When you see something…do something

What do you do when you see a member of your business community….basically ripping off the ideas of another? Do you keep quiet? Do you let it just keep happening? Do you tell? Sometimes its not like that but more generic. Example. My husband works for a tech company. This tech company’s competition, is a larger entity. This large entity……..GOD do I want to say their name….anyway….this large entity proceeded to pay and bribe stores…..to NOT buy from the little guy competition. It’s illegal to do that. So, the little company sued. And they won. Yay. Not so yay. There was a gag order included in the win. They can’t tell anyone what the large entity did, therefore the large entity just keeps getting larger and people just keep on buying the product of an uncouth company. Cheaters. I guess it really is….whats INSIDE. Back to the other. Ya…..this is in MY world though….in the fiber world. I have witnessed it happen over time. Here’s my story….

My daughter came to learn my art and one night, we were in an artwhirl…..just flyin and colors everywhere…..playing, arting……being. We were making sacred flags….to be strung up and hung for people who are on the sacred journey. It was divine and a grand learning experience. It all began one night when we opened a tiny sample bag that had arrived with a purchase of fiber. It was called Soffsilk. We began to play with it and liked the results so we ordered some. Got some. More flags. Kept on. Then, we needed to order more and suddenly the product changed. It was no longer blended the way it had been. No, it couldn’t be done for us. Crap. So, we searched the internet and found a comparable product called Buttersilk. It was basically what we wanted, just not in the same color choices. Fine. We liked it but it just wasn’t the same fun for us anymore and the drive to create the flags dwindled. We did however love the buttersilk and keep it on hand for the larger paintings. I know that the lady who sold the soffsilk threatened to sue the buttersilk lady for using the word silk……cuz she had copyrighted brushing sari silk and calling it soffsilk. Whats funny is, that the buttersilk was in existence before the soffsilk. Hmmmm….makes ya wonder just how far does this behavior go back?

Since then….I’ve seen Buttersilk lady come out with a product…new and unique….steel or something like that. I found it interesting but didn’t try it. Then, Soffsilk lady began to sell the steel. Fast forward a year or so and Butterlady finds a source for a fiber dear to her heart and it is Pearl fiber. A few weeks later…….Soffsilk lady is now selling…….guess…..come on…..guess!!! Yup. Pearl fiber. What the F? Did Butterlady steal her husband or something? Wowza…..I haven’t seen such catty actions since high school………unless you count that Large entity. Large entity. Hmmm. Seems that’s what soffsilk lady is now…..from steamrolling the little guy. I’m not sure if there’s an actual crime involved or not….but low class, bad taste, cruelty, stalking, bad business, jealousy I guess and just plain thievery to me. Like stealing the bread from someones table. Like the big guy stepping on the little guy. I don’t like it. I’ve never met either of these women….but man, I can sure tell ya who I’d want in my hurricane shelter!!! Someone who wouldn’t be there to harm me when I turned my back. Ok…there. My rant about the injustices I see…at least one of them. And this time…hehehe…I sorta named names. I must be getting more courageous in my old age. Ya….i said my piece, and there you have my review. Buttersilk and RosePearl fiber(www.bluebarnfiber.com or etsy by the same name)….YAY…………soffsilk and rosepearl fiber from the large entity (starts with a C)….boooooooo. So….why did I just do that? Why pick a side? Because I kept watching it happen and it just kept irking me but tonight….when I saw the post from soffsilk lady asking if anyone was interested in buying rose fiber…………it just went all over me like fingernails on a chalkboard. (Ps…..she then undercuts the price and they buy from her, its cheaper) Big lesson…it’s not all about the price….or it shouldn’t be. PSS…..its pearl infused from real pearls but is not made from roses, just named for the softness of a rose) Oh…and Blue Barn also has awesome buttersilk. So I say…..live long and prosper little Blue Barn!!!

