Ok…….my first official full day in Costa Rica!!! Still in the city till tomorrow afternoon, so we explored a bit. Wow… summertime here, mucho caliente. Not as hot as Texas in summer though. In the beginning I was like… everything…signs….so we can find the hotel again! But it really wasn’t so hard. Technically, we are downtown at the hotel, and steps away from banks, stores, all sorts. There was even a truck with words blaring, haha!!! Like in the movies! No idea what they were selling…possibly a radio station. Summer told me to act like I knew what I was doing, so I attempted that. Giggle. Which meant….I have no photos for you!!! After paying the darn fee, I have none. We finally make it to the bank to change some money over but they required a passport! So…..we walked back. Found a smoothie shop on the way and were blessed with an English understanding customer there. She helped us order. Shoulda got Rosetta Stone, but ha, I didn’t wanna pay like $400! Getting there. I have a translator app on the phone….which is no good away from the hotel due to wifi only. Apparently I would need to get some kind of phone if I wanna make calls. So we have to decide what words we need to know….in advance. Crazy loco, eh? 

 For a person who doesn’t like to drink water……well…….let’s just say my body is probably really happy right now. I have only seen sodas since arrival except for the smoothie, which was more drink than slushtype thing. But boy was it good. Some of the people appear grouchy, with no smiles to offer, yet others are very helpful. And a LOT of giggling goes on. Apparently, communicating in not understood languages….makes for fun times. Every single place we attempted to let our needs be known, there was giggling…..oh….except for the bank and oh was that businesslike!!! Wow. Guards for days!!! Should be interesting getting thousands changed over tomorrow. AND…we have to have our passports with us. Not ideal. We shall see. I really can’t get over how stinkin close to town we are. We go out the door, under a bridge wall……then we cross a swaying bridge….just like you see in the movies, that break and the people fall? Ya. Hehe. Then there we are! I was just wondering where the McDonalds were when thought released……and wala….there was a mickey D’s. I don’t eat there, just curious.

 The money is very different. That McDonalds sign was advertising a Big Mac meal for 4 or 5 thousand somethings. Man that smoothie was good. Several cool things. The smoothie lid was plastic sealed on top. Plastic not good….but hey, very innovative! NO spill!!!!!!! Another thing. IN the grocery store, they put all your veggies into one bag….then put all the code stickers with price info on the bag. Imagine that. One plastic bag. America is so wasteful….but it does create jobs for the stupid economy for the stupid way these people like to live. These people being the higher ups who own the planet.

 Tomorrow we arrive at Awakening Soul. I’ve been told it’s really awesome to be awake and experience the jungle waking up. Jungle, forest, I dunno. Monkeys. They shall apparently wake me up. I shall enjoy with gusto….then endeavor to go back to sleep. Speaking of sleep…..I did sleep last night. Too many hours without, created the ability. I did wake a gazillion times and kept having to look at the clock cuz it was so light in the room from outside….that I couldn’t tell if it was night or day. 3. I woke at 3. After laying down at 8 with no sleep in days……I didn’t know if it was 3am or 3 pm. Lots of clock checks. I’m excited! Had some excitement earlier, trying to arrange sleep help. Hahahahaaaa. I am very brave yet not. My email Signature used to be…….I’m a walking contradiction and I’m walking as fast as I can. Suffice it to say……I should be able to sleep tonight and a few more but not many. I wish I could freely speak about it. Lets just say it’s not the typical, but can work. Even God helped…..he created apples. OH…..and there’s a HUGE hole in my big brand new suitcase, at the large outer zip pocket. I remembered sewing needles, but not thread! 

 I want to say how grateful I am. How blessed. I may do some complaining about something new or uncomfortable…..but maybe that’s cuz I haven’t ever done a vow of silence. I wonder if I should have gone to a monastery instead….or as well as. I’d really like to keep traveling. Go places. Experience new things….even if it’s uncomfortable. You think the ayahuasca will be comfortable? Have I told you that many people vomit out of both ends? Haha….that was the NICE way to put it! This is in essence, a bravery trip. A little grumbling is allowed, when a volcano is active, eh? Oh….ya, there are volcanos here. PLURAL! I am asking for youthfulness in my body. Requested it last night of God, then today a few times out walking…..and tonight, we went to ask for hot water for our tea. He offered us Morenga!!! What has been recommended for me by at least 4 people, possibly more…..and says……it will make you very strong! Take in the morning, not now. Yay! God is so good. I’ve just been privileged to be here when my daughter picked up her tiny ukulele type guitar and she sang!!! I love it when she sings. 

 Well…..we leave the hotel tomorrow and I know not the internet situation. From what I understand, there may be times during the day when I can walk to the hotspot to post. So just bear with me. I intend to post. In fact….wordpress has just changed the word on the app now from publish….to post. Haha. Goofy. Goats are all good! Rosie hanging in….and did I tell ya before I left, her poo was solidifying?????? Yay!!! Jesse is doing great….creating his music beats and songs regularly. He’s got the house to himself till Saturday while hubby is in China, and he’s changing as well as Mama. Love you bruhsonskii! Oh……lol….Summer found a thrift shop!, lol….American clothes. She got 2 tops and I got one….for like 2 bucks each. Girls will be girls. Ok……I am off to the yellowbrick road tomorrow. Not sure when the wizard part will happen, we shall see. Drinking chai 7 spice tea with no sugar. So….don’t forget me, I’ll be back soon as I can….with photos! Yay! SO….once more….signing off at Rudy’s Hotel, San Isidro, Costa Rica baby!!!! Change me baby! Well….at least change me to where I can stop the bad thought flow. Thank you. Amen. Love you guys!

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