me and GOD…

I remember sitting at that empty gas station, broken down as all get out. (that’s a Texas phrase) I was away from home, I was on the side of the freeway, there were no food places. I had no control. It was the most trapped I’ve felt in a long time. I used to feel trapped a lot. In fact, I don’t sleep well with another because if a leg goes over mine….I get trapped. These days I’d probably make a big ta do over it and get that leg the heck off of me. Haha…now that I think on it…..that’s what I did back when. Made a ruckus. WoW……I seem to be all Texan today as I type. Haha….tryin to label myself as I shift right on outta here and into Spanish speaking Costa Rica, I guess! Ya, and that was only 7 hours from home. In the United States. But I think………I really think I might be able to make it now. I think I’ve solved the fear aspect of this trip that was haunting me. Last night as I lay me down to sleep, I thought about my husband not going. I was talking to GOD. Then I asked if HE would go with me instead. Then I decided and asked if HE would be my escort, HE go with me to Costa Rica. Yes, God. Not as my copilot, but as my companion. I’ll share my seat with HIM on the plane!

Here’s how things go here. Summer gifted me with a few skirts and tops she no longer wanted and she knew I’d like, but one, a pinkish skirt I decided not to take. A bit later, I’m going through drawers and pull out a golden top I haven’t seen in awhile. Summer says oooh, take it, in fact, put it on. She wanted me out of my tshirt and khacki flannel pants. I did put it on. Next thing I know, she’s asking me to put on that pink skirt. Oh…it matches the gold top! We are talking about white items, lack of……and I show her a new sweater from Christmas. On it goes. Then the gold sweater she recently gifted me that I used to envy. And wala…….my travel outfit was born….not yet complete however, until as well goes……..well, it’ll be really cold still here so long johns and flannel pants, an alpaca throw and a purple cape. The cape will double as a 2nd blanket. Yes, lots of layers. Haha….I’ll be wearing half my wardrobe! HEHEHE….jk….but a lot!

My hubby left in the wee hours of the morning on an adventure of his own. CHINA! I hate that once again though, he has almost no time to see the place he will be traveling so long, so far…to be in. He’ll have a few hours one afternoon…that’s it. Crappy. He could’ve stayed I guess but since I wasn’t going, nah. The puppy is being boarded and is being FIXED at the same time. At the last minute, I let Blue stay here. Carried that goat and the baggie of diarrhea to the vet. Barberpole. Criminy! By their standards, I should cull her. AKA kill her. I’ve tried so many wormers on her and she’s still got worms. SO…….we tried one more last time. And, Jesse will continue with redcell and probiotics. She may make it, I dunno. If she’s immune to all the wormers, I don’t know what can be done for her but we’ll keep trying. She’s still walking. She’s still eating and sweet as sugar. She’s one of Wywy’s and I’ve lost so many. When hubby was helping me count out the dosage of what they wanted me to give…ya, Cydectin. I told them the story. Finally I said ok fine. Whats the correct dose? So they told me 1 cc for every 5 lbs. So, hubby was counting and said 8. 8 cc’s whereas my vets instructions had been 3cc. As we all know….do NOT underdose a goat. I need to let them know what they’ve done to me….to my herd, and to all my dead animals since that prescription 2 years ago = 5cc big goat, 3cc small goat. (she would be Small goat, at 3….but correct dose is 8….well, lol, not, according to this vet anyways!!! Who knows what other dosages are given. So many precious babies gone due to Dr error. But….she’s alive right now. I petted her today and she discovered it didn’t hurt! That’s always a good thing.

So…..I’ve given control over. To my other companion. I’m not really having plans while there….just things I want to do…like the Medicines from the Edge….I really wanna go….and the aya…well, if I don’t do that, I don’t know if I’ll forgive myself so hopefully it is indeed meant to be…….to help me….and it shall. The reset button. I like that. Always felt like something wasn’t quite right about my arrival on planet….so perhaps a reset button is all that’s needed! Ok….gonna watch The Good Witch. Wish it was still a movie…but oh well. And they swapped girls, but I like this one too so ok. Alright. Nerves……in high gear. Check. Faith…….in high gear. Check. Brain switch to FUN MODE…..switched ON! fear……….in the backseat with the seatbelt on. Later gators. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch…..for tonight and tomorrow night….then…….!!!!!! PS…..trip donations always welcome. Paypal….


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