Echart Tolle….and me

I am wise. Y’all heard of Echart Tolle? Well, me too. Yet……I steadfastly ignored it, him for this entire time. It wasn’t the right time. I did however, once see a short paragraph description of Echart Tolle. I remember jumping up and down with excitement when I realized that someone else had a spiritual rebirth besides me. He still is the only person I know who has. Ha….and I don’t know him! But wowza! Someone else had major brain pain…….then woke up to life anew….seeing the animals, birds, earth, flowers, everything new as in baby eyes. Newborn eyes. Well, so, last night, Summer sends me a link to a video of him. Not The Power of Now…..(I’m listening to that now), but something called….most powerful spiritual something or other. I was reminded of his rebirth, which reawakened my excitement. Then, one after another….this video gave me signs. Like…holy wow….this was made for me specifically! Ya, I know it wasn’t, but it feels like that when the synchronicities crash into each other. I could bore you with the specifics, but why?

I hate the thought of browsing through my own blogs. That could take me forever! I’ve forgotten a tool…..a realization of a tool. A knowing that I’ve touched something very connected to my search for enlightenment. Ya. I forgot. It wasn’t Pema, or Jack Kornfield. Certain of that. Until I remember, Echart will take it’s place. I am so tickled. This guy is talking about the voices in the head….and being the observer. Hahahaaaaaaaaa. Everything comes perfectly in the right perfect moment. Apparently I’m getting there! Oh, way far still to go……but that I now observe my thoughts, and my Self…….I’m well on my way I think. Plus…..what did I learn today….hmmmmm…..upon dying… can focus on the now……..and can be enlightened upon death. So…if you don’t make it during life….you get another chance at the moment of death. If you can remember. My favorite moments of now these days….the strongest….are when say, Jesse is standing in the doorway…..saying things I don’t really relate to, or I don’t want him to be saying…….and I take it back to his toddlerhood. I go all the way back…..and he becomes little Jesse. In that moment…he is once again….little Jesse. My body changes. My face erupts into this huge smile and joy flows over my body like a waterfall. Ha…a joyfall. I love that feeling, that moment, that now.

Feels like I’m on the express train to enlightenment. Funny cuz recently I even questioned the desire to continue toward that goal. It’s just staggering to me….that the whole point of BEING… on this planet… not taught in school. Is not discussed in church. Is not mandated by the government. Is not discussed at the family meal. That vast storehouses of knowledge to assist in this chore…….are hidden….kept secret. And ye know what? If it weren’t for the pain people….like me…haha…..y’all probably wouldn’t even have these tools or even the knowledge that you need tools! Without the people constantly seeking the answer to….WHY? Why am I here? Why is this earth here? What is the point? What am I supposed to be doing…….the majority would still be taking a ride on the merry go round. So…lets give it up…how bout a hand for the downtrodden? The abused, the raped, the sufferages…the depressed. Yay! I applaud you all! As for my contribution….well……I’m at the………..I can stop and see the NOW….really well. BUT, I’m still not good at the…..stopping of the thoughts. Still controlled by the brain……but isn’t it stupid that I’m 53 and just now finding out that the goal is to stop the brain? Stop the thoughts. Ya…this just bumfuzzles me. Why????? Why am I finding this out now? When I’m old? Ok, not old…halfway old, but still. And why are there so many people who don’t know still? Who don’t care? Who truly don’t have a clue. And….if everyone here is me……then what happens when we die? Does the earth end? Heheheeeee.

I put Bentley in the yard with the hopes that he will go hang out with poor wee Moonbaby. At least sleep near him. Last night, I knew he was enjoying being in the grass instead of the pen, but it was misting…….don’t laugh……I went out at midnight when it was misting….and I covered him with hay. He stayed dry but still got to be free. I have a photo, but WordPress says I’m at my free photo limit. Ha…only took 3 years, or is it 4? Gosh. Who knows. Still listening to The Power of Now. He says…the secret to life…is to die before you die. Ya baby. Haha….ok…next step please. Alright. Back to the painting. It’s an owl…..whooooooo’d of guessed? LOL. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

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