I was…..wwwrrrrrrong…..yes, WRONG. Wrong wrong wrong.

This is my journey. My journey. Others will do things very different, but you see….each person, each human is different therefore each person will have different reactions, perceptions, emotions, challenges, wills, feelings and beliefs. Although beliefs are just a pile of things I’ve decided to believe….ha…doesn’t necessarily make em true. But, as long as I do believe them…they will sway me. Sway like a palm tree in the wind. Ha, I just had a visual of a palm tree swaying so far that the coconut growing up top went flying like a catapult in my brain. Lol. Anyway….I’ve had a few reactions to my reactions and I just wanted to emphasize that it is indeed MY journey and therefore will not match your expectations. Sure, you can guess at how I will react to something but in the end…unless you’re my twin….I doubt it. So….drop your expectations when you arrive at the YeeHaw Ranch cuz I am way unique. And if I live different than most…I will most likely die different than most. On the other hand…..I’ve decided not to die. How silly is that? Tell me I’m dying. Jeeze. Not nice and I’m just not gonna accept that directive. I do what I set my mind to. So basically….since I’ve learned how to treat the body lately…..I’ll go ahead and do my best or sorta best to live by some of the new rules or suggestions…and I’ll take all the meds and herbs that are recommended for someone with a wishy washy liver and that’s it. I’ll just keep living! What do ya think of my new plan? Ya…..ok….I’ll still do what I need to do…….all the while knowing….I”M HEALED!!! (this is a psych exercise….a manifest) Oh….and ya…….I’m gonna have down days and angry days. And if I have an angry day…..there ya go….I have an angry day. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not like I’ve changed personalities overnight. What you expect of me one day…..will most likely hold for other days as well.

Woke up this morning to a cold front that caught me completely by surprise. Took the puppy outside barefoot and holy crap!!!!! COLD! 44 degrees! Haha…at least I didn’t have to wash fleece today in it! Nope…only wetfelt. Not as bad, cuz done indoors….UGGGH, and it failed. Completely and udderly…failed. Just a non felted pile of curls…and a complete waste of a day. Or not completely. Oh man…sometimes it just seems like life is conspiring….to frustrate the hell out of you. On the other hand…..life can just as easily surprise you in a good way. As some of y’all saw….Natalie chose me to WIN some fiber. Nah, that was yesterday folks….it don’t work that fast!!! Hehe….but she did, and she mailed it today. She was obviously in a Christmas giving mood. She’s already told me it’s not ideal, its felted….but it is beautiful….so……I shall make something even more beautiful with it. I’m a very determined cookie. I’m so excited to see! I’ll let you know when it arrives! But that’s not all. A friend has bought me a ScrapBox!!! It arrived today…just when I was so angry and crying over the failure of the scarf. It is stunningly beautiful. Ooooooh…can’t wait! Don’t know which ScrapBox it is….but it’s pastels and oh so pretty. Hehe….these ScrapBox things are awesome!!! And the dyed curls on the way……ya…..I will make something awesome with them! I will, I will!
Hubby paid a local lady (frame shop), to take photos for prints. Well….there are a few more for me to pick up, but so far…only one was good enough to print and that was after fudging with it. That’s the owly dreams that I had printed to canvas and art paper. Need to find a cheaper way….but also, need to find a better way to get prints. SO…..I have dusted off the ole Nikon. Jeeze, it’s been years….and during those years, the battery charger moseyed off and away, so I got a generic one today at Best Buy. It will be ME. Ha. But still…want my money back from the lady. :=)) Probably won’t ask. Anyway….I’d like to be able to sell prints so it’s not so expensive. So far though, I haven’t found a place that can do it at a good price. I tried my first sealer on a painted domino. Hmmm. Need some junk ones to try it on….little bubbles…..I love little bubbles, but not on something like this. My friend KathyBlue is helping me…..she’s the domino pendant lady! Well, to me she is. Oh!!!!! Guess what??? Ha. Well…..they say people don’t fess up when wrong….especially women. Well….here is one woman who is right now…before your very eyes….saying……..I WAS WRONG. Remember that painting that was stolen at the festival last year? Guess what. It wasn’t!!! I found a trash bag way up high on a shelf, while looking for my camera battery thingy. It was inside!!! Along with a few others….generic ones….not a scene…just batts, needlefelted. Ha…and the lil Christmas tree just in time for Christmas! How funny! So glad it wasn’t stolen after all…..and glad the dude didn’t give me a free vendor spot! So….Einstein is once again….here. So funny…..hard to leave it alone……my art has changed since then and I want so badly to change it! So…my apologies to any who got overly righteous about the thief getting bad karma! LOL.

My goats are pretty cold right now I presume. Poor dears. Don’t tell me to put sweaters on them. The only time sweaters work here is on brand new babies…all other sweaters are promptly removed by a herd of goats. Yes, they help each other. Gosh….had so much on my mind….and it’s all just vanished. Poof! Oh well. So…….yay for ScrapBoxes….yay for Natalie….yay for friends who care(so many of you!!!)…yay for cookies…..yay for deciding I am just fine and not sick….yay for trying new things and yay for all the art I shall be doin soon with all these new goodies! Praying I can successfully felt that scarf tomorrow…..dang, and I had it all so pretty, just like I wanted it. Also, I forgot how much fleece it takes to wetfelt!!! Dang!!! Expensive!!! Only had it priced at $60 so will be taking a loss. It’s a 14 wide scarf. Anyway……I have cried less today so that’s a good thing. Very grateful for kind people and sweet people and generous people and happy people. And you sad people….I’m grateful for you too! Holler at me…we can be sad together. Love you guys. Signing off in coldsville….YeeHaw Ranch. Oh….and remember….this is MY journey……it won’t look like yours.















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