Leaving Florestral….

As I ponder leaving this magical land dedicated to the teachings of the mystery…..ayahuasca, I am reminded of the words Mystery School. I feel as if I’ve been sought out by spirit, and led to one of the greatest of Mystery Schools. Invited. Invited by God. To me, that’s an acknowledgment or a pat on the back…..a reward for hard work of the spirit. Considering the severity of and the deepness of these teachings, it sounds funny to say I’m honored, yet I am. Only the truly courageous do this medicine and only the really truly courageous do it a 2nd time and a 3rd and so on. It does get better and it does get easier but if you haven’t the guts to keep going….you won’t see the mystery prize. It will pass you right by. Endurance and spiritual dedication is required. 

All over the globe people are discovering and being invited to these mystery schools, yet I feel for some, that are experiencing the medicine only. With no guidance or proper Pacha Mama surroundings. They are an integral part in my opinion. How can you truly be shown the connection….without being IN the connection??? The people here at Sound of Light have realized this and are on pristine jungle lands. Sacred…you can feel it. It is a full experience. Complete with mosquitos  for the irritant factor and community to develop your sharing skills. I saw a man arrive with many people issues. He learned to share space, to share himself and to have compassion for others. A free gift from Grandmother Ayahuasca. From helping in the kitchen, to sitting the baby up when he’s fallen over, soothing a crying child, watering veggies….all manner of ways to contribute…teaches harmony and patience. You don’t get that from a bottle of it in a hotel room. Nor do you get Vismay (Oz, the All Powerful)….who carries a sword at his side in a beautiful leather sheath….the wing of an eagle is his sword, for sweeping and cutting energetic ties. Spirits as well. He’s a Shaman of a different type. He is able to carry many on his back. I have no doubt that he could assist the hardest of cases. I know this because I feel I myself am one of those…hardest of cases. My traumatic past and my depression tortured mind of late…were babies, cradled tenderly in his hands. 
And Nicole, (the Rock)…who is so connected that she always shows up when you’re having a struggling moment. She arrives, sits next to you, begins energy work and doesn’t move a muscle….like a rock, she sits…she prays….despite the bugs biting left and right…she doesn’t move until she’s done helping and comforting you. Tough. Spirit tough. And the little mother…. Shahaf did the medicine during her pregnancy and even the birth! Imagine!!! I’ve never seen such naturalness to motherhood in my life. It’s beautiful to witness and a privilege not given to many. Haha, this year however, quite a few saw…as 70-80 people arrived after the Envision Festival, for ceremony! That’s a lot of space to hold! A lot of people’s well being….in their hands. They are worthy and capable. I’m so honored to have been invited by God to THEIR school of life. To their Ayahuasca. To this valley. To this healing. My healing. Even if the liver is not healed from Grandmother Aya, the healing of the mind is much more impressive to me. Seriously impressive! 


There were many awesome people who I went on this adventure with. Two will stand out in my mind more than the others. One is Bastion, the NeverEnding StoryTeller. His humor and sense of play were contagious. I even had the courage to ask him to help me learn the drum….after he put a rattle in my hand! Bastion was the laugh bringer and every adventure needs that! The other…is my sweet daughter who I became so close to it felt like she was my other half. Hand in hand…giggle by giggle. She was there for me and I for her as much as could be, considering my newness to the Ayahuasca. My wise one. My precious little girl…all grown up and leading me. 


Talking about the medicine and the people, the land….all is part of this Ayahuasca experience but it’s incomplete without mention of the beings who live in the jungle. The jungle forest. I saw more lizards than I could count and was guarded by a salamander for all of my outdoor vision quest moments. I called her Grandmother cuz she always arrived with a leap if I couldn’t find her, and I needed her…which was everytime I could lift my head to find her! I needed her…and she always came. Even that last day that we went back for one more drink just at dark. Somehow scarier without having lain there through the day to acclimate to the jungle sounds. The rattle of the leaf as a lizard runs by. The blue heron who flew just over my head day one, the blue morphs seen from distances, or the one who sat on Summers 3rd eye awhile. The hummingbirds who came when mindcalled, fireflies who blinked to Spirits will to help me decide things, the frog who sat on the Goddess’s head or the monkey…seen only by one. We hear them though!!! My friends…the animals, the insects…and my not so nice visitors….the mosquito who bit on top of bites….creating a polkadot Mama! They bring the teaching of… Strength and patience of the mind. And don’t forget spider who teaches the food circle and the shortness of life. To enjoy life while you still have breath. I STILL have breath. Lots of it! I have indeed Turned Dying into Living…the possible book I’ve been writing since I heard those prophetic words…you are dying. Nearly one year ago!!!! I AM Living. 


Doing Ayahuasca is like going to church. The finest church I’ve ever been to. Finer than any palace can be made. No steeple is as tall as ayahuasca and no bell dings as loud as a hummingbird buzzing in your mind….saying….wake up! Wake up!!! This is what the world is really like! This is what the world is really for and this is how the world is really meant to be experienced…instead of…the societal norm. Enemy of freedom and peace. So..goodbye Sound of Light. Goodbye soul circle of family. Goodbye Grandmother Ayahuasca, I’ll be feeling you in my body and meeting with you again one day. Thankyou for calling me. Goodbye Florestral forest.  Thank you for calling me. Thank you for healing me. I shall RETURN. Signing off for NOW at Florestral! Www.solcircle.org.  Or Google….Sound of Light. 

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