Stepping into my POWER….inch by inch

I am officially living in Costa Rica for now! I have an address and a key to the door! My lil cabina! Prettiest darn cabina ever! Summer and I had met up, we went to Dominical, the beach town a few days then she went on to Sound of Light, Florestral for another ayahuasca ceremony. I stayed in Dominical cuz I didn’t have the money to do the aya….she was a helper so it was worktrade. I did my thing at the beach…..had the friend date, met all the locals and they waved to me each day. Can’t be completely safe cuz a dude from Norway is missing. Met his friends on the friend date. They were the ones with the cute camping structure. But ya….he went missing. Oh well….Spirit watches out for me for sure. Met up with Summer again and we had a few healings. A Divine Straightening………I don’t hunch over anymore!!!! Truly! Haven’t noticed any other things yet but wow…I’m straight! And……..had a hypnosis visualization thingy with Ophir before he left on his healing tour. WOW……not ready to talk about that yet. Big. Huge. Powerful….but I need to step into that power before its real. Then we went to San Isidro to meet up with Awakening Soul at the market. I met with Zahrah and told her I’d meditate on whether or not to come back. In the meantime…..Summer found a newsletter with for rents…..and I saw the sweetest cabina. Told God that if if was still available that would be my answer. It was. The owner picked me up from the hotel to show me then returned me….also came and got me when I said yes….I’ll take it! I’m ten minutes from San Isidro. Bus stop is 2 minutes away. I grabbed a few groceries from the market and then today I walked to the tiny convenience store about1/4 mile down the hill. Not much there but got tp, pt, olive oil and ice cream. Ya, it’s dairy. Not supposed to have that but I don’t have lemons yet to start the cleanse prep yet anyway. Or the cleanse tea so yay….I get ice cream! And……so you’ll know….pre-ayahuasca, I would NEVER have walked to that store! Shoot…or all over San Isidro for that matter!

        This cabina is rather fancy for me….but that’s ok. I deserve it. Worked on a jaguar shamanic painting today, nearly finished. Need product, to sell at market. Also, I told the universe yesterday that I needed an interpreter so I could buy a local phone. Universe gave me one! While doing so, he saw my art and says he has several friends with galleries…..and he thought they would love to have my art there. Plus, the lady I’m renting from…Carol……has a friend with a gallery too. Who knows. AND….met a guy yesterday whose wife does needle felting and teaches classes. He suggested we collaborate…..cuz I had stuff to teach! I’m supposed to set up a day out where I go to their house and spend the day. She….is a local….they call them Tico. I’m seeking ways to support myself here. Want to live here part time. During dry season maybe. Also…..I can sell my stuff during the Envision Festival. This could work! Need more food here though. I’m hungry again. Not much here yet. I should go see whats available on the plethora of fruit trees. Just took a walk to take photos for you. Just beautiful here. A great place to learn to meditate, process ayahuasca learnings, work on my art, learn Spanish….haha….I think half and half. If I say cool beans….I’m thinkin frio frijoles. I took a bath in the fancy tub….and it rained, but not hard enough for water to come down the boulder. Pretty awesome design.

        I am amazed every day at the awesomeness of Spirit….and my place in the world of it now. 16 years on the Spiritual journey and I am now at a place where I can see the manifesting of things I designed years ago. Even as many as 5-6 years ago…..manifesting now. So people…..patience is key! Met the guy in the other cabina here a few minutes ago. Was observing myself as I spoke to him…wowza….I really am different! I am full of joy and hope and prosperity. And its contagious! I spread the smiles! I cannot contain them. I don’t wanna contain them either! Oh…..guess what! Last night….I saw a scorpion and for the first time….I didn’t kill it. Just observed it, lol, then watched it go under the couch I was on! Ayahuasca!!! So……I haven’t talked to the Sound of Light folks yet, but I’m pretty sure this can be arranged. I was thinking. I have one…maybe 2 people who are interested in doing the ayahuasca, but are a bit scared. I was thinkin. What if we had an event. A friends of MamaSheri ayahuasca event. I would participate with you all……so you wouldn’t be scared. Next spring. What do ya think? Any takers? Or now….there’s still time now before the rainy season starts! That would be so friggin awesome. It would bless me to help you all. It would bless you too!

                  I am happy to say that my mother has supported me on this journey and I’m very grateful and overjoyed. Also….my hubby has too. He sent the rent money! I’m hoping to make enough things to support myself for the next few months. Ha…gotta hurry! And ya….I chose healing over the turquoise water…but I’m not ruling it out…..manifest time!!! I had my first black tea since arriving here …yay….and hot cacao!!! LOL….i did mean cacao…not cocoa. Here, we eat the good stuff. Right off the tree…..before they tarnish it with their processing. Alrighty then…..guess that’s it. Signing off at my cabina in Quebrados Costa Rica!!! Ahhhh….the rain, the beautiful rain. Loving you guys!!! Think about coming….think about being brave and learning about yourself and being reset, like a computer. Think ayahuasca. Research it. Lemme know. Love love.


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