God….the comedian

Yesterday I saw a truck pulling a cattle trailer. Not an unusual sight, living deep in the country. This time though, I looked inside. Usually we just don’t bother. It’s such a common sight, nothing to look at really. But yesterday, I looked. I saw cows. I saw individual cows. I got a fear vibe from them. They literally LOOKED afraid. Scared. Terrified really. IN the next instant, I saw instead….humans. In the cattle trailer, being hauled to market. I’m not entirely sure why…..but my most hopeful guess is that it was to wake me to the torture of animals. Lately, I’m seeing the depravity of human behavior. It’s so visible now. The incidents of torture to animals seems to be increasing at a steady pace. It’s becoming so upsetting to me that I now even question having my goats. What right do I have to own them? Contain them. Force chemicals down their throats and keep them from their families. All to benefit me? If it weren’t for me, they wouldn’t have been bred, most of them anyway. I love them to the depths of me…but is that enough? I doubt it. What if…..what if….every animal….used to be a human and is now an animal. Ever think about that? Ever ponder it? I do. Often. After all, I am around a few animals every single day of my life. Night night. 12:34 GO!!! Am = 1 = Beginnings.

God is really funny. He amuses me. I wrote the above about a week ago and have been in deep depression so haven’t posted. If you’ve seen me on FB posting, sharing or LIKING…..it’s cuz it helps. It is distracting me from this sorrow that isn’t mine. This sorrow that is an unwanted guest. Maybe I should love her too??? Hello Sorrow……it’s gonna be ok. Really, you are sweet and salty and that’s an awesome combination, but please, go meet up with Joy….she’s been looking for you! Thanks ever so much!!! Sincerely, Sheri Lee. So…..now you know that I’ve been using FB as a distraction. Well, ya! Considering I didn’t invite Sorrow and she’s been taking up so much of my time….at Christmas of all things!!! And let me tell ya….the Goat Vet Corner has been doing a fine job of keeping me amused or irritated….you pick. What could have been a good idea is not. Incompetence….represented as VETS. I get it….the idea is sound…..but what I’ve witnessed is long waits between questions and answers, with all sorts of knowledgeable people wanting to answer but if they do, it will be deleted and possibly them too. THEN…..if they don’t like whats going on in a post…they just delete it. Hmmm, like over at Angora Goats. To me, it’s no better than it being a weekend and no vet is around. They just yanked a prolapse post cuz too much time went by and no vets responded. 20 vets? Ha! Where? Course, as we all know….the vets are next to useless when it comes to goats. I’m in a very irritated mood. My hemp medicine arrived today…been waiting for it!!! BUT….without coming to my door, or calling, or honking….they deemed me NOT HOME. FedEx, so its no post office situation. I’m screaming about them being idiots and hubby gets mad. Whats up with people who can’t contain their anger???? I have a reason to be angry. Whats his excuse??? You get angry….just cuz someone else is angry…oh great, special. Yes…my depression carries anger in its pockets.

So. Back to the animal issue. Right after I wrote about the KINDNESS of owning animals…..my Blue Dog cried all night. I told hubby next day in town, and said we’d need to put him down soon. A few moments later, we pull in to HEB grocery….to see a Mexican family selling Australian shepherd puppies. Blue is an Aussie. It was God. Really? For sure? Mmmmm, well, I told them….we’ll go inside and shop. If you’re still here when we get done, we’ll talk. They were. Her name is Doli. My Aunt Dolly just died. Doli means bluebird. Happiness. LOL….for moments, when she sees me….and runs to me…..she then kisses and bites my chin and her tail goes nutso!!! She loves me, but I gave her to hubby, go figure. So…..another animal…..forced to human ideals. OH wait….before leaving for town…..I saw a PETA post….saying nearly exactly what I said in paragraph one….except their solution is…..kill em all!!! Idiots. Sorry.

And….we are also now the proud, lol, sorta……owners of …..hmmmm, not owners…..caretakers of….a mustang. She, who is terrified of horses…..now has an actual mustang. Rounded up at yearling age and brought to Elgin, Tx and adopted out. Well, she, April, is now 7 and has decided to take top horse position now that an elderly horse is injured……insert caring folks to the rescue. Me. Us. She will live her days out on 90 acres of woods and pasture. Not ideal, but better than some get. Funny,….I used to always dream of having one too, as well as the lady….so one horse…2 dreams filled. Lol. May take a few days, but at last glance, they were all eating…within 20 ft of each other. So ya….I now have a puppy….puppy breath and all….and a wild mustang who has been halter broke. Broken. Like me. Lookin for some superglue. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. OH….i have a mystery. A doe….technically a Pretty for those who have been around awhile. Normally very dense but curly fiber. Impossible to shear. Well…..one……must be eaten up by worms or something cuz her coat is just a felted mess, like an unhealthy goat has. Well…..no clue the why’s or wherefores, but she is getting ringlets. First time in like 5 years!!! Just one spot. Very odd mystery. Her name is Happy. Ok…later gaters. It’s Thursday, blogtalk at Namaste Farms….But, it’s breedbox night and if you didn’t buy a breedbox…rather boring, just sayin. No way to see what they are talking about. Uggh. Bummer, I so wanted to hear ordinary Blogtalk. OH well….only one more breedbox left anyway then she’s done with them. The end…and on to other things. Oh well. Oh….so you got it right….after my talking about owning animals….I now have 2 more. Thanks God….LOve ya. Ok…..Night night. Signing off.
Pss….got Petunia sheared and left 1/2 inch on her whole body. NO cape needed and no special blades….lol, just awesome skill!!!









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