Integrity…..that is the issue

I told you this chrysalis was different, that I was changing…different. Boy howdy, I wasn’t kidding. I’m brave, I’m angry, I’m bold, I’m in your face. I’m a champion. Always have been but sometimes, most times, I’m a silent champion, which is not effective. :=))) Also…..I’m learning to have belief in myself. After the I’m selling my goats post, that nearly went viral, and I received so much advice…it seeped into me how much I know about goats. How much I’ve learned by living with them for 7-8 years. I realized I know more than I thought I knew. Ha…and if I’d experienced a breech birth, I could be a midwife! I’ve assisted 10 times now and it’s not so bad. It’s way beyond that though. I am just plain different. Nothing new that…….I’ve been different in the sense of being odd, the oddball. The one who believes things different than the norm. Yup. Haha…but different means different things. Right this second….that strikes my funny bone because I’m experiencing a new thing on the planet. By speaking out about the Large entity and the little blue barn, I apparently stirred a nest. A nest of women. Hmmmm. Women can be so diverse. Remember when I mentioned catfights in highschool yesterday? Well…ya….that’s what it was like tonight. But it was no fun.

Lives were at stake. ARE at stake. I had no idea. I was just sitting here in my bed bloggity blog bloggin as I always do and I decided to defend someone who I think was being treated unjustly. I wrote about it, ya’ll read that. But I was contacted by someone who was experiencing the same crap as bluebarn….aka butterlady……but not only that….this lady represents the lives of women, in India. She represents jobs. Jobs that put food in the mouths of a mothers children. This lady built a coop or something…..i dunno exactly, it’s been a whirlwind night…wow…anyway……this coop trains women to make a product, thus giving them a skill….a trade. This is in 3rd world countries. Apparently Large Entity, has been undercutting this coop for a few years. I don’t know any details, only that it’s affecting lives, literally. Foodly. Lifely. Life and death. This lady saw my words and was happy it was being talked about. But….My words are being spun, like thread…ugly thread at that. I got enough on my plate that I don’t have time for silly childish games of who said, she said, you’re a liar, etc. I saw something over time…..and I spoke up about it. That simple. My son would call these people commenting…haters…….but before he called them haters, he’s call them the internet term…troll. I remember trolls from when my daughter was going to Rainbow Gatherings. I’d be a worried mama of course and glued to the forums for news of what was happening in the forest. There would be people there saying there were fires, saying the cops were out and beating people, you name it, trying to frighten the people looking for news. Trolls. Jesse sees them in the music industry. Ha…then even saying my goats looked bad…looked skinny. Ha…ya think? They didn’t even bother to read. Speaking of goats….Thor is still sitting up and now getting on his knees for bits of time on his own. By all rights this goat would have been dead a long time ago if, well…if he didn’t desire to live so dang bad!

Back to the matter at hand. I certainly never intended this, any of this, that I know of. I did wish for a few more blog readers though, cuz 30 is not much for all the work I do to put this out. Certainly got them last night. Freaky got em. Jeeze man. It’s so hard to explain my feelings tonight. So many emotions have been running through me simultaneously. It is one helluva learning experience! Moments of fear, pulse pounding, a few tiny pride ones, joy… helping, disappointment….at a few phrases said, anticipation, terror, disgust, disdain, fun, excited, useful, happy, sad, angry, and just plain freaked out and more whose names I can’t seem to capture from the ethers. I’ve known I’m changing. Felt the difference. Felt the maleness you might say. A very strange feeling that. Jeeze….I’m having a hard time winding down. Headache. Took 2 tumeric capsules for it. Gosh…Well, the winds have calmed and I must rest my weary bones. Night night from jeezeohpetesland……which was around 3 something am. 3 = trinity…..meaning, working together. Hehe. Ya baby.(ya, I didn’t get my night night time, sorry)

