Well, hello SUNSHINE!!!!

First, let me tell you what I know. Truly, just tiny blippets. Ayahuasca is a vine that grows in the Amazon jungle. If you combine this vine with a leaf that grows in another region, you get the drink. The medicine that allows you to do a bit of a reorg with your body and even soul. This jungle medicine changes molecules!!!! It is an adaptogen!!! My new favorite word. It means…the medicine will adapt to what is needed in each body. They say it would be easier to win the lottery than to accidentally stumble across this miraculous vine, therefore no need to doubt that it has been specifically released for us at this time on earth. This momentous time! I don’t remember which is which but one has DMT and the other has MAOI Inhibitors. Mind stuff. 

There are a few ways to do this mighty medicine. The traditional
way with a shaman specially trained, the United States I want it now any way I can get it method, the Santo Daime method which was brought to a man in the form of visions while on the brew. Brought by Mother Mary, it is a very strict method with a lot of standing, sitting, dancing and Very Specific Songs!!! …which is very hard to do while on the drink. It is the Jesus method. And then….there’s the Vismay method. Vismay, the owner of Sound of Light in Costa Rica, incorporates santo daime with traditional rainbow songs to bring a softer kind of experience. This is the method I chose. 
Before drinking, it is best to follow a dieta. No salt, no bruised bananas or other bruised fruits, cheese, alcohol, caffeine, spicy food, dairy, toxic food, fried food. It might reduce your visions. Or effect water retention therefore medicine retention.  2 days at very least. 
As of this moment I can only give you a glimpse into ayahuasca as experienced at Sound of Light, with Vismay. Many steps down to the bottom of the land, you arrive at the ceremony temple…a large circular open tent type structure. Twin mattresses are spaced apart with blankets n pillows. In the center is the main alter to allow only light in, then a circle of chairs is formed, then beds behind. 


The medicine has been cooking all day and night and is now a thick thick dark drink. Drink is given in a shotglass. Try not to make the faces and body shivers, thinking…I love you Grandmother ayahuasca!!! (Tastes like medicine…go figure). Return to your seat and the singing begins. The songs are there to anchor you, to give you something to find should you get caught up in the realms. Try as hard as you can…you’re tough….to keep the medicine down at least a half an hour!!! You don’t wanna drink more! 
They suggest you sit up and keep trying to get you to sit up but for you first timers, it turns out all first timers want to and do…lay down for the majority. At SOL, the night began maybe around 9pm and went about 12 hours. I was able to hold it down awhile. Had already requested bathroom helpers beforehand and they were there every single time I needed them! With toilet paper to wipe your mouth, to steady you because there is somewhat of an intoxicated feeling in the body. They hold your hand and say kind words while you are puking the most violent of biles. Purge tends to be black in color….imagine what it’s clearing out for you!!!!  I had quite a few purges that first night. Beware, it also affects the other end and liquid may need emptied from there as well! I prayed against that!!! YeeHaw! 
As I lay there, all miserable and swirling and thinking the medicine just wasn’t working on me, I’m shown in my head a few things about Sheri. Oh……I forgot some stuff!!! Before and during, call in your protection!!!’ Violet Flame, Archangel Michael and any others, Jesus, Mary…me, I also called on a legion of angels. Blue ray, green, pink, white as well as violet. And your personal guides and animal guides. Mine were jaguar, elephant, firefly, hummingbird, dolphin, oh jeeze…I forgot to call on unicorn!!! Also….before you begin, tell Grandmother your intentions. What is it you want her to help you with! I said healing and to find the girl I would have been had I not been so hurt in life. 
So…I’m laying there and I’m shown different things pointing to the fact that Sheri is reliable, Sheri is immensely obedient to God and the whisperings of Spirit! Sheri is kind and loves all animals and most people. She gives people chances and encourages and gives moral support. Sheri is a very very special
Being sent to earth and she is a top notch human. I remember delighting in the realizations of my worth. Her worth. 
Next, she shows me…..not all the incidents of pain inflicted by others, as expected, but instead….inflicted by me! I saw how awful I was to Sheri!!! I was a mean cruel bully and was extremely abusive!!!! In fact, I was so abusive to this body, this personality of Sheri, that next I was taken to the days of marital abuse with Bobby. Oh the pain of that!!!! Alas, no….the now pain of seeing that Bobby had to come….had to abuse me so horribly….for this moment to happen and for me to see that I was abusive to me. 
I saw myself as the abuser. I saw myself as the lovable one, the great one, the spiritually obedient one, the cosmic one. I then basically split off!!!! I am both. I now see me as two. Me and her. Me and Sheri….or to be grammatically correct, Sheri and I. I promised myself I wouldn’t hurt her anymore. I would live or not live…loving her. Length of life no longer mattered. Just quality. 
This insight is the grandest of gifts. The Kings purse so to speak. Love on top of love. This insight also spurred another. Bobby. Thank you Bobby!!!’ I loved you with all the intensity I needed to love me. It’s as if my lesson has wiped him clean. The memories of the horror and abuse from him are no longer remembered with horror or shame or sadness, instead…..with gratitude! My worst memories on earth……rekindled, reshaped, recreated and washed clean.  What a blessed GIFT!


