a few things……

Ok, like wow. It is just after midnight and the message boxes have all disappeared and most of the comments have slowed to a trickle. Jeeze, what a wormstorm. Everyone had an opinion you can be sure. Some made excellent points, like that the goats were weak, so not to sell them just yet. I guess I was thinking they would help them get strong but yes, good point….trips are hard on goats. Change is hard on goats. I’ll just deal with it from here and get them strong enough to go. Some thought I was making a hasty decision and some thought I should follow the hospital advice and some thought it was cocci hiding in the fog. The many different kinds of advice I received made my point exactly. There is no one place for what to do. There is no one answer. There are only decisions. Many things go into decisions. Well…here is mine, so far. I haven’t slept yet, so its subject to change but at this moment, here’s what I’m thinkin.

I have to go with the things that resonate with me…that speak to my heart, my intuition. I may not have all the answers but I have some. One of the girls pens fell over a few months ago. Hubby still hasn’t put it back. I plan to put it back the Sheri way using Tposts. Then, I have 2 drylot pens. Yup. Penned again. Poor things. BUT, as a new friend told me….I can release them after the morning dew if I want. I’m going to plant seeds of things goats like and are good for them. Dandelion, red clover, chickweed, things like that. Let them forage that kind of thing instead of the coastal hay….sure they can eat the hay but maybe they’ll choose the herbs. Grass, hay…same thing. As for immediate……………………….nothing has changed here on the land so I don’t think its environmental. I would rather bring them fecal samples from various goats. And have specific tests done. Perhaps even use an outside lab as well, or stand alone. Find out how much it costs to do the wormer specific tests…it tells you which wormers each goat needs, at least that was my take on it. Ugggh. This all sucks. All I know is…I certainly don’t feel any better off having gone there. AND…..if there are only 4 classes of wormers….I certainly don’t want to give up on the one they gave me a few weeks ago so damn fast. Does anyone get this???? Jeeze. I’m tired and stressed. Night night. 2:36am = 11 = Master number. Hmmm.

Thor is only alive by my hand. Sure, the cow rumen…very weird btw, is probably doing its thing, but this lil guy can’t hold his head up, therefore he is in flat lay down position. Death position. I move him. I shift his position so he can sit up, then he eats and eats and eats. He will take fluids as well. I place a box in with him so he can’t lay flat but when it moves, I put it back and resituate him. He’s crunching away right now. Quite a few people suggested pine branches and when one asked today, I said well, that would be out on the land and it’s a mud bog now. Guess what? Spirit provided and…..AND gave blessings. They were trimming the sides of the road when I was driving Jesse to work. He has some friends coming to Austin this weekend so wants spending money. Needless to say…I loaded my car with the pine branches. All but the inside ones are checking it out. I understand it has potential worm benefits. I did make one decision for sure. They switched me to Valbazen and didn’t give it a chance. The fecals all came out good after a dose…….but they told me to never use it again when Peaches showed a high wormload. Well…………………….I’m not a doctor……but if there are only 4 classes of wormers……………I am certainly not gonna write one off that appeared to be working….because of one goat. I won’t!!! How stupid would that be? Sure…head straight on into class 4….the last class….NOT! So glad I was able to decipher that. I received SO MUCH advice yesterday. Some gave me exact treatments from noted experts….but I can’t use them all. I have to choose. As of this moment…..the plan is to have more tests done. PERIOD. In the meantime…..I looked at the 2 goats I sheared the scours from….and they are clean. I knew that was a possibility. The diarrheas may be all done now…yet with the scours dried on…it is hard to tell cuz if they pee…it looks wet….therefore fresh. Tomorrow I shall do a few more butts….and keep at it till they are done. When I can, as I can. So, I’ve decided that the goats are strong. Shoot…it’s cold, rainy….yet they are tough and loving. I’m telling ya….as far as I’m concerned….the valbazen is working…just maybe not on every single goat. It’s been 4 weeks. There are still some down tails on babies….but it is still cold, so hard to tell. More fecals needed, but I think most of them can stand the transport. The little sick ones aren’t going anywhere. Two I had planned on keeping anyway. Thor is the only one I had planned to sell. But he can stay. Or, he can go. He is a black boy, with pinto bloodlines. IF he went…it would have to wait, or ride up front!!! :=) Reminds me of when Kiwi was sick. Kiwi is such a sweetie, still is….and he made it back from death. I’ve brought several back from barberpole death. Lila….what a success story that is…..and she had a baby last year…Sunshine!!! (her photo is in yesterdays blog) It’s really cloudy but no rain finally. Not the greatest photo day. Was gifted with seeing hawk a few times today and one was really cool……flew right in front of my car and I saw the tail….100% fanned out. Really cool. Ya, I’m a birder.

I’m considering ceasing the grain. Mineral blocks, hay and alfalfa. That’s what I’m thinkin. It’s entirely possible the scours are simply from feed switch. As for the underweight babies…..I have my suspicions….cocci. And the boys…well, they all seem healthy except for being underweight which I explained at shearing time but will again now for those who don’t know. I screwed up. Ya, I surely did. For the first time ever, I didn’t feed grain to the boys….who are on 6 acre pasture. As the summer progressed, the grass grew. They looked to be in hay heaven. Apparently………the longer the hay gets, the less nutrition it has. DID NOT KNOW THIS. My hubby did but he didn’t tell me. So, when I went to shear the boys, I saw they were very skinny. Lets suffice it to say…hubby and I had many words over this. I was furious. If I had known….like from the second I DID know, I gave them grain…and even hay….while they were in a huge hay field. Anyway…maybe some of you don’t know this and I just helped you. Hope so. But they are looking good. And such sweeties. If you see the ad for Kai Mohair….she is moving and selling some of her herd before the move. She is half hour from me and you might consider some of each. Either way…if you’re coming for hers…come see mine too and if you’re coming for mine…go see hers too. :=))) A lot of my herd came from there. So…..bottom line. After listening to a multitude of advice…..I ended up choosing some….and listening to my own gut as well. I could be wrong…but I’m really thinkin the main issue could be ending. I will know when I get more fecals done. So….we shall find out soon. Pray I’m right. I do. If the valbazen is working….yay!!! If its not…well, I’ll find another wormer. Lot of people talking about this Quest and Quest Plus. Life evolves. Me and my herd….we are evolving. For any interested in buying……..I know there is a lady local who wants some. AND…there are 2 people in Arizona and one in Las Vegas. If we could get a trip going….??? Ok…signing off with a bit of relief…..from YeeHaw Ranch. PS….thank you all….ALL! for your help and your kindness….and your understanding and for letting me know you’ve been there. It all helps more than you know. Love love.














2 thoughts on “a few things……

  1. Were you able to get some Red Cell? Mid America Ag Research is a reasonable place to get fecals done. I believe they also will test for dewormer resistance and let you know what works and what doesn’t for your poo. Their website is: http://www.midamericaagresearch.net/ For the cocci, you can get a once dose treatment from http://horseprerace.com/toltrazuril/ Use the 5% toltrazuril. Repeat in ten days. Dose is 1cc per 5#. I am sure hoping the worst is over for you and the goats! Angela

    • Oh i never got back to you did i??? Yes, i got it and it perked Thor up! Went to feed and he was up walking when we got back from feeding!! He went down again after getting the prohibit but may be making a comeback. (I did something) His head has been up for like 4 hours now! You helped get him part of the way. I think he might make it. Hes too stubborn to die. I wonder if i should give him more of that redcell.

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