Gosh. Yes, I slept some. Even with all the cud chewin goin on, and yes, THOR is still able to sit up!!! Somehow the people are still seeing the blog even though it was removed from fiber artist and yarn spinner group. That’s where the trolls were. I was relieved when it was taken down, it was beginning to get ickier. I even panicked and changed my settings on FB to friends only. It’s back now. I’m stronger after sleep. It was just a lot. It seems that Holly, Miss Butterlady……has gained some understanding and that should help her put feed on her table, but I’m concerned about those other women. The ones whose children can’t go to school so the sisters and brothers can eat a bite of food for dinner…they have to work instead to pay for that bite. She wants to harm those ladies? Undercut them? That goes beyond bad business tactics and enters the harmful arena. Maybe we need a Do NO HARM clause in all areas of business, not just doctors.

Ok… case more stuff happens, I wanna tell you what I came up with yesterday, mindwise, and goatwise. It struck me funny the other day when thinking about the RULE….introduce new feeds to goats SLOWLY. Hmmm. They are foragers! They are browsers. That means they walk…..back before human intervention, they would walk, and eat as they moved. Eating what they found as they wandered. Now how on earth did it go from that….to…introduce new feed slowly or they will bloat? Here’s my guess. HUMANS. GRAINS. God made the goat, and god made the plants. Humans made the mix and called it grain. I’ve seen my goats never ever eat a certain weed…….until they are bad sick. Then they eat it. This tells me they are like dogs, and even cats, who will eat hay from my floor when housing baby goats in a playpen in the house. They also eat plants I try to grow. But the dogs, know what they need plantwise to make them feel better. So do goats. They also know what is safe. Hmmm. I have a contradiction already. Oak leaves. My goaties love fresh oak leaves yet I’m told its poison. Tell them that. So ya. We humans have changed the game….and I won’t EVEN get into the fleece coverage breeding…which interferes with birthing. IF you don’t shear all that extra fiber from around the milk supply……that God didn’t put on them….you got dead newborns. Ya. Aren’t we smart????

So…what to do. What I wonder, can be done to stop this business abuse? I was astounded to keep hearing…oh, yes, she did that to us too! And, yes….I noticed that! Wow. What a can of worms….but as I told someone earlier….i used to chop up worms and feed em to my pet salamander. It was gross, but I do what I gotta do. I hear it is very nasty over in the wholesale group……that’s bad. Stick up for a friend who is being bullied and get trashed myself. Friggin women…..some can be so tacky. After discussing this with one of the companies dealing with this…..I’ve decided I will not name the name. I do not want to take any chance of hurting these people and associating them with this nastiness. My hubby likens this to Walmart. Where they come in……..undercut the price….run all the locals out of business….then raise the prices back to where they began. Its bad ethics. Its all about integrity. And if you believe that this wholesale Large entity really helps the little guy in 3rd world countries where she is getting the product….then you will be disappointed. Some people lie….and think nothing of it. I know….was married to one of those once. Anyway folks……..It’s all about integrity. And THAT is the bottom line. Integrity…who do you want to do business with?

Anyway…..guess that’s it for the day. I am who I am and been blogging my truth for almost 3 years. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, with my morals intact…like my Balls!














4 thoughts on “Integrity…..that is the issue

  1. I’m so glad that Buttersilk lady had the courage to share your Blog post yesterday and that I was able to read it because I really like the way you stood up for her! Not only that but I gained you and a couple more girls as friends on Facebook! You write with passion about what’s important to you and I respect that as a fellow writer! I look forward to reading more of your past and future Blog posts! Bravo!! 🙂

  2. You stood up for me when I was too afraid to. And now that it’s out, there are so many people coming to me telling me that they have also been victims of this same person. One of her most loyal followers came out and told me that she had been contacted by other people with the same story as mine, and she simply had never believed it until now. You have lifted the veil. No words can express how important this issue is — not just for us, but for every small business trying to make it in this community.. I know that there are bound to be people who will blindly believe anything that they are told, and that’s unfortunate. But I think enough people can think for themselves and will see that this sort of thing really *is* happening, and should not be tolerated.

    Thank you again for your incredible advocacy and for being brave enough to speak out. And sending love and light to you and your fluffy babies.

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