There is a little guy in a playpen in front of me….his head is up. He’s looking around. He hasn’t fallen since I last sat him up oh…..maybe 6-8 hours ago! And no…it’s not from the cow juice. And still up, and it’s 2am. Very hungry boy, but it’s night night. Hope they sleep some so they don’t chew so loud. Copper. A lot of people are suggesting perhaps I could add copper to the goaties diet. Then I read that cashews were high in copper. I’d so rather get things from the source. Well…..I’m ready for bed finally. Havent painted in forever. Night night. 2:06am = 8 = infinity……also….authority and personal power. Ya! Ok…night night. He’s still up, but I am propping him now cuz I’m going to sleep. And…..y’all are awesome.

My guy is still up!!! All night long! Yes. Yes, I did something. Not telling yet. Tomorrow, if theres more improvement….then maybe I’ll tell. There is no box propping him up and he is just sittin around. Cant walk though cuz he’s been down so long. Working on that. I’m alone, so holding him up, but with help, I will try using a towel to sling him and hold him up. He won’t even try to use his legs just yet. Cathy just left. Spent the past few hours filling her in on all the shenanigans and then we just had an amazing wonderful conversation about God. The original God. Back, back back….back as far as you can go. Back until you have a gelatinous blob….hanging around in the darkness of black. The gelatinous blob was God. Still not sure how he was born, see, impossible to go back far enough. But, the blob was lonely and he split off a bubble. Hi! Hi! Yes! Then that bubble split. Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! And so on. So, from there we get creation of all types. Apparently I am not the only human who was shown this version of God cuz I’ve actually seen it written a few places lately. Yeehaw. But we had fun discussing it. Bottom line…thought…this thing that enlightenment tries to squelch out of you…….thought….is where we all exist from. Without that lonely thought….nobody would exist. Nothing would exist except the blob. Yes,,,,,, God knows I’m calling him a gelatinous blob. He’s the one who told me the story. The God of the humans…..the Annunuki…..well….they are a bubble from the big bubble…as we all are. And….in my mind……the in his image part????? Is Thought. I got no proof though. Just a knowing. Well….Cathy refused to go outside and shear butts today. Too cold. 38. It’s too hard for me to do alone, soooooo. And I also will get the poo samples not today, maybe tomorrow. It should be warmer on Thursday and Friday. Maybe even be able to let the babies outside for a walkabout. Yay! Anyone got ideas how to……….ha….i can just see it……a water trough, just deep enough that you fill it with warm water and plunk the goatie in and they sit and soak and the dried diarrhea just melts off. In my dreams I guess….but if anyone knows a way….Lovey we did in the sink. These are too big for the sink. K….fixin to go outside and feed. Hoping I didn’t kill anyone by giving them pine branches….which brings me to……………………..Well…..better save that for tomorrow…but the topic is feed change. God VS Human. Nobody died from the Pine branches. Ha…didn’t think they would, since they say Christmas trees are ok…..WITHOUT THE CHEMICALS sprayed….and since these are from the side of the road…they be safe from chemicals. In fact….they even tried to eat the branch, or the brown cover on the branch. Ok…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Apparently I have my voice back and stronger than ever, cuz I got more to say. Lator gator. 3:44pm…hello angels.





6 thoughts on “When you see something…do something

  1. I am so glad your goatie is doing better, I started to use copper boluses and yes my goats have had two christmas trees this year, someone said they are good for worms, not sure but, they really like the bark. Big hugs Night Owl

  2. I’ve used the bath tub to wash bigger animals in. Warm water, so I don’t have to worry about the chills while they are in the water. Most of the goats weren’t pleased with the process, but at least they got clean.

  3. Nice job on standing up for the little guy. The “C” person also steals other people’s YouTube instructional videos and REDOES them, sometimes word for word. Those little guys she’s “stealing” ideas from are so little, they don’t even notice. But I did. Good job on your blog. Good job on being righteous. It’s commendable. I haven’t purchased anything from the little guys yet, but I’ve been watching C walk all over them as well as other people for a long time. Enough is enough. Folks in the fiber world need to stop being groupies and start standing up for what’s right. I don’t know why she has the following she does, but she’s unethical and deserves to be called out.

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