be YOU…..even in the muck

Apparently there are too many people wanting to discuss the topic I have been pondering on….bad business ethics…..and I guess there are some that don’t want to discuss it at all. I’m not sure what happened tonight, it happened really fast but my interpretation was that it seemed as if a group leader was deciding the future of the group….based on the nastiness in the fiber world at this time….thanks to me. Ya…yours truly. The big bad guy. Hey folks…don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just telling my story and others keep showing up. I am not digging for these words. They flow like the Euphrates. Hmmm, I know nothing about the Euphrates. Hopefully it flows. Oh jeeze! Haha…..would you believe something Biblical has happened? Turkey just stopped the flow!!! Last year, that is. Well….fine. Any river. A river. One river. My words are about ethics. How can a discussion about ethics cause people to be all shocked and shaken? I’ll tell ya how…when people get mean. Cruel mean. I’m trying to refrain from that cuz it’s not my way.

Also…I’m the ex-hermit. The shy….ex hermit. I rarely post my shit cuz I’m shy…and cuz I don’t wanna bother people. Seriously…all you fb people….how often do you see photos of my paintings? How often did I post the link for my fundraiser? Not many. My sweetie friend tries to get me to call an old friend. I say…I will when I need to but I don’t wanna bother him. That’s me. That’s Sheri. Sheri. Sheri. Yuk. Sheri. MamaSheri. Hmmmm. Sheri Lee. SheriLee. Sheri. Did I tell you Fb took my persona??? No more MamaSheri. Well, I’m still MamaSheri here. Anyway….yes, it upsets me. I’ll get over it. Who knows….I may take a new name before leaving the jungle. I’ll let ya know. I’m feelin so different. And the same. I’m going through a lot….and quite frankly I think it stinks that people would be so mean and cruel to a lady who is sick…who is trying to help a friend, a cause. Where’s the fairness these days? In the sand…….where the ostrich heads are I suppose. Really people……………………if you want it to die down…..let the conversation happen…then it will dwindle away after people figure out what they want….what they can tolerate and how they want the world to be. Shoot….we’re probably talkin a few days, max. Doneski. All I know is…when things are suppressed…..they eventually fester. And quit looking at me as the bad guy. If my story was so far off the mark as you say……..then why did so many people come and say it was happening to them too…tell me that. Nuff said. Oh goodness. Hopefully there is good stuff tomorrow. Actually, it’s all good. It’s all on purpose and it’s all our destiny so to speak. Night night sweet folk. 2:52am = 9 = endings.

Last night some lady was nasty and alluded to me trying to get donations….connected to this story. Right. DID I OR DID I NOT….tell ya I was gonna stop seeking donations back in November…and that I would hit ya’ll up when it came closer to time to go??? Well, it’s closer. And no…lady….you can rest your weary fiber heart cuz nobody donated to the cause. Do you even know the cause? It’s my life. I’m done. I’m done justifying my actions….my words. I speak about my day and about my animals and about my spirituality. These things have been entering my day. I speak. The end.

Drove into town in the icky mist to apply for my passport. It was too far expired so I had to get a new one. While there, I received a phone call asking for photos of my newest art. Ran to the gallery to take some photos. Came home and fed in the mist. We brought home 2 round bales for the goats the other day. Not ideal…..they are wearing it. AND…..either it too has burrs….or the burrs have reseeded in the pastures….both pastures in a matter of days. Dunno. We plan to redo pens and all for whatever amount of goats we end up keeping. So far though….still no sales. Not meant to be yet I suppose. When the right people come along, at the right time…ya. Was able to catch a goat myself today…in pasture… give meds to. I love it when I can do it without having someone come help. Back when they were in pens, it was pretty much just me but then again…..there were far less goats.

Well……..guess that’s all I have to say at the moment. It’s a topic people….a topic. Ya, one person was singled out…cuz one person was doing it in front of my face. Simple. I’m talking about it. Simple. This is me…having an opinion. Last I checked this was a country where we were free to have those! Man……try to help a friend. Jeeze, well…..this won’t stop me from helping friends. If I can…I will. Love you guys. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…, Natalie isn’t the first or last to do boxes….I was showing a pattern. LOVE!!! PS……once again…my paypal is I have raised most of the funds…..just a little help please, if you can. Thank you so much.

Pss….I will say I’m sorry if you are experiencing pain over this topic. It is not my intention. Awareness is. I also talk about abortion sometimes even though one friend has told me it’s painful for her when I do. I tell her I must and that I’m sorry for her pain.












2 thoughts on “be YOU…..even in the muck

  1. You are driven to talk about certain things, that is you and that is what you do. Do not stop being you, regardless of what people tell you. I hope you get to go on your trip and that it is more then you expect

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