My thoughts, think differently now too. Haha…and don’t forget to add in the Spanish aspect…lol, half and half. I like this new me. Not all of me is new, but what isn’t…I can usually bring up in energy to meet us. Haha, us. Sunshine and Sheri. I still think of them differently.
 Oh. That reminds me. I am the storyteller. You read my words. I tell my story in the hopes of helping others see another way. I told the ayahuasca story most definitely hoping it would inspire some of you to give it a go, especially those with depression issues or high spiritual goals. I was very clear. Do not do this at home. Do this with a shaman. My dear friend Amasa nearly lost her life and or her mind……this is not a medicine to play with. The society out there is so into the….I want it now. It wasn’t easy for me to wait a whole year to come do this….to find ways to earn money, to ask donations, to work, just plain….time….to make it happen. It was hard. A hard wait, I was excited and just wanted to be here already. During that year, I was able to research it more, and prepare my mind more. My point is….I was asked for a good source for ayahuasca…..the kind you buy from the internet. NO. No, no no. This is not a toy. Work hard, save your money…find a place you trust………prepare your soul for the intensity of what it shall be experiencing. Haha….truth. Maybe I wasn’t clear. AYAHUASCA SHOULD ONLY BE TAKEN UNDER CLOSE SUPERVISION…..BY A SKILLED SHAMAN. Yes, you can buy it, yes it’s available, it IS illegal in the US, but it’s out there……………but I advise NOT doing it that way….and you will be going against my best advice. AMA. Against Mama’s Advice. Seriously….who wants to try it???? Try it here, with me….not alone. Spring….2016. $1,000 plus airfare and expenses… taxi, hotel before and after, goodies….etc. The vision quest was in March. That’s the one I recommend. I won’t charge for my time….at least for this first one…it is a gift. Seriously though folks….Shamans only! And maybe you too will go to the hummingbird realm. There are so many hummingbirds here its crazy. I love their sounds. Either sound…their noise or the sound of flight. Oh….tarantula 2 nights ago…about 3in x 2 in. Another spider last night….2×1. If I see the tarantula again, I shall call her Helga!!! And don’t worry…it’s a rare sighting. Haha…oh dear…unless you’re with me. It’s ok. LOL. Ok…..preparing for a run to Panama…….and signing off at Quebradas Costa Rica.


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