the WORMER story……

My apologies……this is a goat only blog today. No cool insights, nothing pleasant really. All about goats and worms and vets. This is my story.

7 years ago, I bought 7 goats. I had my own theories. While others were worming on a regular basis, I was opposed. I wormed them once a year, period. I was frowned upon. I had a wormload of 2-18 per goat. FOR 4-5 years!!! Then, rains I guess, and Kiwi, a baby got barberpole. My local vet switched me to cydectin. 3cc small goat 5cc large goat. Now…..I have since been told…..that 1, that was not a high enough dose and 2, it was the same class wormer so should not have been switched to that. So….for 2 years, I’ve been giving them cydectin whenever one gets sick….I treated whole herd. I now know, that we can’t do that…we must treat only the ones with the pale eyes….but guess what??????? That’s only for the barberpole worm!!!! Not the others. So….for the past 2 years, I’ve been treating and the dose was not high enough, so….it only killed off part of the loads….and the rest of the loads hid from what I understand. We had drought, then lots of rains in the last 2 years. I began to lose 3 goats a year to worms. Mind you….I was taken off the IVOMEC because ONE goat was sick. Ivomec was deemed useless….due to one goat. Fast forward 2 years. First Wywy. Damn….damn damn. Rains, I blamed it on the rains. Then Erbie, sickly lil beautiful baby. Blamed it on his being sick cuz wormer didn’t help. Then Flutterbug. After Flutterbug, I went to Texas A&M vet hospital. Carried in a few sickly goats. They decided that it was cuz the wormer dose was not high enough…plus they informed me that cydectin was same class as Ivomec so he switched brands only…not wormer class. Ok. So they gave me Valbazen and asked me to bring fecals back in 14 days. I did. Effective!!! Yay! 2 weeks went by. Some goats still sick, so carried Peaches to A&M. They said her worm load was too high so therefore the valbazen was INEFFECTIVE. WHAT????????????????????????????????????? Ok……..they have now given me basically Prohibit. There. That is the history. As you may be able to guess…..I am very upset. We are talking about 3 different vets……all conflicting, and all doing things…not quite right. Today, Goat Vet Corner said the dose for cydectin pour on is….5cc up to triple that….so, 15cc. Really? 5cc-15cc for a 100 lb goat. Now which is it????? The syringe holds 6cc. So, how many do I carry down for my 100 lb goat??? 1 syringe? 3 syringes???? Make up your friggin minds. AND…did hya notice the 5cc part of the 5cc-15cc? 5cc is what A&M just said was NOT strong enough! Yet Goat Vet Corner on FB said it is the normal dose for 100 lbs. Now……………… do you understand why I am freaking mad????? Freaking overwhelmed????? The vets don’t agree about much of anything. Yet, we….are considered stupid if we don’t know or do what THAT vet expects. I know…..a doc from A&M yelled at me last year and hung up on me over my mite treatment…which other vets use. It’s plum crazy. Plum CRAZY!!! I’m beyond myself now. I need to leave in a month to heal my own dang self and am trying to decide….do I want to sell every single goat? Or keep a few? Can I handle it if another one dies??? Right now, I wish they had put Thor down instead of spending 150 on him….he cannot walk. He cannot stand. He will die. Has been down like 6-8 times in 2 months and I told them this. I just need him euthanized. So now I guess I gotta spend another how friggin much??????? To have him put down? No matter what I do…he just goes down again. He was walking yesterday…today, no way can he get up. At wits end.
So. There it is. That’s my story. The one who started this whole thing, Kiwi….is doing just fine. Seems I have some interested parties. I’m just sorry the others aren’t here to go too….but they have crossed the bridge. Im still devastated about Flutterbug, and my lil Erbie. I loved WYWY, but as my herdsire and his beauty, we were not friends. We weren’t enemies either. He just didn’t know me well. I was about to switch to the real herbs…..just plant herb seeds in the L…..keep them in pens till afternoon, then back up at night. BUT, since no vet can agree……I just have lost all zeal. I’m sapped. So tired of defending myself and would you believe….at A&M they don’t write the story on my chart? No…I bring in emaciated babies and they think I’m mean and not feeding and cruel to me. We feed about 56 bags of feed a month to under 50 goats. Plus hay. My health is so fragile and the stress is on me so heavy every day. I cried just taking photos to post for sale. I love each and every goat. Some have been here 7 years. Some I’ve pulled from the womb. Some I’ve brought back to life. Some were lap babies. Some I just love because. No real reason, just because. And some….are just so dang beautiful. Some have the greatest personalities. It’s all so hard. And it just stretches month after month. I found out I was sick last May. Here I am…..still trying to figure out what to do. Oh…one more thing. The prohibit…I asked them…I said, isn’t there something about the doseage concerning the prohibit? No, just normal. Nope. Was reminded….with prohibit…you must know their correct weight or can kill them. I have no way to weigh. AND….the hospital is insisting on a vet farm visit, to help save the herd. Right. Don’t trust you people! AND….if you’re a teaching hospital…get your stuff right. Took 2 goats yesterday. Got 2 paperworks back. One says…..can walk….other doesn’t mention that Thor cannot. One says…..covered in dried diarrhea on Thor…..why isn’t that on Moonbabies? His says evidence of. It was true of both. Also, we looked at eyes….pink…we exclaimed about that….how we didn’t expect it…yet, paperwork says….eyes pale. I just don’t know anymore. I’m tired. I’m tired of crying. I’m tired of aching for them. I’m tired of burying them. I’m tired of vets sticking together instead of standing up for the goats. I’m just tired. So sad. I don’t know if I can live without any of them…….i may have to keep a couple. I can buy fiber, it’s not that. I love them so. Thank you to all who are considering. Signing off with a heavy heart at YeeHaw Ranch.

