There was one more. I have too many names and lately would get confused and hem n haw when asked my name. Literally not sure what to answer. I saw a flash of memory
of a name I was called a few times in the 80’s that made me smile each time…..yes!!!!! SUNSHINE!!!! Yes. Very happy name. So, I made it be so. Introducing to you…my new integration name….meet ME….Sunshine! (Also, when I went to my garden heartspace in my
Mind a few weeks ago, 2 year old Sheri(my inner child) was now a newborn and she had tiny wings!!!! So, Sunshine has been born!!!’ You can still call me Mama Sheri or Mama Feathers if you so desire. 
So….while I was having this major
breakthru, at the same time….I was being healed and changed and rewired on the inside. On night 2, my intention was healing, pineal gland cleansing and activation and third eye as well. The first night we drank twice, 2nd night we drank 3 times. On that 2nd night, puking galore but
no insights or visions. Internal body work only which can seem exasperating after paying good money. (Hoping she was busy on the 3rd eye and pineal!!!) Purge. Be grateful for the purge!!!!! Especially if you’ve been told you’re dying!!! All healing and cleansing helps!!’ So there it is!!! Come daylight, a prerecorded music set is put on to slowly wake the ones who succumbed to sleep. Fruit is eaten. Slowly the circle reforms and the singing begins again. The songs are beautiful and you will be singing disjointed lines for days and days! Especially upon morning wake. Grandmother stays with you now and continues her work. Then to the beautiful refreshing river after!!!! Because my depression is soooo bad, one insight, be it a masterpiece…is not enough for me so I’m returning to SOL for more. The Vision Quest..not in the round temple, but in the woods by the river in little rock lined oblong areas that look rather like graves craving a headstone. Haha….trying to figure in my mind, where the puking takes place. Could get tricky. Then…there will be a Curandero from Columbia a few days later doing traditional methods from that country….if we can get more money!!!!!! The medicine is never the same. Neither will the experience be. And inbetween these 2 time packed events of awesome exhaustion…will be my first cacao ceremony! Medicine of the Heart!!! And yes, it has an effect on body mind and spirit. Raw ye know. Not just raw but highest caliber cacao…turned into a bitter medicinal drink. Will need strength to do all this….then back to Awakening Soul for organ cleanses and coffee enemas for my liver. Jam packed healing. Any who can
Throw a bit of money my way would be deeply appreciated. Little low on funds. PayPal is.   Sherilee@wildblue.net
Help me take it all the way!!! Just for info sake… It’s $2,000 a month at Awakening Soul and over a hundred for each ceremony. And yes….without the ceremony…..there’s no point in healing this depressed body who just wants to shoot itself and be done. I NEED THIS MEDICINE!!!!!
Help save my life! Sunshines life!!!! If
You’re happy and you know it..clap
Your hands!!! Clap clap too for PeterPan!!!
More stories to come as I walk this healing road here in Costa Rica….where Rainbow people come to play and settle. Gringos!!! 
The ocean is muy grande!!! Sunburn on my feet although I took extreme precautions, cuz who wants to be sunburned when about to do a vision quest!!!???? My destiny is fluttering in the wind….hearing an echo. We shall see just what that destiny will be. Bless you my fine friends. Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting my work here and elsewhere. This blog is part of my work. If you enjoy it, please spare a dollar or a few. Gracias. Buenos Dia. Oh…my daughter is awesome and we are traveling with love. And…my son is taking such good care of the goats that the deaths door doe, Rosie, is well!!!! And the one we saved before, Thor, who crawled like a crab cuz his legs were bent and unable to straighten….healed!!!!! YeeHaw!!!!! So…signing off at Flutterby House Avita, Costa Rica!!!!  



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