Room for HOPE…..

I wanna know why we, as a society…force our children to trust when we all know that not everyone is trustworthy. Once upon a time, I would’ve been so vigorously defending all future childrens rights to the same glee that we, or I as children once knew….Easter, Halloween, Christmas. Not just holidays though. Oh no. Every Sunday, across the globe….parents send their children into the church. Into the daycares, bible studies, candle bearers….whatever the title…whatever the importance….we tell the children to trust the man or woman in authority. The pastor, the father, heck, I suppose even the nun…..All in a position of trust. But why? And why…after hearing story after horror story…do we still send these children into harm? Ok…back to the holiday. The biggie. Santa. Go sit on that strange mans lap. Or at home….during the holidays when the folks come to visit…or eat turkey. Give Uncle Henry a kiss. I think it’s all harmful. I think we should no longer force these children to kiss or hug any adult. Ever again! Force being the keyword here. If a child wishes to give a hug or a kiss, sure…but to expect it…demand it? Wrong, that’s where we have gone so wrong….so sour….so far away from the sweet. Just some food for thought….while we are sending our kids alone…..out into the night…to knock on strangers doors to ask for candy. Remember the old ruse? The one used to entice kids into the vehicles where they can be whisked away, raped and buried…candy. Would you like some candy little girl? Just a thought or two to ponder.

Going to town on the little miniature paintings. One minute I like them…then, next time I look at them….I see only flaws. But I then fix them…which either in fact fixes them….or it ruins them and I wipe it out and begin anew. Oh…but was I entertained while I did this!!! What you ask? Well….its Halloween….what better time to begin the Christmas movies, eh? This sucks. Ahhh, for the good ole days. Sometimes I sure do miss em….and sometimes I surely don’t. Oh….my daughter helped me out. It’s Halloween….originally a way to honor the dearly departed. Night night. 2:30am = 5 = change.

Been quite a few people in the gallery today. I’m grateful to be looking at this fine art sitting in front of me. What a treat. I’ve spent the day seeking finishing ways for the miniature stuff I started last night and people have been giving me ideas today. A lady in the next building said….have something for 10, 20, 50, 100….exactly what I did for the Kid n Ewe, had all price points…but Summer wanted this to be more like a gallery than a store. Ya, well…..the stores pay more bills than galleries do. All I know is …..i want a cookie. I smell food. Oh……was chatting with a friend and she said she’d noticed how my depression was escalating. She suggested my thyroid might be outta whack. WOW….well, my thyroid IS outta whack……and I don’t take meds cuz I figure I can deal…..but if its thyroid causing me to feel this way…..meds it IS!!!

Ok….well, First off….I need to be alive, so I need to be healed. THEN……I’m gonna get on this calendar thingy and write down and figure out when all these festival/market thingys are. Like next weekend is a car show. If I’d have known….I mighta ramped up the finding of a less expensive item to sell. I only have till Friday to get some in place. ON the other hand…life plays out the song….your song…my song. And my song didn’t include knowing….or preparing in time. Nope….my song included my son buying me a present for Christmas that was not exactly what he thought it was…but I never told him. In my song…..a whole year later….I discover the need for and the purpose of that gift. What a beautiful note! Today I am being grateful. I plan to incorporate this into my everyday all day. It is as good as a mantra. Think about it…it is endless. Today, I am grateful for…….a spinning wheel, this sweater, this gallery, the rocking chair, this laptop, my juice, this beautiful art, this tiny room, this beanbag chair, this basket of colorful curls, these boots, my friends, my friends suggesting things for me, breathing without an inhaler, quitting smoking, the sound of cars driving by, the cooler weather, my goats at the house…….do you see where I’m going? It could go on forever…forever grateful. This occurred to me as I was drifting off to sleep last night. So…..the trick is to remember to do it. AND…to remember to do it when things are bad….say, during an argument….or when being fired or beaten up on by a man, being bullied at school…..etc. And…….while being grateful….I’m also trying really hard…and learning to correct my thinking….to create what I do want instead of what I fear. My thoughts. Thoughts are worth more than gold or millions and millions. My thoughts….make the world go round.
I hear from my girl. She is working very hard, making money for us, and she’s cold and wet. My prayers for warmth scored her a pair of dry socks. Sell paintings….sell!!!!! She’s so strong, she barely even cares…..ya right…or she barely tells me how bad it is…one or the other. I love my kids. SO blessed to have had them…considering how many went to heaven instead of being born. Apparently the world needed these exact two humans on planet right now. I want more CBD oil. I’m about done with my 30 day protocol and supposed to do maintenance only now….but it seems to be working so well, that I want another months worth. Have to see if hubby can swing it. It’s $150. He’s paying the rent here, so I dunno. We’ll see. Ok….well, it’s about that time. Ready to go home. Have a good weekend people. Signing off at Noahs-Arts 920 Main St. Bastrop, Tx. …….aka
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