NO more tears….ha….i’m a shampoo!

Another day done…no fighting…no crying. I’m blessed. No depression. Not today anyways. A friend asked if the no depression was connected to painting for 2 days. NOPE. The painting came from no depression for 2 days! HAHA! To some….the painting could be done. It looks done. I could let it be done….but I want the face to be more accurate. More better!!! Just about done. I want to show it so badly. That is the unenlightened part of me…the ego. It wants to say…hey, I did this…isn’t it cool? The main, big bad ingredient in that ego statement was….I. It seems logical to me that people would want to say that…hey, look at me. What I’ve done. But apparently there is no logic in enlightenment. Spock would freak out man! And this is what I was getting at the other day. They teach us logic. They teach us math, about the planet, words, spelling and just about everything………except why we’re here….and what we’re supposed to be doing, since we’re here. They teach us Knowledge….when enlightenment requires none. They teach us……..are you ready?????? They teach us….EVERYTHING we need to know… fail. To fail, so we come back. Oh crap! It’s aliens!!! Haha….we really have been taken over by the annunuki. We really are slaves. Oh shit…they gonna kill me??? Hehe…..she giggles, but is serious. Well…just let me go to Costa Rica first!!! AND….let it be the most fantastic, most beautiful, most endearing, most loving, most happy, most UNLOGICAL time I’ve ever experienced.

Today, my humanness, is stuck on one thing. One person really. Have you ever known a person, who everyone loves……..and you know stuff. ??? Just stuff. Stuff that wouldn’t show them in the best of light. Ya. That. Not sure why it’s on my brain today. Well, ya, I am, but whatever. Really irks me. Many people look down on me…this person included…..and I just smile. I know whats in my heart and I know truth. I will most likely never out this person……but ye know……it sometimes just screams to be let out. Like something kept in the closet. Well ya….if nobody says….then nobody knows…..and the Godliness continues. Haha….gossip Sheri….this is just gossip without form. Oh well. Sorry. Like I said…I’m on the PATH to enlightenment…..still many miles to walk.

Someone, most likely me….ran over one of the water spiggots. Broke it. I was informed of this yesterday…….in one of those….well, ya…..i told you it was broke….you should have realized what that meant. Ya right. What that meant was that the water to the boys pen was non existent. Ridiculous shenanigans were required in order to get water into their trough. At one point, I just stuck the hose through the fence while working on it….and they crowded and crushed to try to drink from the hose. Which…they did just fine!!! So………………I want to know your thoughts about Moonbaby. What does one do with a goat who cannot walk? Nope, a cart won’t work…no front legs working. He eats, sleeps, smiles, talks and poops. Cow poops. He must be moved everywhere….out of his own diarrhea……and he must be sat up VERY OFTEN. I’m curious what y’all would do with such a being. Put him down? Give him the best life you can? Ya…that’s what I’ll probably do, that last one. He’s doing that now. I pick him greenies and bring him fresh piles. And peanuts!!! The boy loves his peanuts! When you approach him…you think…oh, poor baby. Then he looks up at you. His eyes sparkle with life. I can’t put that down. I cannot kill that consciousness.

Dolly, the new puppy, is very unusual. She has intelligence just oozing from her. Now, why is she still not correctly potty trained? Got me. But really….it’s so evident. And even as a baby…she knew when I was crying….upset, and she would come and lick my face. Adult dogs yes, but a pup? WOW. Might be making some headway on the potty too…..only cuz I’m finally seeing her go!!! So I can tell her good girl! She is faster than a bullet. Oh, and growing, shooooot…..ya. So heavy I can’t lift her really now. Speaking of can’t lift…….i’m even in pain now to simply put my hands on my hips. GO figure. No lifting involved, yet it screams. The bones scream. This is new. Nowhere near the liver….but hey….it’s where there is pain. That and my back, the fire…..ha…but no fire today. Much is happening in my life right now and I’m doing my best in every area….to survive and to thrive. ALIVE. I am Alive. In this moment. Ok…..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
Ps….no photos till I got $20 to throw away on it. Bummer…..Costa Rica photos….jeeze


6 thoughts on “NO more tears….ha….i’m a shampoo!

  1. I’m so glad to hear that your spirits are lifted right now! I hope that they will remain so.
    Is there nothing at all that can be done to help Moonbaby restore his ability to walk? A surgery or something? What about some sort of wheelchair for his front? I read about a dog named Darby that had something like that help him walk.

    I would go with the latter option and keep him alive and happy as long as he’s not in pain. But I’m a giant softie… I don’t even kill ants in my kitchen! LOL! I capture them and put them outside!
    Who will take care of him when you go to Costa Rica?

  2. Avelene McCaul had a goat that got sick and couldn’t walk for months, she fed her dandilions and spinach as well as her normal food, she did recover and has had many babies since then, do not give up hope, it took thing goat months to recover

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