Singing out LOUD…!

And the changes roll on. That reminds me of roll me up…from one of the ayahuasca adventures. There are moments when I’m back there…on the medicine and the flashback is grand! The memory. The feel. Well, I had a houseguest! Can’t tell you the last time. Wait…2003 maybe! My mother and my son visited. It was fun. We walked to the tiny soda(convenience store), and I discovered another tiny soda!!!! Yay!!!! Different foods! Got bananos!!! Then after some deep and lovely conversations, Leonidis cooked us dinner. Eggs with onions garlic potatoes and tomatoes. Yum. Then hot cacao through the evening. I then did art….made a blue morpho butterfly….the tourism butterfly. It glows at night! I was thinking I wanted it to glow and that I might need silk for that but in the end, the way I created it, built it…it was a shinin!!!!! So I now have 3 whole items ready for a booth!!! One foot in front of the other. 


We were supposed to go to Sound of Lights LIVE singing circle in the morning, but I was chickening out. Sure, I’d be riding the bus there with him but I’d have to do it alone to return. And yes, if I had a booth id have to do it alone and I would, but my thinking was…why. Why go now? When I woke, I remembered the artisan market was the next day, Tuesday, and if I could get a ride there which I usually could, I could then walk 1/4 mile to the bus stop since I didn’t have a ton of heavy bags! So….I came. In the end, we took a bus to town, ate breakfast, then Merlin the taxi guy drove us. As it turns out, I have Merlin coming back for me unless I can get a ride. Rather expensive outing in the end, live and learn. 
So…here I was. At the live event and I missed them leaving. I’m alone, trying to find the circle. Lost. Come back, get better directions and after a heated walk, found it. Only there were only 3 people plus Vismay! Holy Toledo!!! I was gonna have to sing!!!! Out loud!!!! Oh Lordie….and Live on the world wide web!!!! Good grief! So………I sang. I’ll have to listen back and see if I’m hearable. But I shit you not…..I sang out loud! Ayahuasca!!!! You do miracles! You helped my voice and you give me courage and the knowledge that whatever I sing, however I sing…it’s always perfect…whether in tune or not. I’m so proud of me. Actually I’m so proud of so many people!!!! So many of you, my friends, give me hope and courage and inspiration and yall say I inspire you! We do indeed Lift each other Up! Haha, that’s one of the songs! So we sang for 2 hours and people from 30 countries or more listened in and made song requests. Haha…..I didn’t know em all so had to fudge it! All in all it was fun but I’d rather be back at the cabina now. I then cooked potatoes n onions for dinner, for lots of mouths. Well, that’s relative….right now it’s just the family plus 4 of us visitors. I’m in mosquito territory again. 


Tomorrow I will go to the market regardless. Gotta get organic soaps n cleaning supplies that I’m required to use. Thursday is then again San Isidro market day which is veggies n fruits. The big market, and I will see Summer! I will also get more food. Jeeze, need more food. And a pot with a lid for rice! I also found a quinoa source that’s a decent price. I’m about to start Pre-Cleanse. Lemon in my water in morning, a bland diet and a tea of specific herbs. It’s all about new things these days. So many firsts. Like a baby. Did I tell you about when I first laid down in my space in the jungle for the vision quest, I looked in front of my eyes and there was a piece of a snake skin laying right there. My immediate reaction was to open my pouch and put it inside! The meaning is Transformation and the transformation began the moment it was found. Yes indeedy…I am transforming. Lol, like a radio into a car!  Haha, love that movie! Ok. Done gushing about how brave I become each day. Tomorrows another day to gush.  :=)). Signing off at Florestral….

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