14 thoughts on “the WORMER story……

    • ❤️❤️❤️ i wish it too. Ive hot some saying its cocci and the tests dont always show up right. And Lisa saying trust A&M. I already dont trust them. I told them about the dr who yelled at me and they giggled.

  1. I too have lost several to the damn barber pole worms. Has no one recommended worming w/effective wormer 3x every 10 days?? That is what I usually see recommended for tough cases. I suggest getting on Goat Talk on Facebook. There are now 2 by that name…join the one with over 2k members, and seek out Coni Ross. You can likely find her by other routes as well. She is an ABGA breeder & judge, an RN, and has decades of goat experience in TX. Coni has likely saved more goats than any vet ever will. Best of luck saving yours.

    • Thank you very much and I’m sorry you know the barber pole loss. No, dont know that one but it goes against the other advice. Jeeze. So many conflicting things. Thats scary. Ill go check out your group. Thanks!!!

  2. Wow! I’m sooo sorry that you, and your goats, have been treated this way. I began rescuing goats about 6 years ago and have been very blessed. I too looked to the internet for help and to my local vet. TGCU (The Goat Care Unit) is the group that I finally joined first and it is still my go to one as Sam Boba, the originator, breeds, sells and helps goats. He is very strict on his site policy but it’s nothing that kept me from joining to learn more about taking care of my babies. Unless you have a vet or someone well-versed in caring for goats you will get the responses that you have and will begin losing your babies. Sam talks to people over the phone and walks them through proper treatment and then also follows through. I would like to recommend you check out the group. ALSO…regarding your liver? I am a natural alternative person (if at all possible) and when I was going through chemo, I took silymarin (milk thistle) for my liver. It helps the liver to regenerate. I’ll be praying for you and for your goats. BTW…if you need someone to talk to, even though you don’t know me, I would be happy to listen to you, just personal message me. God Bless you!

    • Thankyou Kathy! Ill be glad to check out the group. I need this fixed. Appreciate your candor and help. The offer of the ear is most endearing as well. (Pun there) my frustration level is high. Which Kathy are you? Hard t

  3. I agree that Coni Ross is the go to person for your parasite problem. Throw all the conflicting information out the window and contact Coni to save your herd……and your heart. Hugs….Angela

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