it’s about Community…

There are 2 little goats roaming around my house. Well, they were, but I settled back in my bed….which is my chair, my office, my art studio, my pet training space, my spiritual sanctuary….pretty much my everything space. They followed me and are standing by my bed. I’m getting tired. It’s been just me with all this for several days now and these 3 babies in here. Just me to lift them in and out. I lured them around and around the house with a peanut, to give them some exercise. Worked like a charm. Worked like a charm. Hmmm…..does this mean that charms work? Ha! ……………..I’m trying to settle back into the norm. The norm. Do I really want to? But what can I do? How does one rattle peoples minds? Shake them up, so they can get another perspective. Like a kalaidascope. One thing at the end…yet as you turn it…it changes, more beautiful each time. I’m not sure what good I’ve done.

Y’all say I have, but I haven’t even had the guts to call it by it’s name. Greed. Haha….gotcha. Nah, for those who haven’t figured it out….and I doubt there are many of you….it does indeed start with a C and ends with a J. My hubby said not to say it…so I won’t. This company isn’t the only one harming people out there. And people really don’t know. They truly have no clue whats going on behind the fiber walls. I used to wanna be an investigator. I’d love to do a world fiber tour and see it firsthand. See the homes of the women who are helped by companies, you know…Fair Trade companies…no…REAL fair trade companies. See, I told ya I knew some stuff. Fair trade. Man how important is that in the new paradigm? The new better world we all long to create, to live in…to live for. I’m experiencing a part of it right now….I have a cat who is determined to make friends with these baby goats. She walks along their playpens like a trapeze artist….was playing and swatting and flipping over on her back, exposing her belly earlier. That’s trust. Play. 2 species. In that world, there will also be no money. Just trading of skills. I’m not sure how to get there from here. There are many who are on the path to create this…are we getting there? Do people care enough? Do enough people care? Are enough people waking up to how things really are….or at least how things are to the dang best of our knowledge to figure out? Cuz some things are impossible to figure out…cuz some people just have too much money and can keep anyone out.

After much pondering…and prayer….it was revealed to me that the thing I had faith in….wasn’t really just the animal caretakers at all. The farmers, raising the fiber animals. Nope….It’s the whole shebang. The entire community. And we ARE a community….complete with nasty neighbors and home owners associations….so to speak. Think about it. Fiber is BIG business. God I’m beginning to hate that word…business. But there are spinners in every corner of the planet. There are knitters. Crocheters. Felters. There is an entire world…just of fiber. The God made kind and even the man made kind. We love fiber. Yarn. We love yarn. But this world has become so huge, that it’s hard to be a little fish in such a vast ocean. We, Cathy and I, had an idea. What if the brokers…..said they were brokers. Not only that….but bragged about being a broker? What if being a broker was looked at as a good thing? What if…those brokers….who got whatever they got…..gave credit to those who they got it from. Hmmmm???? If they bought fleece from a little guy…SAY its from the little guy…and which little guy and if you can make it even more personal for the buyer….say the name of the animal if you know it. Would make for a deeper experience for the buyer and maybe perhaps some allegiance. If you do the work….whatever work…..say it! Include credentials. Same could hold for artists too. This way, we are continually giving a boost to the little guy. Brokers….you….are not little guys. You see….I shouldn’t be afraid not to be able to get a fiber I need….just cuz I brought up a foul business practice in my community. Network. Networking in the fiber world is happening on a small scale and I would like to see it grow. Help each other. Have a need…help a need. I love that philosophy. Been wanting to start an ad thingy for that. A company I guess, but I don’t have the time. Point being….if we, the little guys all help each other…lift each other up…..we, none of us, need to be little guys anymore. We can be a community. I was about to say we could start a point system for those who help…..but I bet it’d end up the same as giving treats to animals for a needed response……greed. Greed is one of the parts of humans that is hard to escape. We must fight it. We see a bit of fleece advertised and we want it bad. Are we happy when we don’t get it? No. Are we jealous? Probably. Do we wanna live like this? NO! Lets choose. Choose to be in the community. AND NO…….sweatshop type things….are not a part of the community, so China…….CHOOSE! You too INDIA. Beauty is not beautiful if in the making of said beauty….is harm, or threat or death. Your beauty has a film over it……a shadow…….cast by greed. Make a choice to live by love and not by money. Wow…..I have big dreams, eh???????

8 months ago, my daughter told me I looked like I was dying. We went to see Doc and yup…..dyin. So….it’s been 8 months! Why aren’t I dead yet? Well….cuz 8 months ago, I stopped eating GMO food as best I could. I switched to organic everything I could and btw, somehow, I don’t know how, magically, it doesn’t really cost any more. I guess without all the processed food…it evens out. Also….6 months and one week ago, I quit smoking cigarettes after 40 some years and my 6 pk a night of beer habit I’ve had for18 years…..all in one night. I also take a whole shitload of herbal pills. Herbs. You know…the plants of the earth that were created by the Creator? Not by man. Ha, well, I guess man did pick them, dry them, pulverize them and stuff it in pills, but we didn’t create it. I’ve told you before…some of the human made fibers are clogging things on the planet….and causing all kinds of frowns. I digress. I did a bunch of research about ways to treat my illness, liver disease Stage3….and HepatitisC. The diet change lowered my numbers significantly, but it’s not a cure or even a remission. I thought it was but it was just low numbers. Go figure. So….I’ve done all these natural cure things and now I’m headed to the jungle. I will be at a retreat place, but while there…I plan to go by bus a few hours away, to experience…ayahuasca. I saw someones description of it tonight that intrigued me to show you so I snapped photos of the words. “Tried to rip my tongue out”. Those words rattled me a wee tad. I’m not doing it naively. I’ve known about it for years, heard its stories for years and then in great detail this year. I feel this intense need…this gnawing……they call her Mother. The vine. Well…right now, sleep is calling. I’ll finish this tomorrow maybe. Nighty night. 2:36am = 11 = Master Number! Kinda like a wild card. :=} Ha……a bit different, but a blog nonetheless.

I had to put the babies outside. Peaches is with the herd and her mom and the other two are back in the tiny pen in the yard. WHY? Cuz it was hurting Moonbaby to be in the playpen. Not enough exercise even with my peanut play. Praying they do well. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch and will continue with the ayahuasca story tomorrow or Sunday. Love ya!!!




















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