looking for signs…..

Weeks ago, I realeyes’d I wanted to read the Flower of Life book again. I don’t think I own it though and I was just not in a rush. Tonight, I was given a movie to watch by a friend and within it….they discuss and highlight, the flower of life. Of course. That is how my life works. This is the kind of sign I’m seeking regarding the trip. Oh. Wait. I just realized. This type of sign typically means I’m on target, going down the right path in life. Haha! Yay! It’s a sign!!! See, this is why I blog! Hahaaa…..nah, well, at least partly why! Oh goodness, time went by and now I’m too sleepy to write. My sleepy tea is working. Night night….12:54am = 3 = trinity.

I woke up thinking I didn’t go into enough detail about those signs. I guess in a way, there are some signs that are quite specific and readily easy to see and follow. Other times, it’s a general. In actuality, they are all general. They are all saying this one same thing…..you are doing well. You are on point. You are where you are supposed to be. Kind of like a stitch marker for knitting. Or the universe’s way of saying….good job….right on track. I also remembered that a week or so ago, I did this same thing….thinking there were no signs regarding costa rica. But I concluded that even though there were no CR specific signs, that the signs I was on track were aplenty. So…..add those to this one and ya…..I must be ok. I did go back and try to find a green set of suitcases so I wouldn’t be so dang flashy, what was I thinking???? But no, so purple it is. Look out Costa Rica….Mama is comin. I still need to find a driver to the airport though.

I miss Moonbaby. I would have gladly taken care of him forever. Would have cleaned his lil butt and rolled him around in that red wagon I would have bought. And would have spoiled him with peanuts and clover and sunflower seeds. Would have gladly and happily made jug after jug of the orange stuff or the brown stuff. Boy, he loved those. But mostly, he loved peanuts. And toward the end, due to proximity…..he loved me. When they are forced to have one on one time with me due to an illness or injury, they always discover that Mama isn’t so bad after all….in fact, she’s kinda cool. But no….the little tiny house is empty. Crystal is resting finally….forced to refrain from the endless loops around the pasture. Thor had an out….and didn’t take it. I felt bad that he wasn’t getting to hone his new walking skills but he didn’t walk out so in he stays. I could put Rosie there. She’s still not well. Trying probiotics for a few days first, in case her belly is just icky from all the chemicals. I did see a photo though of a goat that looked just like her….and a few of the others who died. White muscle. So….in case it’s that, I’ll try to find this BOSE that everyone talks about. IN the meantime, sunflower seeds have selenium…..and spinach but I only have seeds.

Y’all need to get to know the name of the lady who is the new owner of the goats. Candace. Candace has the goats. Well, Candace and her hubby taught us a few dog tricks. As I type, little Dolly puppy is tied to the door handle in my room. I was having problems potty training her so this is the remedy. Keep her tied up near me while she’s in the house, for the……don’t potty in your house theory. We are also switching her from harness to chain, for teaching purposes….lol, plus this pup chews through everything! I have her tied right now with a horse rope….so far, only thing she hasn’t chewed through……she even chews her harnesses off. Aside from that….she is very intelligent and if I wanted to , I could probably teach her to herd, but I’m thinkin a border collie would be best for that. Dunno. Depends how I feel when I get back….will I still want to do goat? Will I want to travel? Will I want to be a traveling art lady? Or will I stay here and concentrate on the fiber. Try a sheep or two again, haha but a quieter breed. Who knows. I cannot predict the future especially after I’ve been to another part of the planet. No tellin what these eyes will see, or this heart will feel. The goosebumps are starting to form. Haha….kinda wishin I had shoes other than rubber boots. Is ok though…….my fashion statement is………cover the body for ease of use and environmental challenges, IE……..cold or hot. It’s so funny. I get so many compliments on my clothing these days when honestly……HONESTLY…..I decide on a color….then grab everything I have in that color, print, pattern, solids……then I just layer them. Really fun and ooooooober me.

Haha….I’m watching EDtv. They should film me, I’m already telling all. :=)))) God this movie makes me LOL. Well sorta telling all. Ha. I have avoided telling you the full extent of my bad food choices. Yes, there are plenty of exceptions, but on average, my daily meals consist of organic blueberry yogurt(otherwise known as SUGAR) and chocolate chip cookies(6, stacked) with ice cream. Yup. That’s it. 2 processed foods. 2 sugars. And aside from sugar being the desired food of choice of HepC, it also has another side effect. I’m growing. I was approaching 80 pounds when my illness was discovered. Let’s just say I have proof that processed foods, sugar foods….add on tons of weight. So let’s just hope I get a will to live while I’m gone. I do feel the urge to eat better now. That’s something. It’s like I’m waiting for the trip to make the change….and in the meantime I’m eating my same ole same ole. And it’s not like I don’t KNOW how to eat right, the daughter taught me well. Ok. I’ve gone and overtalked. See ya! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

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